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Here we are, folks, a straight-up no-fooling-around Work In Progress post.

I’ve been having a bit of the knitting ennui this week, which I think comes from having 2 projects around the 75% done mark and needing something new to hold the interest. And I’ve been poring over my copy of A Fine Fleece and wanting to knit all of it (stay tuned for further plans here), and finally decided to heck with THIS I am casting something ON ALREADY.

So I did. ‘Portland’ is now in its beginning stages. It’s one of the sweaters that caught my eye first, and I had thought somehow that I would have knitted it already – several times last summer I was convinced that it would be next on deck.


But there is something about winter that flicks a cabled switch in one’s brain, and this feels good to have a project going that really involves sinking your teeth into it. I’m working this on some wooly-wool, the lanolin-sheepy-feeling sort of wool, worsted wool from Lismore Sheep Farm that I picked up in Nova Scotia a year and a half ago at Have A Yarn.


I am enjoying the heathery purple and how it is knitting up. So far the texture is great and even on the smallest size in the book, it’s going to leave me with a warm few inches of positive ease for a bit of roominess. I’ve decided I’m OK if this sweater turns out to be a little roomy. I’ll save the fitted for next time.

The only bummer about knitting this during my morning commute is that now the project back is sitting a few feet away from me, taunting me. I will try to remain strong until quitting time.

Happy Friday, dear knitters! May your knitting be awesome.


  1. Beautiful color and cables!

    I almost always have a WIP in my “work bag”which sits on the far end of my desk during the day — not that I ever get to work on it during these hours. Rather, it offers comfort and an awareness of something fun/beautiful/creative that I’m doing. It’s a good balance to my mostly same-old job.

  2. I love that pattern, and yours is knitting up beautifully! Lovely heathered yarn, and that lanolin feel/smell is so comforting in the winter.

  3. I’m in the same boat–a shawl that’s thisclose to being finished and a pullover that’s well on it’s way. Ravelympics is just around the corner, so I SHOULD just suck it up and finish these two UFOs. Your Portland, however, is being a bad influence on me.

  4. Ooh that’s going to be a beauty for sure

  5. Can’t wait to see it finished! I LOVE Lismore Sheep Farm. It’s a reasonably close drive from my cottage in Nova Scotia and definitely worth a visit. You can pet the sheep and everything! It’s very cool.

  6. ooohhh Pretty!

    You sweater output is staggering … just in case you hadn’t noticed…

  7. i love the pattern and the color is great! i’ve just learned how to do cables and they are addictive!

  8. It’s always so exciting to start something new. I have two old, old UFOs that I really need to finish before the Ravelympics begin. I’ll be making a pair of socks, which will be a major feat for me if I finish them!

  9. I love the cables and the color. I can’t wait to see more of this sweater. Gita

  10. Wow, is that every gorgeous — great job on those cables! Look forward to seeing the rest. what is the pattern?

  11. Mmmmmmmm, heathery purple goodness. ^__^ That looks just *lusciously* sink-into-able.

  12. Love that yarn…the cables look like they are good for the brain 🙂

  13. gorgeous heathered purple!! cabled garments do seem especially attractive in the winter, don’t they!

  14. I think a nice juicy cabled sweater sounds like just the ticket. Lovely!

  15. Looks beautiful already!

  16. kateohkatie · ·

    That’s beautiful! And oh, the temptation of commute knitting… I’ve been known, before, to knit a couple rounds of my traveling sock at work when things are JUST AWFUL. I tell co-workers it’s my version of a smoke break. So when they see the knitting come out they know I need to be left alone 😀 (it doesn’t get to that point very often)

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