As it happens, I will not be a Knitting Olympian this year, but I am okay with that. Having finished off a pair of on-the-go socks, I have spent the last few days in that unusual state of knitting monogamy and it’s pretty great how much you can get done even with a couple of hours a day, when only one project is taking up your attention – and even when that project is all-cables-all-the-time.


I’m now two-thirds of the way through the back of ‘Portland’, and the first sleeve has joined the party too – for portable knitting, you know – and I am going to keep up knitting on it while the project enjoyment is still there. I have a couple of things waiting in the wings to cast on for soon, but it is good to get over the lion’s share of a project like this before adding something else to the mix, so Portland and me it shall be.

It is a break week for me this week, which means I mercifully do not have to give any song and dance shows lectures for several days, but this big stack of grading next to me does mean it is simply a work-from-home week. With the extra bit of time I’m hopeful at re-booting my spinning energies, as my poor poor wheel has been all but neglected since late 2009.

Progress, people, progress. I’m gonna get there.

If you are a Knitting Olympian, I wish you godspeed and good finishing, may your knitting injuries be few and your yardage be plentiful.


  1. That’s beautiful!

  2. Really is gorgeous. I can’t blame you wanting to give Portland your complete attention.

  3. There are many things for which I envy academics. Grading is not one of the them.

    On the other hand, squishy cabley goodness! Oh, my that sweater is progressing nicely. 🙂

  4. Great sweater…absolutely wonderful cables and colour.

  5. Wow, your Portland is coming along so beautifully! Inspires me to work on a cable-y project, but with a new kitty in the house, that isn’t gonna happen! 🙂

  6. Very lovely. I look forward to seeing the whole thing! No Olympics for me, too. Just good old knitting.

  7. elizabeth · ·

    love the look of your portland and the color is fantastic. get back to your spinning and enjoy it. I am spinning lace weight at present for a shawl for my SIL birthday in July but will be knitting with beads, so wont be portable so need to get the spinning finished soon or wont have enough time to knit.

  8. tinebeest · ·

    I’m not doing any olympic knitting either- we’re in the middle of term, I’m only barely keeping ahead of the students with the translation class (ha!), and I have earlier today sort of confirmed to my assessor that I will submit a draft of the thing that shall not be named by the end of March. Eeek! But I promised myself a spinning wheel if I get there (and can find some money behind the sofa.) So you rock on with the grading and Portland and the wheel, I’ll be with you after March.

  9. Portland is looking so scrummy! 😀 Hope you have a productive and satisfying week off.

  10. That yarn has so much depth with all those colors in it – lovely!

  11. Lynda in Oregon · ·

    I love it! Your “Portland”, of course, but also that you’ve inspired two new words for the knitting vocabulary.

    POLYGAKNITTY – Keeping multiple projects on the needles at once

    MONOTOKNITTY – The state one enters when working on a single project which now has nothing interesting left to do and consists of 17 squae feet of stockinette……

    –Lynda in Oregon
    A Staunch Polygaknitter

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