Monthly Archives: April 2010

A Brief Note

Dear Self You are currently finishing up three knitting designs, have deadlines to meet, your poor benighted done-except-for-one-sleeve Portland pullover is already guilting the crap out of you from the corner you stuffed it in back at the end of February, you have a perfectly serviceable 3/4 finished pair of ribbed socks waiting on standby […]

New Sock Pattern, and Cabling Without A Cable Needle

Today I’m happy to unveil my latest sock pattern, which is also my entry for the Socks Revived contest. (I’d been delaying a bit hoping to get some super snazzy photos – but it turns out that travelling around and being trapped under piles of grading does not lend itself to super snazzy photo session […]

Yarn Tourism

Well, nothing says “let’s celebrate being almost-done with Grading Fest ’10 and try to forget the fact that I am most likely going to be unemployed soon” like thinking about recent yarn purchases and knitting tourism, right? Right. I thought so. Let me say how singularly fortuitous it is to have been visiting with a […]

Dear Blog

Last week I went to DC, attended a conference, saw people from my grad student days I haven’t talked to in ages, hung out with knitters, bought some yarn, books, and shoes, walked a lot, knitted some, and had lovely hosting by Elspeth, her fiance, and kitty, and in general had a welcome escape from […]

From the field

Have spent week in DC STOP Fabulous time STOP DC has good yarn and cupcakes not just monuments and museum STOP Taking lots of pictures also STOP And even finished a pair of socks STOP But forgot to bring camera cord STOP Knitters make lovely hosts STOP Be sure to make friends with lots of […]

Damned cool.

I was going to show you cute kitty pictures today (on account of I have embarked on a weekend kitty-sitting gig with familiar fuzzy pals Beatrice, Ramona and Hallie), but instead I have to show you this video. A virtual choir of over 100 voices edited together. I sort of love that this is a […]

Yes. We can tell.

(Thanks for making things better, PhD Comics.) Also, if you wrote your paper the day before you handed it in, we can tell that too. Not that I’ve seen any evidence of that this week, or anything, nooooo. Thank goodness the knitting respite is still motoring along. More progress updates coming as soon as I’ve […]

Time to admit it

I love twisted stitches. I am not stopping with the twisted stitches. The Socks Revived contest entry is coming along nicely (yarn is Madelinetosh tosh sock in ‘composition book grey’), and I’m really enjoying knitting it. Can’t wait to get the full thing done and put it on my feet and show it off for […]