Time to admit it

I love twisted stitches.


I am not stopping with the twisted stitches.


The Socks Revived contest entry is coming along nicely (yarn is Madelinetosh tosh sock in ‘composition book grey’), and I’m really enjoying knitting it. Can’t wait to get the full thing done and put it on my feet and show it off for good.

I think that when I have these done I am going to do up a blog tutorial on how to work a simple cable twist without a cable needle. Being able to cable without a cable needle is the kind of thing that instantly makes this sort of thing a simple, portable project (unless of course you are super fast at the cable needles, in which case carry on).


Me and my knitting will be over here, looking forward to the long weekend.

Happy knitting!


  1. Oh I love those! Can’t wait for the cable tutorial, I avoid cable projects only because I really can’t stand the cable needle.

  2. I just love the sharpness of a twisted cable – so exact and tidy!

  3. You mentioned needle size to change the size of your knitting not too long ago. I’ve been working on a gauge for a sweater from the book Continuous Cables. The pattern calls for 20 sts. and 26 rows for a four inch square with Tahki Donegal Tweed yarn on a size 8 needle. I had to go down to a size 5 needle to get this gauge. Does that sound possible? How much more yarn do you think it will take me to make a hooded sweater? The directions say 9 skeins and I have 10. Any thoughts on this problem will be greatly appreciated. Gita

  4. I’m knitting the Saguaro socks now, and the twisted cables look fantastic down the side. Who knew something so simple could be so dramatic? I love your project thus far and really look forward to seeing it finished!

  5. mamacitamax · ·

    twisted cable tutorial! yes please! 🙂

  6. I too support the notion of a tutorial on cable needle-free cabling. I’ve managed to wrangle a cable needle, but it is a bit of a pain, so if I can avoid it, so much the better.

    Those socks look lovely so far, btw.

  7. I am a lover of the twisted cable, too – so crisp-looking, and I find the finished socks are always so cosy too. Those are great – I love that colour and can’t wait to see your finished design. Gorgeous amber ring too, btw!

  8. These are so cute! I am still a cable virgin but have always ooed and aahed over the effect cable’s have in knitting. I would love a cable tutorial – what a fantabulous idea!

  9. as someone who has had a pair of true cabled socks on the needle for a solid 8 months, i appreciate your design work without the use of a cable:)

    looks like i shall be ripping out and making these instead. can’t wait to see the final pattern!

  10. So what’s the benefit to twisted stitches? Is it just that they stand out visually?

    As far as cable needles, whenever it’s just a couple of stitches, I do some kind of SSK thing to invert them. If it is a wide or complicated cable, I’ll use the second circular needle (or the end of one of the DPN’s in the back) as a cable needle (I knit mostly on two circs).

  11. I wouldn’t say that twisted stitches are a benefit or a drawback, just a different technique. A twisted knit stitch (ktbl) is sharp and creates a much more crisp visual appearance, more so than a regular k1 would. I really enjoy twisted stitch cables. 😉


  12. Twisted stitches and cables and my heart is a-flutter. 😉

  13. Marjorie · ·

    *repeat Whitney’s comment here* I am totally hooked on the ktbl since finishing your Mulled Wine mittens (which are seeing a lot of wear this blustery Easter weekend in Victoria). Love the socks and looking forward to the tutorial!

  14. I love your ring. Gorgeous

  15. Lovely pattern. I love twisted stitch too.

  16. fiberrox · ·

    these are beautiful, I love knitting socks but am stuck on a basic pattern lol I am not sure why but I can’t seem to venture off to a new sock pattern.

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