Damned cool.

I was going to show you cute kitty pictures today (on account of I have embarked on a weekend kitty-sitting gig with familiar fuzzy pals Beatrice, Ramona and Hallie), but instead I have to show you this video. A virtual choir of over 100 voices edited together.

I sort of love that this is a group of over 100 people doing what they do, alone, in front of their computers, and putting it out into the world to wait for it to be put together – or rather, trusting that it will be made into – something bigger.

I tell you, what they won’t do with the internet these days.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing that! I love the concept and the execution was great.

  2. Music geek over here says that that is effing cool. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. I must admit that I started giggling when I first saw the “lights”, but the music blew me away. Very pretty, and must have been an incredible effort!

    (and since your tweets were right there next to the credits: I am having a wonderful time spinning to Buffy. I got the Netflix Wii disk last week, and it doesn’t look too shabby on my HDTV. I wonder if the loss you are getting comes from the broadcasting)

  4. Wow, how cool is that?! Thanks for sharing, I love that piece.

  5. So cool! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Val Champ · ·

    Pouting here…believe it or not we are on dial up…its all that is available and I can’t see/hear or figure out how to look at or hear what you are talking about..

    Also, can someone tell me what “tweeting” is…we don’t have cell phone coverage either, so maybe you need a phone to “tweet”?

    My hubby says I am enough of a ‘twit’ but I don’t think that they are the same thing?

  7. Talk about the power of people coming together! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Julia in KW · ·

    That is soooo cool! I showed it to DH who loves to sing, but doesn’t currently have the time for a choir…gee! I wonder what he will be looking at tomorrow? Thank you for the link!

  9. Thanks so much for that video. it was one of the best gifts I’ve received in a long time. The blend of voices, the concept, the music itself gave me gooseflesh. And made me wish I had time to sing in a choir again. Loved it!

  10. […] to Glenna C for posting the video on her blog. (Yes, she has the player embedded on her site, so she’s […]

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