A Brief Note

Dear Self

You are currently finishing up three knitting designs, have deadlines to meet, your poor benighted done-except-for-one-sleeve Portland pullover is already guilting the crap out of you from the corner you stuffed it in back at the end of February, you have a perfectly serviceable 3/4 finished pair of ribbed socks waiting on standby in your handbag, and the Frolic, with all its attendant yarn-purchasing opportunities and startitis fuel, is coming up soon.



Thanks ever so much.

Love from, the rational side of your brain.


  1. There is no ignoring the call of lace. You can run, but you can’t hide.

  2. It’s true, you only run for so long!

  3. You sound a bit like me – I’m great at starting multiple projects. Finishing any of them takes giving myself a stern talking to! I get there eventually, but life would be easier (and tidier) if I stuck to one project at any given time.

  4. Yeah, good luck with that!

  5. haha! I so know where you’re coming from! I’ve been “putting aside” skeins of yarn that I “plan” on casting on for new projects with soon. As if! Between the Frolic, the move, the wedding… I really don’t need anything else taking up precious brain power. But I kind of feel like its the “thinking about yarn” part of my day that keeps me sane. Day dreaming is healthy right? See you at the Frolic!

  6. I think your sweater has been talking to mine … I was all fired up two years ago when I started it, and the assorted parts and pieces that are finished look so very nice in their zippered plastic pouches, but there are so many other project possibilities waiting to be discovered! On the flip side, there’s nothing wrong with a little variety, right? A sock here, a sleeve there … all in due time.

  7. I know what you mean! Spring always brings out the startitis bug in me! πŸ™‚

  8. This is brazen, I know. But if you really need to stop looking at lace shawl patterns for yourself, you could tell me which one I should knit…there’s a wee poll on me blog, and the top two contenders are currently tied…

  9. The Diamond Fantasy Shawl would look really nice in one of those teal blue colors. Sorry, not helpful. I’m a multiple project person myself. Multiple projects allow you, every now and then, to finish five in a week.

  10. You know, you really can’t ignore those pretty skeins of yarn. Or at least, I can’t. It’s not working at all…

  11. mariajhmom · ·

    Oh, but Diamond Fantasy is so gorgeous. Go for it!

  12. Funny! The call of the stash is certainly powerful. Glad to know there are others out there like me.

  13. I too have that problem. I currently have 4 different socks on the needles and what do I do?!! print off another pattern and wind some yarn! lol

  14. I’ve had some luck with forcing myself to finish a current sweater project before starting the next project — but I am allowed to put the yarn for the next project out where I can see it, as an incentive to finish the current project faster. And I’m ‘allowed’ to swatch for the new project while the current one is blocking.

    But I must know what the yarn(s) and the color(s) are in the lower left corner of the photo. (Maybe it will become the next yarn sitting out where I can see it. πŸ˜‰

  15. I’m a one project at the time person, and I envy people like you. I feel exactly like you discribe but then the other way around πŸ™‚

    But I’m happy about it so…… go for it girl.

  16. I am slogging through my current pair of socks trying to finish so I can start the new pattern you just put up on Ravelry. I can usually bang out a pair in a day or two but these are taking me FOREVER. I don’t want to put them down because I am very bad about picking them back up again. They could sit for years waiting for half a foot to be done. I am also in the midst of the Pi shawl from EZ, but that is mindless carry along knitting for when I go out or when it is too dark at night to see for intricate charts. I so feel ya sistah!…there are a gazillion projects i want to start even on top of the new sock pattern….how….to….resist…. .. . . .

  17. Haha, I actually talked myself into starting a new lace project with the expectation to finish it in time for frolic so that I can buy more yarn! It was with tanis lace weight I got last Frolic. It’s not looking good for finishing. But I think the startitis will give me enough excuse to get more yarn in another week πŸ˜‰ Have such a week spot for lace.

  18. spring = lace starteritis

    every yarnie knows that! ‘->

  19. Oh, but that yarn is so PRETTY!

  20. Kathy · ·

    I do this in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Rummage throught the stash and pattern piles and match things up. Funny thing though, it doesn’t help me get back to sleep.

  21. I definitely definitely know that feeling πŸ™‚

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