Azalea mitts

[Note from the future: this pattern is now available for download from the Sweet Sheep: Azalea Mitts]

I tell ya, it’s either feast or famine around here when it comes to designs. I just got done showing off the Royale sweater to you (which, by the way, THANK YOU for all the lovely comments on it, really, I’m completely tickled) and yet I still have another quick post for you today about another design – that will be available at the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic this Saturday, this one for the Sweet Sheep. These are the Azalea mitts, which will be available exclusively in kits from the Sweet Sheep. Wider pattern release will happen in the fall (I’ll be sure to let you know!)


Earlier this spring Michelle emailed me up and said “I’ve got this really obnoxiously cute skein of pink yarn, would you like to design a pair of fingerless mitts to go with it?” And I said “sure, I love obnoxiously cute pink yarn.” And so I mulled over the stitch patterns and decided on a suitably cute combination of cables and bobbles, and lo. The mitts were good. (Side note: I am sort of ridiculously infatuated with the bobbles. I LOVE THEM.)

Now, because I am ambitious like that, I decided a fingerless version only wasn’t quite enough, so I did up a pattern with 2 variations. The second variation has a full convertible mitten flip-top on it, for the slightly chillier times. I’ve arranged the pattern instructions so that the cables flow seamlessly from the hand onto the mitten top, and I really like the way it came out.


Michelle will be selling these in kits at her booth at the Frolic – which is tomorrow! I am looking forward to it. Now if only I could decide on a knitted item to wear…

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, I usually don’t like pink but I gotta say, these may just convert me. I really like em in pink. Stunning pattern. I’ve been dying to see what you’ve been making for a while now since you mentioned it a little bit back and you have not disappointed me. You do amazing work! You should be extremely proud of yourself! You are inspiring! 🙂

  2. You just keep hitting home runs. These mitts are fabulous!

  3. ‘Especially love the ribbing around the finger tips!

  4. what a great design!! And I agree, it’s perfect for ‘obnoxiously cute pink yarn’. 🙂

  5. like neither pink nor bobbles but I am very much impressed by the seamless cable thing when the top is flipped up. The season for fingerless is mighty short where I live.

    I bet these’ll be popular

  6. McAmy · ·

    These are awesome! I need to learn mittens next. 🙂

  7. Those are gorgeous! I’m starting to plan some mitt projects, can’t wait till that pattern is available!!

  8. Debbie B · ·

    You have knocked me out of my seat two days in a row now!!! I love the mittens!!! I have heard so many different knitters discussing, complaining, etc., about the problem they had with the bobbles on various patterns; I have stayed away from knits that had them. I believe these mitts will get me over that “hump” because I really want these mittens.

  9. catherine · ·

    I love these too. I like the blunt ending on the mitten – very sock like and I like the ribbing on the fingertips too. Beautiful, Glenna! Your designs are fabulous! I am halfway down the leg of a revival sock.

  10. Kelley (smallwhitedog) · ·

    Really cute design! I can’t wait to knit this one when you release the pattern in the fall!

  11. Malini · ·

    Super cute bobbles and great manicured hands.

  12. Hello there!

    This is actually a very ingenious design, I’m very impressed! I look forward for you to release the pattern as well.

    By the way, I came here looking for knitting hats patterns. Do you have any available? I used to see this website on that topic, but it seems to no longer be available :-/

  13. I saw these today at the Frolic. Even tried them on. Simply wonderful!

  14. Those are indeed lovely. You’ve made the bobbles work beautifully.

  15. […] Michelle at the Sweet Sheep will be selling the Azalea Mitts by kit and by individual pattern, and I’ll let you know asap as soon as the links for those […]

  16. […] Michelle at the Sweet Sheep will be selling the Azalea Mitts by kit and by individual pattern, and I’ll let you know asap as soon as the links for those go […]

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