Miscellaney on a Thursday

As my brain slowly pieces itself back together this week, I find myself in that messy little in-between phase of tidying up after projects now out the door, reckoning with neglected Works-In-Progress, and moving forward with a few new things. And fleetingly I keep trying to remind myself of other bits and pieces that I have to tell you about. So, let’s have a list, because, as my friend Liz likes to say, I heart lists.

1. I’m on the teaching docket twice more at the Purple Purl this coming June. On June 20th I’ll be running my Steeking class again (1 session, 3 hours, plenty of snip-snip practice – with hand-holding and chocolate as needed). I’ll also be running a Knee Socks class on June 27th, (1 session, 2 hours), for anyone who’d like some tips and guidance on how to cover as much of your leg as possible with knitting. Come on out and we’ll have an awesome time.

2. Speaking of socks, I finished some. I knitted about 2/3 of these during my trip to DC in mid-April, then came home and let the second one sit there, foot-less, until I finally picked them up this week. The sock drawer grows by another pair, I love the colour (a mystery shade of Socks That Rock, plucked from a rack of mill ends at Rhinebeck 2008), and they are comfy and purposeful.


3. Michelle at the Sweet Sheep will be selling the Azalea Mitts by kit and by individual pattern, and I’ll let you know asap as soon as the links for those go up in her shop.

3.b. I still really really love the bobbles and sort of want to make another pair of them right away.

4. I am, at the very least, thinking about doing some spinning. I’m pretty sure this almost qualifies as actually doing some spinning, and am therefore duly congratulating myself.

5. When Rebecca visited me last weekend she brought an awesome little giftie:


5.b. The crafter who made it seems to be sold out of the bags, but I think everyone should go see if she has a waiting list to get on to buy more of them, so that she can make lots of money and that more people can have these bags to carry around.

5.c. I am inexplicably indecisive about what project to carry around in it.

6. I discovered that my town’s art gallery shop sells re-prints of the original “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters, in various colours. I bought one in pink.

7. After starting the week out with some hefty knitting ennui, I think I am about to rebound by starting 3 shawls. This should get interesting.

Further bulletins as events occur.


  1. I love those socks! I’m about to start my first pair of fingering weight socks when my sock needle set comes in. I am hoping that I don’t completely bog down and can get them done by Christmas! Here’s hoping they’re not *too* slow going!

  2. Carol Cairns · ·

    The socks are beautiful! I knitted some socks recently out of Socks that Rock using the Thuja pattern that look a lot like those–my colorway was Bleeding Hearts. When I was done with my socks, my wooden double points had turned slightly pink. I love STR yarn and am always making at least one project with it.

    Also love the project bag. Not sure how it would look next to my shirt that says, “I knit so that I don’t kill people” What do you think?

  3. haha, I have the exact same project bag- I kept meaning to post about it, but I’ve been too slow! It’s in my purse (holding a very slow going project) as I type. I think they are so cute! The crafter told me she hand-dyes the fabric, that’s what takes so long.

  4. Love those socks! That unknown colorway is prettyprettypretty!

    Must wrap my head around sock knitting some time soon. I have heel-less leg warmers to start on for practice, whenever it is that I get around to casting on for them. But the knitting here has been in a lull for a while, so, y’know…living vicariously through your yarn adventures. πŸ™‚

  5. Aw, just go for it! Pick a weekend that will be your heel-turning weekend and see what magic happens πŸ˜‰


  6. Only three?! πŸ˜‰ Your socks are great, as always. And I must have that bag! I hope it becomes available again. Happy knitting!

  7. The socks are great I love the color. I want to try steeking at some point it scares me half the death but looks so cool .

  8. Moggle · ·

    Yummy socks. The colour is great – nice and bright but not to eye-searing. And I totally love the project bag. I want one!

  9. I have yet to brave making normal sized socks on tiny needles. The only socks I’ve made are on size 13 needle with chunky yarn. They are fast and fun and warm and funky. But, still, love the way your socks look. That project bag is adorable!

  10. Love the socks! And the recent patterns. πŸ™‚ Downloaded Revived Socks when it was free (and I even have yarn to go with it!!).

    I also gave you an award over at my blog. Go see.

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