Last night I joined in my first “yarn bombing” session (or rather, pre-yarn-bombing), courtesy of an invite from a few of the ladies at Passionknit. They are preparing an installation that will surround a large planter at the Textile Museum, just in time for their annual Yardage Sale at the end of May. (I always forget about this until it is too late to give donations. Next year, I swear!)



I didn’t want to show up without something to contribute, so before hopping on the bus I pulled out my 10mm needles (let me tell you it’s been a while since those saw the light of day…I am actually trying to remember when I even used them at all), and 2 colours of Patons wool, and before too long I had a bit of garter stitch to offer up to the collection. (Note to self: try knitting on needles larger than 2.75mm more often).


It was a sociable time, and we managed to get more than halfway through the assembly. They will need another session to finish putting things together, and then the final step is to attach it, corset-like, to the large planter outside the museum, for all to see. They have already covered a bicycle stand in a smaller fashion, but have been collecting donations for this larger project and have been getting contributions from school groups as well as individual knitters.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been a part of a group-knitting-assembly project like this before. It is fascinating to see it all come together. Multiple smaller pieces are stronger and more interesting than fewer, larger pieces, and everyone’s work is different.


Alisa has been blogging about the project as it comes together. I’m looking forward to seeing it take shape in the final moment. How often DOES one get to cover stuff in the city with knitting, anyhow? I am starting to see the appeal.

Happy knitting this Tuesday!


  1. very neat!! I’ve always wanted to know how those events got going. I can see it is well-fortified with cookies, too!

  2. Textile museum? Why don’t I know about this?!

  3. AccompliceKim · ·


    Yarn Bombing is UNHEALTHY for trees!!

    Most yarn being used is ACRYLIC, which is PLASTIC, is NOT biodegradable & gives pests a safe cover from birds looking for food a place to hide while they bore into the tree, weakening it.


  4. Rebekah Armstrong · ·

    I think the group effort is amazing! The different colors and textures are awesome!! To be a small part of something big is really cool!!! 🙂

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