The Easy Nemesis

It’s been a pretty busy few months behind the scenes here at Knitting to Stay Sane, no secret about that – and I’m loving the design projects that I’ve completed so far this year, just as much as I’m looking forward to working on more. But damn if it doesn’t leave a knitter a bit fatigued after a while. To wit, a couple of weeks ago, after the Knitter’s Frolic, I started working on something I’d been saving for just such a moment. A moment that required just the right kind of brain activity. The sort of brain activity that leaves you in a place where only the most simple of stitches will do. Garter stitch.

Of course, I’m not sure what it says about me that I picked garter stitch on lace weight for my rebound-recovery project, but no matter. This is the start of a Bridgewater shawl, (pattern by Jared Flood in the Made in Brooklyn booklet), on lace-weight wool-mohair yarn from Wellington Fibres. I purchased one skein of this yarn at last year’s Knitter’s Frolic, and rounded out the yardage on a visit to their farm last August.


As yarns go, this does not suck. It is smooth and beautiful. And as I have personally met some of the angora goats who contributed to this yarn, I knew it had a limited shelf life in the stash before I had to take it out and get knitting. Make no mistake, it’s a beautiful pattern as well, and I am definitely hankering after a gorgeous Finished Object at the end.

However, let’s not overlook that the combination of garter stitch on lace-weight with a relatively smooth yarn is making the pace a bit slow. Garter stitch is so very…garter-stitch-y. I’m almost half-way through the garter stitch section – a square, around which one then picks up stitches at the edge to work a lace pattern. I am very much looking forward to that moment. I think by the time I get there my brain will be well and truly re-habilitated and looking for some complexity again.


Nobody ever said knitting wasn’t a challenge – what they forget to tell you is sometimes doing the easy job is the challenge.

You and me, garter stitch. Let’s go.


  1. I’m just finishing an all garter stitch cardi that I found (when I started) was just the thing for my mind at the time. As you say though, there comes a point when its “enough with the mental holiday!” and its time to get something a little meatier! It sounds like you’ll be hitting the lace edging just in time for the long weekend…good planning! Enjoy!

  2. Sadly I think I’ve got another week of garter stitch ahead of me – oh if only I were quicker!


  3. Honestly? Straight-up garter stitch is one of the most difficult things for me to knit, because errors are just so dang obvious and such a pain in the tuchus to fix. Sad but true. Garter in laceweight? That is some intensive therapy there.

  4. Laceweight garter?!?!? You’re way tougher than I am, but I’m betting your finished product will be gorgeous.

  5. I’m working on an all garter / stockinette in the round project right now as well. Sometimes you just need to reset your knitbrain.

  6. Maureen · ·

    You’re amazing…garter stitch with laceweight! It will be truly beautiful…I admire your perserverance! I’ve loved this shawl since it was first published! I just may have to start a “hunt” for the perfect yarn…nothing I would find at my LYS to be sure! I can’t wait to see you modeling it…stunning!

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