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Having a bit of a down week this week, my internet friends. My current job contract is ending and is not being renewed, I was not selected for the other job I applied for on the same campus, and I am in general feeling a lack of awesome.

Just to kick me when I’m down, I’m having trouble discovering my next knitting direction and new project inspiration is taking a bit longer to find me than usual. I’ll get there.

In the mean time, I will keep knitting this garter stitch lace weight, and eventually the garter stitch lace weight will be finished, and then I will knit something else.

I hope things are well in your corners of the world, dear knitters. Squeeze a skein or two of yarn for me.


  1. Christabel · ·

    Aww, I’m sorry.

  2. Hang in there – I’m sure a new opportunity is right around the corner…

  3. Here’s to brighter days; I hope things start looking u for you soon.

  4. Maybe its time for some summer yarn Glenna? Some cotton or linen for inspiration?

    Hopefully something will open up for you job wise, sooner rather than later..

  5. I am a very firm believer in Serendipity – could it be your truly inspired and inspiring opportunity lies somewhere among the current circumstances?

  6. Big hugs, Glenna. I’m sure things will all work out, even if that doesn’t look like what you think it will.

    Thanks for the video! I’m having a rough morning and it cheered me up.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about the job woes. I hope something better comes along very quickly. In the meantime, I think you should find a skein of silk to stroke. You’re in my thoughts.

  8. Things’ll be good, eventually. Good luck with the next few weeks. (And omg, THAT VIDEO. Every time it gets me.)

  9. Here’s wishing you good job hunting thoughts!

  10. Debbie B · ·

    Please consider this a cyber-hug. I loved that video and was very appropriate with your post.

  11. I love cyber hugs!

    Thank you, G

  12. *hug* I have not commented much here, but hey, at the very least, your knitting is pretty and inspiring, and I wanted to say thank you for that. It is sucky things are rough right now, but I hope things look up soon. *sends happy knitterly karma thoughts*

  13. Anybody who can come up with a pattern like Basic Black won’t be down for long. Hang in there–things are bound to change for the better.

  14. Boo. Go roll around in some yarn, and maybe some inspiration or cheer with find you.

  15. Dolores · ·

    The silver lining is there – just hang on!!

    I absolutely love your blog, by the way!!

  16. tinebeest · ·

    Aw, it shucks to run out of job – though I loved it when it meant I had to move to Cornwall (gasp! the horror 😉 ). Big hugs to make it all better from someone who wish she could bottle and share some of her job-hunting luck…

  17. Thanks, Tine! Here’s hoping the luck comes through. And hey at least now I have more time to go running?


  18. radmeister · ·

    I am so sorry about your job. I have been there and it is suckage. I hope that this turns out to be an opportunity in disguise. Sending you virtual dark chocolate, alpaca and hugs. Take care.

  19. Oh, Glenna. I’m so sorry. 😦

    It stinks to run out of job before you are done with it. I’ve been there. But really, do think of this as an opportunity. Well, after you are done being mopey, ’cause that just has to pass on its own. I can’t imagine an intelligent, creative woman like yourself will be down for long. You may just need to find a new direction.

    I’ll go find the Jasper I have stashed for a sweater and squeeze it for you. Mmmmmmerino — it’s not too hot *here* to enjoy fondling it. And let me know if you need some international chocolate therapy. 😉 We’ll figure out SOME way to get it across that border in good time. Hmmmmm, road trip, maybe…..

  20. Nancy Kaytis-Slocum · ·

    Glenna: Cyber hugs from me – So sorry for the lack of inspiration, especially at a time when your job runs out. We working folks are all just a pink slip away from where you are. Keep shoveling that horse s**t to find the pony underneath it all. I’m squeezing my new sock yarn for ya!
    Nancy FP

  21. Andrea · ·

    Keep the faith and something will come your way. In the mean time…and I ask this to make you chuckle a little bit…would you like to finish any one of about 100 projects I have on the needles??? I work for Hubby and he will never pink slip me enough to finish all my projects. Meanwhile I am going to go squeeze some Blue Sky Alpaca in a color I refer to as Ice Pink. That should make you feel better!

  22. Sarah JS · ·

    So sorry to hear about your job woes. Sending wishes for a new (and wonderful) paying job to come your way soon.

    Will definitely stroke some yarn for you this evening when I get back to my stash.

  23. But you ARE awesome!

    Seriously, it’s such a tight market. I know it sucks to be in this position, but it really doesn’t reflect on your true abilities. Big cyber-hugs from here, and best wishes to you.

  24. ladyoctavia · ·


    You are made of awesome!

    Here’s hoping for something wonderful and so much better for you (and you, know… in the maritimes…)

  25. I hope the job-and-knitting-mojo finds you again very quickly.

  26. You. Are. Awesome. And don’t you forget it. Wishing you luck in the hunt. And in the knit, too.

  27. Jessica · ·

    I am sorry to hear about the present job woes. I am in the same boat; my contract ends in five weeks, and I am not sure if I will get picked up on anything else anytime soon. Such is life these days. But if you are feeling gloomy, grab some yarn as you’ve got control over that!

    As Red Green would say, “We’re in this together. I”m pulling for you!”

  28. Bleh, I’m sorry to hear about your job situation. My thoughts are with you.

    *sends good vibes*

  29. *smooshes you* going to snuggle my stash in your behalf.

  30. Just remember – this too, shall pass.

  31. Kelley (smallwhitedog) · ·

    Just sending you some love! I, too, am in the over-educated and unemployed boat.

  32. ingrid · ·

    Knitting has been a true comfort to me through crisis, and
    I hope it will be for you too.
    When things are sad, at least I can say I’ve knitted from there – to there today. I can se progress of at least one firm thing….( As I may very well not do with other things inlife)

    “Knit on, through all crisis” as E Z said.

  33. kateohkatie · ·

    So sorry to hear about the job – but that’s what a hefty stash is for, right? (ummm…yarn kind, I mean. Yeah. Definitely yarn. :-P)

  34. *hugs*

    I hope things work out… Personally I would just dive into my stash and roll around for a little while until I felt a little better!

  35. jalinnn · ·

    I’m sorry to hear your news, but keep your chin up. It’s times like this that we find the freedom explore a path that we might not have even noticed before. Stay open to experiences & know that I’ll be sending you skeins and skeins of good (knitting) mojo.

  36. Feel better soon!!

  37. I’m sorry about the work situation and feeling down.

    All I can say is that I’ve always found that if you continue to be proactive in just some area of your life, like knitting, contacting friends you haven’t spoken to in a while, exercise or something, it not only get you past the hump but something about that proactive energy opens other doors. To put it in new age, touchy-feely terms, positive energy begets positive energy.

    This doesn’t mean you can’t wallow in self-pity for a day or so. 🙂

  38. Oh, bother. I am sorry. And I’m sorry I didn’t see this until now.
    I KNOW that things will look up for you again.

  39. Oh sweetie, I’m sorry. I’ve got a lot of friends heading out into the academic job market at the moment and it’s really scary out there right now. But things seem to be picking up a bit and I know they will for you too! x

  40. Belated {{HUGS}} Glenna. Hope by the time you read this things are looking up for you. I too think something that is just right for you will be around the corner – and maybe the time will give you the opportunity to think what direction you REALLY want to go in.


  41. michelle · ·

    We must be living the same life. Just did not get a job I really wanted/needed… and not loving what I am knitting but am knitting to stay sane, until the inspiration comes to me. big knitting hug…. as I try to get my head around magic loop two at a time socks.

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