Hear Ye, Toronto Knitters

For knitters in the Toronto area inclined to:
a) knit in public in a group
b) travel to a bunch of yarn shops
c) experience what essentially amounts to day camp for grownups

The TTC Knitalong is back in action this year on Saturday, July 10th, and registration is now open. I’ll be tagging along as a helper/captain once again, though I don’t yet know which team.

69TTC Knitalong 100

There will be 3 teams this year once again, in the North, Central, and East parts of the city. There is a cost of $10 (plus your own transit costs – i.e. TTC day pass purchase), and all participants receive their own TTC knitalong bag and the chance to win fabulous prizes, generously donated by the participating shops. Many of the shops will also be offering a discount to particpants! All remaining TTC Knitalong funds leftover after cost recovery will be donated to charity. Last year, Sistering was the recipient.

When you sign up, please choose a second preference as well as a first preference for the team you would like to be a part of. (a third choice would not be out of the question either.) There are limits to how many people we can reasonably fit into one yarn shop at once (especially with a few of the shops in particular), and if your first route choice has filled up quickly, you may be placed with your second choice. Keep in mind – there is a LOT of awesome yarn to be found on all of these routes! And lots of awesome company, naturally.

And if you can’t come on July 10th, you can always do your own self-planned TTC knitalong when you’re in the city with some friends. Not that I’d know anything about that, of course. Heh.


  1. Gosh that sounds like so much fun. I wonder if we can get Boston to do something like that. Enjoy!

  2. Signed up! I’ve always meant to go to one of these but haven’t yet.

  3. This sounds like such a fun day, sure wish I lived closer to the big city when events like this happen.

  4. “day camp for grownups” – I love it. I am now envisioning a line of knitters all holding onto a piece of yarn…

  5. ladyoctavia · ·

    booooo – I wish I was around to do it again!!

    Have fun!

  6. oooh I wish I could go! It might be risky, I will be only 10 days from my due date so I probably won’t be walking full days 😦 Maybe there will be one in the fall?

  7. Wow, this looks/sounds like fun!

  8. I wish I lived closer!! That sounds like so much fun.

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