Really, I swear

I promise I am still knitting. Despite the rather disturbing fact that it has been over a month since I had a Finished Object (a realization which is leaving me just a little bit nutty, let me tell you), I have actually been getting in a fairly consistent level of knitting in. I’ve also got several projects in progress in various states of unfinished-ness, which is also contributing to the nuttiness. I’m starting to twitch a bit. I need finished things. FINISHED. COMPLETE. ACHIEVED.


The Bridgewater shawl, I have decided, is going to be my focus until it gets done. I am now (thankfully) on the lace chart for the edging and am committed to doing several rows a day. Mind you, when every row now takes a minimum of 20 minutes, this is not a small commitment. But I will do it. It’s just (hah, “just”, she says) the rest of this lace chart and then an edging, and then the glorious moment of blocking will be MINE. The blocking is the goal. It’s like the cheering finish line at the end of the race.

Some times I think knitting is a battle between the desire for instant gratification and the desire to have really really beautiful things. I am not sure those two camps overlap a great deal, to be honest. So until then, I will have to remind myself that making beautiful things is rarely instantaneous, and knit accordingly.

And then I’m going to knit really quick pair of gloves.


  1. kateohkatie · ·

    I don’t even want to *think* about the last time I finished a project – a real anomaly for me! However, I’ve been starting projects with the best of ’em! That’s gotta count for something right? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I’m a process knitter until I get something finished. Then, I turn into a product knitter. Right now, I’m reeeeeeally a process knitter.

  3. Hi Glenna,

    I am starting row 99 of the lace pattern on my blanket with the garter stitch center. It will finish at about 696 stitches and then the edging is knitted on using a cast on of 16 stitches or so. I just realized that to k2tog between the edging and the shawl requires that each stitch needs two rows on the edge.

    Its going to be a nightmare I think. Good news is that I am using wonderful yarn.

  4. womanwhogetsshitdone yo.

  5. that’s more a yo! not yarn over…although I hear there are different ways that can be accomplished!

  6. If only things could be knitted instantaneously after we dream them up! But that doesn’t seem to be happening here…so I’m knitting an itty bitty baby hat, which will be an FO by tomorrow. Just so there’s an FO.

  7. I believe in you. Just think of how niiiiiice it will look when it’s done.

  8. I too am torn between the desire for pretty things and the desire to have them NOW. But usually the instant gratification part *initiates* the project, and then I’m able to settle into the process of actually making it, which is a separate joy unto itself. The there is the “yay it’s completed” happy dance, which leads to the “WOO HOO, it’s blocked and now I can wear it even though it’s June!” happy dance.

  9. How funny! I was on a string of project finishing and I have hit a rut all of a sudden. The “well this is really getting boring” rut. So I started designing a new cardigan last night at, oh, about 9 pm. I already have 3 other sweaters and a lace scarf on the needles. I think I’m losing control, too.

  10. Well, I have finished objects, for what they’re worth. Replacement mittens for what the dog chewed up.

    Not very satisfying, but finished nevertheless.

    Can’t wait to see the blocked lace. It’ll be gorgeous!!!

  11. I understand how you feel. Being a huge process knitter, I start way more than I finish. I finally finished my ravelympic socks last weekend. It all gets done eventually. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your Bridgewater is worth the wait! It’s beautiful!

  12. Hmm, very thought provoking. Sometimes I wonder if I would be as impatient for the FO if I wasn’t blogging or sharing my FO’s on Ravelry or with friends. I mean if I was just knitting, just for me, would I need the instant gratification? (pause) Yup!
    Hope you make your way to the finish line on something soon!

  13. Fast gloves? I understand fast mittens, but not fast gloves!

  14. I feel the urgency of have completed projects as well.
    It can sometimes be so frustrating to have a pile of things waiting to be done and wishing they could be completed and enjoyed instantaneously.
    And I’ve yet to figure out why it is so much easier to complete something for someone else than it is for me….

  15. Glenna, I was wondering if you have ever knitted your 3 X 1 rib socks without the 1 by 1 ribbing at the top? Just thought I would ask as I only noticed the instructions for the ribbed cuff when I was casting on for the 2nd sock…

    Could it have been the beer I was drinking when I cast on the first one? I am not sure but I really would hate to have to rip that first one out.

    Its in STR mediumweight and seems to be holding its own so far.

    Thanks.. Val (the not very bright one sometimes)


  16. B. Rickman · ·

    I always fail to balance those two needs…to finish or have the beautiful thing. To have one you have to DO the other. That is the challenge!

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