Monthly Archives: July 2010

Happy birthday to me

I’m back from the great California adventure, have unpacked and am trying to remember what it was that I was doing before I left – which I am sure was very very important – and now it’s my birthday. Today I’m going to celebrate by going for a run, finishing making some chocolate cupcakes of […]

Southern climes

After a couple of days in southern California I am still not entirely sure what to make of it. However, when one goes strictly for the fannish experience of Comic Con and follows it up with a tour of the WB studios, I am sure this is only one particular slice of the experience. Or […]

We went back for the strawberry shortcake

Yesterday, we went back for the strawberry shortcake. I regret nothing.

East Bay

So far, California is going well. Of course, it’s only been about 24 hours or so, and the majority of my waking hours so far have been in a try-to-pretend-I’m-not-jet-lagged sort of state, but still. There has been yarn, and food, and that takes care of two major necessities right there. Liz picked me up […]

Ticking along

(Because several people asked at my last post – if you want to know more about any future Toronto TTC Knitalongs, join the Ravelry group, follow the TTC Knitalong blog, or simply keep a close eye out on my blog or others like Team-leader Michelle, because advance information about signups is/was available in all of […]

TTC Knitalong 2010

This past Saturday I joined in on this year’s TTC Knitalong, as one of the team captains on an unprecedented 5 teams! There were 75+ participants and many dollars raised once again for charity. This time our tote bags were also pre-filled with generous donations from several of the shops on the route, as well […]

Tra la la, tra laaa la, tra lalalalalaaaaa….

It is DONE. I’ll weave in the ends this afternoon when I’m sitting at the Purple Purl. And then I’ll traipse around in it for a little bit. And then I get to knit something new. I can’t even tell you how exciting it is to have this finished. This is 1900 yards of finished […]

In case you were wondering

Despite the fact that it is approximately twelve kinds of steaming hot outside (hello, July), I am thinking a lot about starting a bunch of new knitting projects. I am thinking about starting my own Royale (which will be my Rhinebeck sweater this year). I am thinking about designing a fair isle sweater, or perhaps […]