Tra la la, tra laaa la, tra lalalalalaaaaa….

It is DONE.


I’ll weave in the ends this afternoon when I’m sitting at the Purple Purl.
And then I’ll traipse around in it for a little bit.

And then I get to knit something new. I can’t even tell you how exciting it is to have this finished. This is 1900 yards of finished knitting. Thanks for the nice yarn, Wellington Fibres. And Jared Flood, even though I might have cursed your name once or twice during the miles of garter stitch, it sure is a pretty finished result.



  1. Wow! Awesome job Glenna. Will we get to see more photos? Love it!

  2. Beautiful! Although I can commiserate with the monotony of it.

  3. Hooray! Happy Friday! Gorgeous work!

  4. Elizabeth · ·

    Its beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

    I am pretty jealous, since I’m currently done 4 out of 79 border repeats on Anne Hanson’s Ice Fantasia shawl, and as far as I can tell, I will never get to 79.

  5. marianne · ·

    Brava! It’s stunningly Beautiful!

  6. Spectacular! After waiting so long for a finished object to materialize, it must be really rewarding to sit back and survey your accomplishment. The stitches are so perfect! I stand in awe of your talents once again! And am trying to get up the nerve to work some lace of my own to be proud of. šŸ™‚

  7. You did a great job!!

  8. Beautiful!

  9. This is stunning!


    Which I’d known you were heading to the Purl today, I would have brought my knitting, and joined you later. šŸ™‚


  11. Gorgeous! What an achievement.

  12. Beautiful! It makes me want to start a shawl. But I have a bunch of socks on the needles to finish first.

  13. Marianne · ·


  14. It is GORGEOUS. Well done!

  15. Damn you woman! Now it’s jumping up in the queue!

  16. gorgeous!! I cannot believe your stamina- 1900 yards of kniting!!

  17. That is just an amazing shawl. I would never have the patience / skill / stamina to make one of those. Respect!

  18. oooh that is really pretty, well done for persevering!

  19. This may be the reason I never knit lace. LOL! But yours is lovely. šŸ™‚

  20. Tra la la, indeed. Congratulations on a magnificent FO!

  21. Very nice. I bet that’ll get lots of use, too.

  22. Woo hooo! That is super exciting. šŸ™‚

  23. Gorgeous! And a lovely soft, subtle colour.

  24. It’s beautiful! I agree: more pictures!

  25. Extraordinary!

  26. It’s gorgeous — and a lot of yardage!

  27. It looks wonderful! What a fantastic payoff for all that work.

  28. Linda B · ·

    Yay for you!!

  29. O H M Y G O S H!!!!

    Never in a million years would I attempt that, but wow, is it lovely!

    1900 yards, huh? !


  30. AMAZING! and CRAZY!
    I’m still on the garter increase rows… need to pick up the pace I think!

  31. Hurray! Congratulations!

  32. Wow! Absolutely beautiful…

  33. Congratulations!!! It’s beautiful!

  34. Gorgeous, but I can’t imagine how tedious it must be at times. Great work

  35. Drop-dead gorgeous! 1900 yards of knitting is unfathomable to me!

  36. Brava! it looks amazing šŸ™‚

  37. Adriana · ·

    Wow! Congratulations! What an amazing job. It looks incredible. Don’t keep it on for too long. You might faint from the heat.

  38. Woooooooooooow! That’s a beautiful doozy of a shawl! I don’t think I have enough commitment to knit something like that…

  39. christine m. east of toronto · ·

    i too vote for more photos please! i would love to see it in detail from all different angles!

  40. lovely. would love to see more of this!

  41. Stunning! Congrats for sticking with it. Have fun deciding what’s up next on the needles!

  42. OMG! Stunning!

  43. Jennifer · ·

    Congrats. It’s beautiful. I was eyeing that pattern up and I now know that someone can get through it! šŸ™‚

  44. Absolutely spectacular!

  45. that is absolutely beautiful šŸ™‚

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