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(Because several people asked at my last post – if you want to know more about any future Toronto TTC Knitalongs, join the Ravelry group, follow the TTC Knitalong blog, or simply keep a close eye out on my blog or others like Team-leader Michelle, because advance information about signups is/was available in all of these places.)

I am not entirely sure where this last week has gone, so quickly. Actually, scratch that – I do know where it has gone, but I am still at a loss as to how we are already halfway through the month of July. Can’t we just stick a pin in the middle of summer and have it go on for an extra couple of weeks without having to reckon with the ever-approaching August and therefore the ever-approaching end of the sunny pace of life?



Things are ticking along, at any rate. Last week I taught my as-yet last scheduled class of the summer at Passionknit, in Toronto, and we cut up some steeks darned good (photos above). I am moving along on various design projects for Tanis Fiber Arts, Indigodragonfly, the Sweet Sheep, as well as some ideas for me, and happily have been offered a teaching contract for the year (in central Ontario, which means a temporary move for me also). I am continuing with my running and training for a half-marathon (late September, fingers crossed), and knitting away in bits and pieces.

This past week I had the chance to head up to the Stratford (Ontario) theatre festival, with an online pal who came through town for a visit. We saw plays, did a bit of shopping, and made the fantastic discovery of the Chocolate Trail, which basically amounts to you paying for an up-to-8-stops pass to various chocolate-serving establishments in town. It was awesome. Chocolate, more chocolate, and then we had chocolate martinis. I regret nothing.


Then on Saturday, just to round off the week, I made my way into the big city to the Toronto Textile Museum, where I participated in a workshop on Orenburg Lace with Galina Khmeleva.



Um. Consider my mind blown. Or, rather, I feel as though somebody just came along with a key and opened up the door to something that you hadn’t noticed was there. It was great, sort of a technical workshop and history lesson all in one. This is a knitting practice that wraps together fibre craft, practicality, technical fluidity, beauty, and function so completely that for about a split second you sort of wonder if someone is actually kidding. But no, there is no kidding. This is LACE. Lace that means serious business.


This week the name of the game is all about getting as much done as I can before getting on a plane on Thursday. I am heading off for several days’ vacation to hang with my friend Liz, and we shall knit, see bits and pieces of San Francisco and LA, make a brief stop at San Diego Comic Con (Sunday tickets were all we could manage), and I imagine, do the appropriate amount of lying around and being women of leisure. I mean, isn’t that what one does when one goes to California? I certainly hope so.

Over and out until next time! Possibly from the other side of the continent.


  1. Hi,
    You’re going to have a great time in San Francisco. I live in the SF area and was in town yesterday. The weather was PERFECT–sunny, a little breezy, and beautiful! But we do get late night and morning fog during the summer, so bring a wrap. Enjoy your blog very much. Thanks.

  2. Wow, those lace panels were exquisite! I am doing something lace-ish right now (an openwork pattern would more accurately describe it) and it is hard enough without thinking about tiny needles and thread-thin yarn – yoicks!

    Good luck on the half-marathon training. I did the NYC last year in celebration of my 50th. It’s an amazing experience. Just remember – you CAN do it!!

  3. You have a sunny pace of life? Get outta here! 😀 I am actually busier work-wise in the summer than any other time. It’s wedding AND dance show season!

    Those lace panels are *awesome* — I would love to have seen them in person. What a fantastic class to be able to take!

    Enjoy your time in California!

  4. Congrats on the work contract. The lace work looks really awesome.

    Be prepared to encounter some very hardcore fans at comic con..

    Take care.

  5. True story: I’m going to be at SDCC. If you want a line buddy for Sunday, let me know!

  6. I miss SF sooo much, despite moving away over 6 years ago now. SF is so not about lying around, but enjoy anyways! :^D

  7. I saw the flyer for that lace class when I was at the Textile Museum last week. What did you think of the giant men made of old clothes? They were so impressive and odd.
    Why am I not surprised to see Christina there?

  8. I would luuuv to take that lace class with Galina. Congratulations on your teaching contract!!! I’m going to start searching for that chocolate trail…;)

  9. Wow my mind is blown too. You have such a wonderful blog.

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