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So far, California is going well. Of course, it’s only been about 24 hours or so, and the majority of my waking hours so far have been in a try-to-pretend-I’m-not-jet-lagged sort of state, but still. There has been yarn, and food, and that takes care of two major necessities right there.


Liz picked me up from the airport and promptly trucked me off towards the East Bay area, with an afternoon itinerary that began with fried chicken sandwiches at Bakesale Betty’s. I don’t think I need to tell you that they were delicious. I do regret to tell you that we did not follow them up with the strawberry shortcake, which might have killed us bit it would have been a tasty death all the same. We then walked down the street for a visit to Article Pract, which is verily a lovely LYS. Their selection leaves very little to be desired, and it is a cosy spot.


I couldn’t decide on a yarn selection but I did add to my stitch dictionary collection, which is awesome, and then we continued on to a stop at A Verb for Keeping Warm. I’d heard plenty about them from the knitting podcasts and even glimpsed their stall at the Sock Summit market last year, but this was my first up close and personal experience with them. It was not disappointing!


The yarns are mostly their own beautifully dyed selection, and they are very helpful in suggesting potential ways to use them. They are also soon to be moving to a larger store space which sounds like it will be an amazing opportunity.


I made my yarn purchases here, and I am glad I did (as it turned out, our third stop on the yarn tour was closed). I got some deep purple fingering weight to nudge me somewhere into the fingering weight sweater kick, and a lovely pale teal shade of cashmere-infused sock yarn which I would like to turn into knee socks. It will be nice for pondering this fall.

Today calls for leisurely hanging out time, tomorrow is driving to San Diego, and Sunday is Comic Con. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. More later!


  1. Jocelyn · ·

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to our lovely party of the world. Article Pract is one of my favorite Bay Area shops. BB is killer, too! Never had the nerve to get the chicken sandwich, so good for you.

  2. Sorry you weren’t able to enjoy strawberry shortcake. I like to say, “It would have killed me, but it would have been a great way to go.” Long live dessert.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. My daughter initially thought of checking out some schools in the East Bay area. She’s changed her mind and I’m bitterly disappointed–had my yarn crawl all mapped out! It pretty much followed your same path. Oh well… Looks like you’re having an awesome time.

  4. I discovered Article Pract last summer, and it is totally amazing! I’m going to Berkeley in August, and I’m going to try to stay away as part of my new-yarn moratorium!

    Enjoy California. it is a great place to visit!

  5. Thanks for the recommendations for East Bay yarn shops. I’ll be attending a family reunion there in two weeks.

  6. Oh, I LOVE finding yarn shops to visit on vacation and I especially love buying yarn that you are less likely to find elsewhere. Have fun petting it as you continue your travels.

  7. You’ve got me drooling with talk of BB’s fried chicken sandwich. That PLUS yarn ~sigh~

  8. Sounds like nothing but fun! Enjoy sunny California! 🙂

  9. This trip looks like great fun! I need to check out that part of the country. I’ve only been to Santa Barbara in CA (which is wonderful, by the way, and there are great wineries nearby).

  10. christine m. east of toronto · ·

    sigh… how can yarn always be so, so utterly charming, entrancing and beautiful over and over again??? it calls to us… TOUCH ME! BUY ME! MAKE ME INTO SOMETHING MAGNIFICENT! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Please subscribe me…

  12. I love this store, I found it just a few weeks agao when I was out visiting my sister.

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