We went back for the strawberry shortcake

Yesterday, we went back for the strawberry shortcake.



I regret nothing.


  1. gumbygoogoo · ·

    Life is too short. Well done.

  2. There should never be any regrets about a great dessert.

  3. Awesome. I hope you got one to go.

  4. Looks wonderful! Nothing like a great dessert! Totally WTC! (worth the calories!)

  5. I can almost taste it…looks so good!

  6. That looks so good!

  7. Mhmmm looks yummy. I wonder if there are any strawberries left in the fridge…

  8. Rule of the universe #483: Truly superb desserts don’t contain calories and should not provoke regret. (See Rule #362, Desserts shared by friends are good for you.)

    True fact.

  9. I regret you not sharing lol but oh that does look good.

  10. christine m. east of toronto · ·


  11. But strawberries are good for you, no? Throw in some dairy and grains (flour is made from grain after all) and you have a healthy snack…says the preggo lady who just wolfed down a cupcake….

  12. I live no more than 15 blocks away from Bakesale Betty’s and am no better at defying cravings. Commendations to you for sating yours.

  13. Excellent! I’m so pleased for you.

  14. teenagebookaddict · ·

    On my way…that looks soooo good!

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