Happy birthday to me

I’m back from the great California adventure, have unpacked and am trying to remember what it was that I was doing before I left – which I am sure was very very important – and now it’s my birthday. Today I’m going to celebrate by going for a run, finishing making some chocolate cupcakes of death, and going in to knit at the Purple Purl for a bit. After that, who knows. If things get really crazy, maybe I’ll get out my spinning wheel this weekend. (STEP back.)


As for my knitting, I’m working away on a Royale pullover of my own, since the lovely sample I made up back in the spring is now in the hands of Tanis Fiber Arts! And I must have one of my own. This is Tanis’ aran weight, in ‘teal’, which was one of her new colours this May. It is delicious.

Now I have some birthday-ing to do. Happy Friday!


  1. Have a great birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Glenna! Enjoy your day!

  3. Happy birthday, Glenna! I enjoy your blog so very much. Thanks for all the inspiration and joy!

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you have many more years of knitting, spinning, and designing beautiful things!

  5. Mmmmmmm, twisted cables 😀

    Happy birthday!

  6. barefootrooster · ·

    happy birthday, glenna! (and yes, get out the wheel!)

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. happy birthday!

  9. Elizabeth · ·

    Happy Birthday Glenna!

  10. Happy birthday! Eat a cupcake for us all!

  11. Happy birthday. Have a happy, yarny day!

  12. Happy Birthday Glenna..I don’t suppose you could share the cupcake recipe? I need something to send to work with my firefighter hubby and a cake is too messy for them it seems..

    I have been spinning on a drop spindle..its fun and I am enjoying it a lot…not sure if I want a wheel or not but I am guessing that is the progression?

    Enjoy your day…glad that you had a fun trip..and that’s going to be a great sweater as always

  13. Happy Birthday, Glenna. Lots of good yarny things to you in the coming year.

  14. I hope you’re having a lovely, amazing birthday!!! Your Royal is looking fantastic so far.

  15. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day and eat lots of cupcakes. Gita

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Have a wonderful day filled with killer chocolate cupcakes and exciting surprises!!

  17. Happy birthday! Sounds like you’re going to have a fabulous time. LOVE that teal.

  18. Happy birthday, Glenna! What better way to celebrate than with knitting and chocolate cupcakes of death?

  19. Happy Birthday! Have a good day!

  20. Happy Birthday Glenna! And happy knitting too!

  21. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day.

  22. Happy Birthday! More than just a day, wishing you a great year ahead.

    Take care.

  23. Happy birthday, Glenna.

    Many knitty returns!

  24. jennifer · ·

    Happy birthday!! That sweater looks just as awesome in blue… now i really will have to make it.

  25. Hope you’re having a really great birthday Glenna!!!

  26. Rebecca · ·

    Happy Birthday! I was thinking of heading to the Purl today too so perhaps I’ll get to say it in person 🙂

  27. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the fun things you have planned.

  28. Happy Birthday!! Have something yummy and decadent to celebrate, OK? Mwah!

  29. Kathleen · ·

    Happy Birthday, Glenna!

  30. Happy bierthday! Do enjoy.

  31. What a fantastic way to spend your birthday! Enjoy, have a happy day, and here’s to many, many more!

    *love from Minnesota, USA*

  32. Happy birthday!!

  33. radmeister · ·

    What a great birthday line-up. Have a great one!

  34. cseneque · ·

    Happy happy birthday! Enjoy.

  35. Happy, happy birthday! Sounds like a perfectly knitterly day you have lined up. And the Royale? Beautiful!

  36. Happy Birthday!!
    Hope it was wonderful!

  37. Happy Birthday I hope you had a wonderful day.

  38. Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal · ·

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of knitting! Enjoy1

  39. Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal · ·

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of knitting! Enjoy!

  40. Hope you had a great birthday – for my birthday this year I want to acquire the skills to knit that sweater… really nice!

  41. Barbara S · ·

    Happy Birthday….cupcakes for 2nd breakfast sounds like a great idea.

  42. Jacquie · ·

    Happy belated birthday!! Sorry about the getting back to reality part. Boo! But glad you had a good SoCal trip. 🙂

  43. tinebeest · ·

    Happy birthday! Have a piece of cake on my behalf, too 🙂

    Lovely blue stuff again, but what else would we expect from our crazyknittinglady 🙂

  44. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day!

  45. Best Birthday Wishes flying your way through the interweb! Hope you had a great day and I hope you’ve celebrated all weekend! 😀

  46. Happy birthday and gorgeous sweater you are making there!

  47. Well, happy birthday to a great blogger of knits and other delightful things. You are on “shorlisted” Favourites on my computer:-D

  48. Happy Birthday! Do it up right…I know you will!!! 🙂

  49. A belated happy birthday!!!!!

  50. Lovely sweater! Hope you had a fantabulous birthday!

  51. WOW !
    Suddenly, I know a lot of Leos !
    Happy Belated…

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