On deciding how much to care about that

I am moving merrily along on my Royale, and really enjoying it. I had a lot of fun when I knitted it the first time, and even though a second go-around always has a bit less excitement, I’m still really happy to be making one for me. And I like the colour.

And then I looked down at it the other night and realized that apparently I cannot, in fact, get away with neglecting reading my own charts, as much as I thought I could. Somehow I added some extra rows in the second repeat of the middle chart motif. Where the outside rows of the twisty twisty lattice bit should have completely woven towards each other, for some reason I decided to make them go along for a while in the middle for some extra rows.


So now, I am left to consider exactly how much I care about that mistake. I woke up this morning suddenly thinking about it (as one does), and thought “yeah, definitely have to rip it out and knit it over again. I mean, I’ve ripped up more knitting than that before, in the name of mistake-fixing. It can be done. And then I pulled it out and looked at the 3 inches of knitting I would have to undo in order to redo it…and I started bargaining with it. Maybe it will be a unique design feature. Maybe nobody will notice it anyway unless they are looking very hard. I mean, given the scoopneck, people should really be looking at my chest rather than my belly button. Hmm.

Maybe I’ll just go back to knitting a bit of lace while I think about that.


  1. JoannaD · ·

    It it’s any help, I have looked and looked at that picture and for the life of me I cannot see the error!

  2. Thanks, Joanna, that helps my decision out quite a lot! šŸ˜‰


  3. Val Champ · ·

    Sorry Glenna, I would be a ‘ripper-outer’ I’m afraid…but its a beautiful sweater.

    Are you going to let us know what you decide?

  4. um, i can’t find the error. so yeah, i think you’re good!

  5. Um… there’s an error? It looks pretty to me. (Okay, if I kinda squint, and stare really hard, I think maybe I sort of, I think, possibly, might see what you’re talking about. But probably not.)

  6. I really had to look, but is the problem that you did five rows of small diamonds instead of three? I would probably just keep it up and make a panel of diamonds, and then go back to the two sets of long cables before reaching the neck, if that makes any sense. Kind of like a waist cinch detail!

  7. It’s looking good. Good luck with it!

  8. How about tearing back 1-1.5 inches, and creating elongated cables as a design feature all the way up the sweater? As long as the space between the extenda-cables is even all the way up, it will work. Am I interpreting your photo correctly? If so, that would be my vote. Otherwise, I must admit, I’d tear back the rest of the way.

    When you wear the sweater, it’s important that you feel AWESOME about every bit of it. Of course, it’s all in the attitude…

  9. I agree with Ruthie, it looks pretty and I’d do it for the rest of the sweater. But I’m not a ripper and I tend to go with the flow and next to never follow a pattern. Really it’s only because the pattern says do something else that you don’t like it right?

  10. What if you called it a design change and just go with it? Maybe just keep adding more repeats as you get closer to the top? Whatever you do, it will be gorgeous!

  11. I can’t see the error at all, so I’d leave…

  12. After a lot of looking and rereading what you had done wrong, I did see it, but I don’t think it looks like a mistake. More like a design choice. I actually really like it. But, I’m not a ripper…. Either way, it is an amazing sweater!

  13. It also took me a while to see the error you are talking about. If I were knitting this for myself, I’d leave it because it doesn’t bother me. However, if it bothers you, then you should rip it. Or if it REALLY bothers you, you can leave it there, finish the sweater, and send it to me!!! šŸ™‚

  14. After re-reading exactly what you said, and looking very closely, I think I’ve identified what you’re referring to. But I promise you that I would *never* notice this on a sweater someone was wearing, and in the extremely unlikely event that I did, I’d assume it was a design choice.

    That said, you know you much better than I do. If *your* eye will be drawn to it every time you look at this sweater, then it’s probably better for your peace of mind to rip.

  15. it took a long time, but i finally saw the difference. i’d call it a “modification” and go with it.

    then i would put a BIG note on the pattern to repeat the “modification” when using that chart.

  16. I look at it this way, you designed the Royale, and the pattern is available to whomever wants it. So all those people will be wearing the exact same sweater. But as the creator of this kick butt sweater, you should have something about it that sets YOUR sweater apart from the rest, because, after all, you made it first. Then, when you run into someone else wearing the sweater you can say one of two things, “Oh yes, I modified the pattern ages ago, didn’t you get the errata?” and drive people batty….OR, “I decided since I made it, I needed to make mine special so I tweaked it a little.” and let them look at you in awe for even knowing how to design such a cool sweater in the first place, much less tweak the pattern.

    I think it looks cool.

  17. GinkgoKnits · ·

    I’m generally in the “just fix it” crowd. It’s your sweater but if the mistake is on the front of the sweater, I’d fix it b/c I would always be looking at the mistake. If it’s on the back, I think I would consider other options.

  18. I’m positive that were I in your shoes, I would leave it. Then again, I’m not sure I’d have knit the sweater in the first place because while it’s gorgeous, it looks a little daunting for my stockinette-loving self.

    If you either carry on the diamonds all the way up or repeat the extra diamond rows until two repeats are left (and then knit the shorter ones so it’s symmetrical), you won’t have to rip and it’ll look fine.

    It does look awesome though. : )

  19. I don’t really see the error, either! My vote is go with it as a design feature- then, yours will always be that little bit extra special!

  20. VintageDM · ·

    Its gorgeous, mistake or no but if it were my knitting, I’d rip, rip, rip. If I’m going to spend the time to make something, I’m going to make it the way I want it. I ripped nearly five inches out of my Aran Sweater WIP but I was glad for it.

  21. I would lean in the direction of ripping it out. It is your sweater and you will be thinking about it constantly. Or I would, anyway.

  22. I’m a ripper, but even having said that I think your sweater looks just gorgeous as it is.

    Unless you think it’ll make you crazy later, leave it along and soldier on.

    That’s my vote.

  23. I don’t see the error but I will leave you with a little wisdom from the Persian rug makers of yore: no matter how perfect a rug was they always made sure to incorporate one little mistake because “Only Allah is perfect”. So, since so many of us can’t even see the mistake, leave it!

    BTW, is this the back? I always tend to be more lenient if a mistake is on the back…

  24. I think it looks great & I love the patterning. I think you should leave it.

  25. Design feature! Definitely keep it.

  26. elizabeth S · ·

    I would have to rip only because everytime I put it on I would notice the mistake, and know it was there.
    Sounds like you would be the same, go with the gut if you pick it up in the morning and the mistake is all you can see RIP RIP

  27. I would rip. But I rip everything. It looks fine, but that glaring an error would really bother me. Especially on a sweater that I designed. Just think, you will get a lot of knitting entertainment on beautiful yarn, and your project will be perfect. That’s what I think when I rip.

  28. I have a feeling it will eat at you until you break down and eat the sweater. Rip it back before you regret doing any more stitches on it. (although I think it looks lovely)

  29. gardengirl611 · ·

    I wouldn’t consider it a mistake – it’s not like you’ve got one cable twist going against the flow of the others. It’s a pattern modification, and as long as you will be content with how you knit the remainder of the sweater, I’d leave it as it is. I’m guessing you can modify the rest of that panel to make it appear intentional. I think it’s beautiful!

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