What direction was I going again

The good news is, I am back on track with my Royale. I did in fact, rip it back to fix the mistake (The bad news is that in fact, I had to rip back twice, because after ripping back the first time and after resuming knitting it, I realized I hadn’t ripped back far enough the first time, and therefore had to rip out the re-knitted inch or so AND the original mistake, HAH what a fun time that was), and I believe it is all in the clear now. I did debate about it, since – as many of you pointed out last time – the mistake wasn’t as obvious to some people as it was to others. But I want to wear this sweater to Rhinebeck this year, and I realized I would be happier wearing it if I could say “hey, I really like my sweater, I designed it and everything!” instead of “I really like my design, but just pay no attention to the goof-up right over the middle of the front of it, that doesn’t count, lalalallaaa…”


So I ripped it back. And now I think I am in the clear, and am almost back to the point I was at on about Monday or so. Two steps forward, two steps back, some days. Clearly, the fact that the design sample and pattern construction for this sweater was all pleasurable, efficient, and relatively mistake-free, has now come back to bite me on the ass. Let’s hope I’ve appeased the knitting gods for the time being.

Everything else is in a state of being in progress around here. Knitting, writing, the fact that I have to prep lectures and course materials for the coming term (a good thing in that I get to do it in exchange for money, it just requires a bit of mental sucking-it-up to actually get back into the swing of doing it), and it all adds up to me furiously wishing I had something actually done. I miss having finished objects. I’ve had so few of them this summer, despite having many things on the go, and many more design ideas brewing.


Speaking of designs, I’m chugging away on a bit of lace to round out the end of the summer, including finishing up that yellow lacy thing for The Sweet Sheep (still lacy and yellowy, getting bigger), and a new red cashmere thingy which will be for Tanis Fiber Arts for September. (Which, isn’t the fact that it is red and cashmere pretty much all you need to know? I figure, anyway).

And, thankfully, after a 6 month (!) period of neglect, my spinning wheel is still speaking to me.


I’m so glad spinning wheels don’t hold grudges.

Happy knitting to you for the coming weekend! Until next time.


  1. Val Champ · ·

    So, what you’re saying Glenna is that its OK to have more than one thing on the go at a time??

    Who knew??

  2. HAH. Touche, Val. Touche 😉


  3. Maureen · ·

    I love your Rhinebeck sweater, Glenna – the color is beautiful! It also sounds as if you have your former job or found a new one – congratulations! And belated best wishes for a very happy birthday (my computer was away for three weeks for major surgery – I’m very far behind on blog reading and emails!). Happy knitting!

  4. Good for you for taking the time to get it right – like you say, you’ll enjoy it so much more knowing you got it exactly the way it should be! I’m missing FO’s too — comes from working on too many big projects!

  5. Val Champ · ·

    HI Glenna,
    I am trying to resub to the blog feed with my new email address..can you tell me where the box to check is?? or is it the one at the bottom of comments?

    Not sure why I am so dense tonight..this catastrophic computer failure, upgrade to Windows 7, combined with going to High speed with a new provider has me a little mixed up…LOL

    That along with a monitor that has everything really small…

  6. I would suggest, if you are going to speak about your designs, that you tell where you get your inspiration from. Is it a particular yarn, a color, a cable or some stitch you’ve discovered? What resources do you use to find stitch patterns? Any you consider better than others? Do you decide the overall shape of a sweater before you consider what cable to use? Is that even possible, or do you choose the cable and build a sweater around it?

    Jeeze but I wish I could be there to hear your lecture. I’m very enamored of your work and would love to hear some insight into how you come about the beautiful things you design. 🙂

  7. Glenna:
    Since I don’t have Twitter 😉 I’m going to second what Sue said right here in the comments. I would *definitely* want to hear about how you get your inspiration and what your design process is. Also any bits about things that have gone horribly awry or took off in strange directions — good for humor, good for folks to understand that design is not always as linear as the movies depict it to be. 😉

    So — where will you be having this little talk? Sadly, I’m quite sure I won’t be able to get there, but I’d *love* to hear about it here on your blog.

    Best of luck!

  8. Thanks so much for the suggestions, Laurie and Sue! This is good food for thought.

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