[ETA]: This pattern is now available for sale on Patternfish, and in my Ravelry store.

I’ve been a busy little bee the last few weeks, as per usual getting one or two things ready for the knitting fair! For the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair this weekend, you will once again be able to find a new pattern of mine at Tanis Fiber Arts.  Tanis has been wanting a quick ‘single skein’ shawl pattern all for her own, and since she has two different lines of fingering weight yarn, I wanted to come up with something that a knitter could make with either one.


This is “Allons-Y” (french for ‘let’s go!’), and is shown here in Tanis’ Purple Label cashmere/merino/nylon blend in the rich and gorgeous ‘poppy‘ shade. It is very soft and has a pleasant weight around the neck. Can’t you just feel the cashmere radiating through the photos?


I wanted something that would combine a couple of stitch motifs for a nice scarf-like effect, in the nice versatile way that small shawls can be. You could wear this over the shoulders on a chilly day, or tuck it around your neck or under the collar for just a bit of extra insulation.

This uses 4.5mm needles and a single 100g skein of Tanis’ fingering weight, with just 7g leftover from my sample in the Purple Label (slightly shorter yardage than the Blue label merino/nylon fingering weight). A nice bargain! Experienced lace knitters will probably be able to knock this off pretty quickly, and adventurous new lace knitters who are looking for a second or third project to try will find it approachable enough. The shawl follows typical triangular shawl construction, and is worked from the centre neck down towards the edge, with a garter stitch edging and yarnover increases. Reverse side rows are worked purlwise, because if you’re going for speed, (not that I would ever be impatient to finish things, no no no…) you want to have that nice purl resting row waiting for you.


Thanks also to Bridget Allin of Needles in the Hay, who I accosted…errr, who obliged me with a quick photo shoot in her shop.

See you at the fair this weekend, folks – and with one more thing I’ll have to tell you about tomorrow. (Heh). 😉


  1. beautiful, and the yarn is amazing!

  2. Pretty!

  3. I love that!

  4. Oh, this is lovely! I have some of Tanis’ blue label in a gorgeous soft green, and it has just decided what it wants to be. I’ll stop by Tanis’ booth for certain!

  5. Really, I think you should just move into Needles in the Hay permanently. I’m sure Bridget won’t mind…

  6. Great shawl Glenna!

  7. Beautiful shawl Glenna!

  8. Very lovely! I thought I recognized Bridget and Needles in the Hay in the background 🙂 I wish I had more time right now to dive right into this one but I suppose I’ll just have to put it on the list for now.

  9. Haha, feel free to accost me anytime – you definitely know how to liven up a shopgirl’s Thursday morning!

    You’re right about the weight and drape of this – I was sorry to see it go! (I’m totally ordering the TFA Purple Label in “Poppy” now… I must!)

  10. That is gorgeous I will have to add it to my Q.

  11. Oh wow, this is beeyootiful!

  12. Hee Hee. When I saw your blog title, I thought you were posting about ‘let’s get going to the fair’. Beautiful shawl. It might become a tradition to buy a Glenna pattern each year at Tanis booth. Last year I bought your sweater pattern.

  13. This is just so gorgeous. Hope you have fun at the fair, it sounds wonderful. Wish we had such things here in South Africa!

  14. it’s beautiful!!! Congrats on the great design. And I love Tanis’s yarns, they are amazing.

  15. allunraveled · ·

    I’ve been reading for a while now, but only stealthily -never commented (I know, shame on me!). Anyway, I thought it was time to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoy your blog & this pattern is beautimous! Love the color.

  16. This is a beautiful shawl! I really love the rich red color. I am always afraid to pick reds at the yarn store, for fear they are just to … bright red …. But this is perfect! Maybe I’ll have to give something red a try soon.

  17. I’m guessing this was coincidental, but I found the title of the shawl and the colour you chose had a hidden message- ‘allons-y’ is the motto of 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (Canadian Forces Quebec Area) and poppy is a lovely colour perhaps for Remembrance Day coming up in November! As a military nurse I think this combo is going in my queue 😀

  18. […] some of you know, Glenna now lives in Peterborough and she dashed into the shop one day last September with the shawl prototype in hand for an impromptu photo shoot. And ever since that day, I knew […]

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