Take Two

I told you I had another thing to show you that I was getting done for this weekend’s Knitter’s Fair in Kitchener-Waterloo. Lo and behold, it is done, though I regret muchly that I wasn’t able to wrangle a clothed-person photo session with it. I can ensure you that I have in fact put on the final sample and I love it and am very glad Kim is letting me hang onto the sample, otherwise Things might Happen and one doesn’t like Things to Happen when there are precious skeins of yarn hanging around.


This is the Stage Door cardigan, for Indigodragonfly yarns, and will be available at the fair tomorrow in print copy, as also will be the yarn I made it in. It is delicious. Merino/Silk DK, in a colour named “I am filled with ennui (dramatic sigh)”. Kim took the name inspiration from a Glee line spoken by (I think) Kurt, ergo the pattern name had to take theatrics into account, n’est pas?

[ETA]: Now available on Patternfish, and in my Ravelry store.

I’m quite happy with the end result. It’s long, shaped (high waist), and very easy to throw on and then pull off again. I kept the foundation simple with stockinette because quite frankly, when there is 50% silk in the house, drape is what you want. Mmmmm, silk.


The detail around the neck and collar are also a win for me. Just enough interest and texture to keep you paying attention, but not overwhelmingly so. And it’s very comfy. At 20 sts/28 rows over 4 inches, it’s also pleasant as a fall-to-winter knit.


And with that, my weekend is drawing very close to starting. I’ll be back next time with more purchasing details on this and the Allons-Y shawl/scarf from my last post. I hope your weekend is knit-a-riffic, whatever corner you’re in!


  1. Very pretty… I love the style and color.

  2. Beautiful! This one’s getting queued up, for sure.

  3. Gorgeous! You really design lovely knitwear, Glenna. :^)

  4. Very pretty Glenna! Bravo!

  5. I’ve never made anything of this scale before. Is the shaping difficult to do?

  6. It’s beautiful! Love the color 🙂 Congrats on finishing your new patterns!

  7. I am absolutely in love with that pattern. May have to break my yarn moritorium so I can have it!

  8. Oh, I wish I could knit like that!

  9. Glenna, you read my mind…no really…I just received 4 large skeins of Luscious Silk Single from Blue Moon fiber arts in a custom colourway and wanted a ‘throw on longer sweater’ that would be in that weight yarn…

    Can’t. Wait. But I have to work tonight..and can’t run to the Fiber Art Show that is 7 hours at least from here..LOL

  10. oh wow, that’s stunning!!! awesome design, Glenna!!

  11. It makes me want to knit sweaters!!

  12. Beautiful sweater. Can hardly wait to buy the pattern.
    Am quickly finishing what i am working on to be ready to start this.

  13. Oh MY! Your Stage Door cardi and Allon-Y scarf are wonderful! So many knitters to be inspired by… And what a list of blogs you have. I’ll be here all day!

  14. What alluring edging…

  15. I am in awe. This is absolutely stunning!!!! 🙂

  16. Gorgeous cardi ~ I love the stitch pattern on on the edges 🙂

  17. i saw this on Saturday in person. it is spectacularly yummy. 🙂 fabulous design. (and the yarn is awesome, too).

  18. You are such a precise knitter. I envy you your tension. It’s so even.

  19. Pretty edging! I love that it’s long too! Beautiful.

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