It’s just that starting is so easy

I don’t know what it is about lace and lace-weight yarn that can have such an all-consuming effect. Either you’re in the deep dark throes of trying to finish something and feeling like it’s never going to end, or you’re fresh-faced and starting out with something new and it’s all going to be GREAT, just wait and see.

When I cast off my Bridgewater shawl back in July I immediately started reading through all the lace patterns I’ve got. There have been several on deck – the Peacock Feathers shawl, for example. But over the last year or so I’ve been reading through the Elizabeth Zimmerman books gradually and waiting for the opportune moment to start a Pi Shawl.


It turns out that the opportune moment comes when you’re riding a start-itis high after finishing a few projects, and even though you’re more than halfway through your Rhinebeck sweater and it needs to be done in a month you’re still looking for something new and shiny, and the yarn you bought yourself as a birthday present back at the end of July that has been waiting ever so patiently and that you were swatching up to knit something else entirely suddenly says “I would like to be a Pi Shawl now, please,” and it’s September and starting to get cold and you want to immediately cast on anything and everything that will make you feel warmer around any part of your body.

And that’s how it starts.


  1. Well, its nice to reward your yarn for waiting so patiently, yes? Because its fall, my thoughts are turning back to socks, but I keep starting things and ripping them out, which is sadly counterproductive.

  2. I’m thinking there’s a Pi Shawl in my future too. I’ve never made one and I think it’s time!!! Love that purple!

  3. The Pi Shawl is such a wonderful Zen experience. You can get lost daydreaming in the stockinette and whenever you need a little excitement, throw in a round of YO, K2tog to stir things up. The only thing I can say bad about it is it is incredibly difficult to end it because it becomes like a comfy old friend on those chilly nights, warming your lap and sliding so effortlessly through your fingers……MmMMm…That Merino silk looks heavenly!

  4. Starting is such fun! Finishing, too. It’s that whole middle part that can be maddening.

  5. I have the Pi Shawl in my Q just waiting to buy just te right yarn for it. I love the color of your yarn.

  6. What a joy it must be to knit such beautiful yarn! It truly is the embodiment of “purple”. So gorgeous! Can’t wait to see your finished Pi Shawl, even if it kills me to not have it for my very own.

  7. […] It’s sort of like knitting without actually doing any knitting.) About a month and a half ago I finally caved and started a Pi Shawl, because I had all manner of laceweight yarn kicking around to start something with, and I […]

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