Lamplight shawl

It never rains but it pours, it seems (well, yesterday it was actually pouring. Cut to me, realizing my umbrella also didn’t make it with me in my move. Hah), with design work, and by some fluke of timing I get to tell you about the shawl pattern I finished over the summer, on the heels of my two pattern reveals last week. This is the Lamplight shawl, a pattern I worked on for Michelle at the Sweet Sheep. Her maternity leave carried on a bit longer than anticipated, so that’s why this is coming to you in September instead of in August as originally planned!


Michelle gave me one of her Super Soft skeins to work with for this project, and the yarn really is extremely well suited for shawls, as a soft and lofty 2-ply light fingering weight. It feels very nice in your hands to work with and blocks up beautifully. If you were to substitute yarn, I would recommend choosing something similar in the light fingering weight category. The advantage with these Super Skeins that Michelle does is that they have over 900 yds in a single skein, so you don’t have to stop to change yarn halfway through.


In designing this I wanted to combine two motifs, as that is a pattern that I like in triangular shawls, and to use stitch patterns that include purl rows on the wrong side, for ‘resting’ as it were. I like that this allows for a bit of comfort and slightly speed with the process. Additionally, I wanted it to be modifiable to be able to be produced in a smaller, scarf-sized version, and so the instructions include both the large size (pictured) and the smaller size. The smaller size takes about 375 yds, the large one about 800 yds.


This is currently available as a Sweet Sheep exclusive, and is available for download here.

Thanks very much to my friend Smitha who obliged me with some modelled shots of the shawl! I think she looks great. Too bad I had to take back the shawl when we were done. And thanks to Michelle at the Sweet Sheep for the design opportunity!


  1. This turned out beautifully! I absolutely adore that colorway. I’ve been on a yellow & orange kick lately. I think it’s because we don’t have a true autumn down here (in Louisiana we only have two seasons: hot & wet, and cool & wet). I can’t wait to see what you design next!

  2. Gorgeous!
    BTW when is that sweater pattern going to be available?? I wants it 🙂

  3. Such a gorgeous design!! And I swear, the shawl actually looks soft through my computer screen. Awesome stuff.

  4. A lovely shawl, and the colour is so very pretty. Lovely.

  5. That gorgeous shade of yellow works perfectly with the name.

  6. Very nice. And I am a big fan of superskeins. Joining yarn or weaving in ends when knitting lace is tricky.

    Of course winding 900 yards into a ball is no picnic either 😉

  7. Wow, that is gorgeous! You wouldn’t think by looking at it that it’s 2,400 feet of yarn would you?! 😀

  8. Well, it looks like this one is going to be next in line. It looks like its a fairly quick knit Glenna and I am a big fan of purl rows on the wrong side. I must have this one…

    You are amazing, giving me what I need exactly when I need it..LOL

  9. Lovely, lovely! I wish I could see the other lace pattern better…I *think* I know what it looks like.

    Superskeins are such a great idea. I had two skeins of Malabrigo Sock, and they’re really different shades of the same color. Good thing I made two separate shawls with them!

  10. Lovely and I adore the color!

  11. That shawl is lovely.I love making shawls.

  12. This is a gorgeous piece! The just-barely variegated yellow yarn is a beautiful choice to show of the lovely lace!

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