I think, for the first time, I wasn’t overwhelmed by the big-ness of Rhinebeck. I went in planning to have an enjoyable time and hang out with some awesome kntters, and buy some pretty things along the way, and that’s what I did. I rode down with a great van-load of Canadian knitters and stayed with a house-load of American ones. It has been a weekend of yarn-related crazy and gathering, in a good way.

Ann, who bought a fleece at Rhinebeck last year, was wearing the sweater that she had knitted from the yarn she had spun from the fleece she bought at Rhinebeck last year. I think she wins.


But then Stacey (new curly-haired sister-friend) also wins, because she broke her foot last Wednesday and still came. Elspeth made sure she got her scooter. She was pretty slick, zipping around the fairgrounds in style.


Today I ended up meeting up with Sandi at lunch time. She had the garlic dog, I had the deep fried mushrooms.


We looked at spindles and fibre, she wore some fibre on her head like a crown, you know, as one does.


The sheeps (and goats) were sheepy (and goaty?)…


Emily bought her body weight in Briar Rose yarn…


We went to the Ravelry meetup and the internet came to life before my very eyes, and Gwen got her first Ravelry button…



A bunch of us played blogger/Ravelry bingo…


Jo bought all the spinning fibres…


There were yarn-related things that weren’t yarn…


Because I was there for 2 days and not just 1 this time, there was even a bit of time for sitting and knitting…


And then, it was over. Thanks, Rhinebeck!



  1. Someday. ::sigh:: Someday… Glad you had a great time.

  2. Wow! I feel so honored to be featured in your Rhinebeck post two years running! So wonderful to spend time with you this year. I miss you all already!

  3. Val Champ · ·

    I will be there next year…for sure…it looked like lots of fun.

  4. barefootrooster · ·

    lovely. looks like you enjoyed it enough for me too. thanks!

  5. It was such a lovely, lovely year, wasn’t it?

  6. Rhinebeck is beautiful this time of year. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I hope I can come up next year.

  7. This makes me miss my home. Im from just a little south of there. Im glad you were able to come to NY and enjoy the beautiful fall and the wonderful fair.

  8. ::wishful sigh::

  9. Looks like it was brilliant!! Love the project you were working on in the above photo, by the way.

  10. I was there on Saturday but didn’t make it to the meetup; maybe next year! But it was a beautiful day wasn’t it?

  11. Looks like you had a great time. I was supposed to be there 😦 But 30 weeks pregnant and some pregnancy restrictions kept me home this time.

  12. Oh man, it looks like you guys had a brilliant time. One of these years, I’ll go, too. . .

  13. That looks like so much fun!! I am so jealous!

  14. What fun! I hope to get there one of these years…

  15. I love your recaps! And I LOVE your boots!

  16. Perfect weather on top of it all! So glad to see you had a great time once again!

  17. What a wonderful weekend you had. Those threes look gorgeous still yet.

  18. I’m pretty sure I saw Ann 😀 I commented on how cute her sweater was!!

  19. That picture of me makes me laugh. I look so very maniacal.

  20. Please let Anne know that my friend and I saw her garter yoke from a distance several times and commented on it every time. It’s a beautiful sweater!

  21. What a lovely knitting event. I’m quite jealous!

  22. Dang… after all of these years, my friend nudging me to consider Rhinebeck, you pushed me to the brink. Rhinebeck or bust, 2011!

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