Leaping Llamas

I’m still working up a post on my stashly acquisitions (I may even do a brief give-away), but as it turns out, re-entry into regular life after a knitterly weekend does take a couple of days to feel back to normal. I am already wishing it was the weekend again.

So, for the moment I wanted to share with you a video clip I took on Sunday morning, of the ‘Leaping llamas’ show. It’s like horse-jumping but with llamas and alpacas. It was fantastic. The littlest guys had a harder time of it once the bar started to rise, but these tall ones were just zipping along. And they were all clearly in tune with their handlers/owners and it was lovely to see how sociable these animals really are. Turns out they have other talents besides making yarn fibre!

Happy Wednesday! May it be as painless as possible.


  1. Love the one that just sort of ambled up to it and bounced over. How catlike! 😀

  2. That was a great video! Thanks for sharing

  3. They look so fluffy. Makes me want to hug them. I got stuck in the rain at the game farm once under an overhang with a bunch of Llamas. As sweet and fluffy as they look, they don’t like strangers in their personal space. I found out the hard way–ending up with a Llama lungie in the face–a bit too up close and personal for my taste that. Once that was out of the way though, he let me pet him and we soon became fast friends. I was by no means scarred for life. I still love Llamas. Even more so now that I knit with them! 🙂

  4. I grew up on a farm and I had no idea that Llamas and Alpacas did jumping events! We would never have been able to make our sheep do that 😉

  5. Love that. Thanks for sharing Rhinebeck with us. Looks as if it was a lovely weekend.

  6. Obviously they’re quite headstrong. 😛 It’s good that people are able to interact with them in different ways than usual.

  7. Love it. You’ve got to give credit to the handlers jumping as well!

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