Rhinebeck, the Stash-en-ing

Every year there are knitters who manage to go to Rhinebeck and not buy anything. I have no idea how they manage this. Clearly, they are stronger/wiser/more powerful than me, because I always return with an armload of yarn. This year, though, I made an effort to be a bit more mindful of what I was buying – that I’d rather have a few things I was happy with than many many smaller portions of things I didn’t know what to do with. Truthfully, I never can tell how long any of my acquisitions will sit in the stash, but I can at least try to acquire things that will stand me in good stead when I am suddenly hit with a project idea.

One of my first stops, therefore, was the Briar Rose booth. I have never managed to get to them in the first half of the day (Saturday) before, and it makes a huge difference in the selection that is there. I knew I wanted to get a sweater quantity of something, and lo and behold I came out with two of their generous skeins of Abundance, a heavy worsted/Aran ish weight, in a smokey grey-purple shade. One skein is a bit more purple than the other, so whatever I make with it, I’ll be sure to alternate skeins.


On Sunday I returned to the Green Mountain Spinnery, having weighed the decision for a day, and also snagged a sweater’s worth of yarn from them – their wooly worsted 2-ply, appropriately named ‘Wonderfully Wooly’, in a nice dark cranberry shade of red. This is going to be something cabled, for sure, though who knows what and when πŸ˜‰


Although I wasn’t (really for sure I wasn’t) going to get any spinning fibre, so long has my spinning wheel been neglected these few months, I couldn’t help picking up a bit over at Into the Whirled. Their colours are just so lovely. And peeking out from under there are 2 skeins of wool/silk blend from Brooks Farm, for perhaps something in a hat and mittens set? We shall see.


And finally, I have something for you, dear readers – a single fine skein of Holiday Yarns flock sock, in ‘Graple’, a nice purple colour. For a chance to be the happy recipient of this skein, just leave a comment on this post some time between now and Saturday morning (Toronto time), telling me about a knitting gathering you’ve been to and enjoyed (of any size) and I’ll draw a winner’s name at random. A little piece of Rhinebeck from me to you!


I hope your Thursday has some knitting in it today! Until next time.


  1. Someday, I hope to be solvent enough to get myself to one of these big knitty, yarny festival thingies.

    That purple looks especially pretty sitting on top of that Briar Rose stuff.

  2. Anyone who could go to Rhinebeck and leave empty-handed is truly not human; that’s just not right!! I happened to stumble onto Into the Whorled last night from another blog (Shut up and Knit) and am in love with her fibers. YUM!

  3. Oooh, purple Flock Sock! Very nice. I came home with a bag full of spinning fiber and even a few skeins of yarn (after standing in the Sanguine Gryphon line…ugh), so I can’t give any tips on restraint. I had a $200 budget, and I spent every penny! Looks like you ended up with some nice stuff, though. Well worth it.

  4. I’m very jealous you got to go to this, it looks like you had a great time!

  5. Yarn! Purple! Me likey!

  6. Oh man… Hopefully next year I can make it!!! Briar Rose..so pretty!

  7. Wow, a giveaway! This looks like a perfect match for Revival!

  8. Oh wow, I love purple! Thanks so much for the offer, I hope I win.

  9. What a lovely skein! I haven’t made it to Rhinebeck yet, but I really enjoy local meetups. I have a knitting group here in Boston that I enjoy weekly lunches with, and when I lived abroad in New Zealand, I found a wonderful group of women through one of the local stores! It was a great way to meet new friends in a new country.

    Congrats on not going toooooo crazy with the yarn-buying! And the fiber looks lovely!

  10. One of these days, everything in life will work for me and I will get to Rhinebeck, but for now I live with the Knitters Frolic, The KW Knitters Fair, and the Creativ. That’s not a bad thing – I’m pretty lucky.

  11. I haven’t been to a fibre festival yet, but I’m hoping to make it to Maryland Sheep and Wool next year. These festivals look awesome and I live within driving distance, so there’s really no excuse!

  12. Christine · ·

    I didn’t go quite as overboard on sock yarn this year at Rhinebeck, instead I splurged on a Strauch Ball Winder to wind all the yarn I still have left from last year.

    That’s not to say I didn’t buy yarn, but only enough for one sweater and two scarves.

    Tomorrow I’ll take it all to my LYS (What’s Needling You) to show it off at our weekly lunch and knit.

  13. I wasn’t too far from Reinbeck last weekend but I was with family and didn’t even suggest it. I just ordered the pattern and frames to knit two felted pocketbooks for Christmas gifts. Today I hope to knit a few rows on my continuous cables sweater. I can’t wait to see all that you make from your purchases. Gita

  14. I went over to my friends house yesterday for knitting and yarn chat. She had just returned from Rhinebeck, and had bought nothing at all. But she was there with her husband, who makes and sells spinning wheels, and she was teaching people to spin all weekend. She was happy. Going to her house is about as close to yarn gatherings as I can get–this is quite a rural area.

  15. I haven’t been to any festivals yet but every Wednesday night I get together for Craft Night with a few girlfriends and knit. As a mum of two kids under 3, it is the one thing I do every week for myself. I’m sure it is what “keeps me sane” : )
    Only 6 more nights to go…

  16. Gorgeous yarns, all of them. I have serious Rhinebeck envy πŸ™‚

    My favourite knitting gathering definitely has to be the Knitter’s Frolic 2010. I went with a few friends and we had a great time wandering around and enabling each other. What made it extra fun was that later that day was my bachelorette party! I consider the Frolic to be phase one of my fun day.

  17. I’ve been to Stitches Midwest, but I enjoy the small knit-INS our guild organizes. I rarely get to one but the small groups really allow for fun plus they almost always involve food.

  18. I’ve yet to get my arse to Rhinebeck. Just to the Frolic here in Toronto in the spring and to the KW Fair in the fall. But I always manage to get a skein of souvenir yarn on my travels to other countries and provinces. Thanks for the yarn giveaway. It’d make a great pair of socks.

  19. So far, the only knitting gathering I’ve been to was one I organized (to use the term loosely) at work, when I taught two people to knit in our down time. Here in my part of Florida and with my night-shift work schedule, it’s pretty hard to organize myself to get to anything bigger. Perhaps I can eyeball Stitches East next year?

    Lovely yarns you brought home there, especially the cranberry. And the graple, of course, which I would love to have chez moi!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. My favorite gathering is called Knit Knock and we started this just a month ago. Many friends wanted to learn how to knit so a friend who owns a LYS came to my house for a basic knitting class. Others at the gathering were knitting, crocheting, loom knitting & scrapbooking. It was a lovely craft-fest! Our next gathering is tonight and I can’t wait!

  21. So lovely! I hope to find just such loveliness at Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival this weekend.

  22. I went to the inaugural KY Sheep and Fiber Festival this May and really, really enjoyed it. I came home with all spinning fiber, not yarn, and it’s so gorgeous!

  23. Gosh, that yarn is all so pretty! Rhinebeck is tons of fun if you plan it right. I think that’s the key, and it looks like you had a plan! I love your posts–read your blog all the time, but rarely comment. Keep writing!–Kim

  24. I will have to see if I can arrange to sort of accidentally happen to be in the US around one of those big fiber festivals. So much shiny yarn in one place. Anyway.. I wonder if x-mas at home with my granny, mom, sister and I sitting around with our knitting counts as a gathering – it’s pretty nice.

  25. Love your blog…I live in Omaha, NE and just recently attended our knitting guild’s retreat at the Mahoney State Park lodge. It was a beautiful fall weekend to be in a state park and the classes and networking were wonderful.

  26. Every year I tell myself I will not go to Rhinebeck until I have some extra cash to bring with me because I know it would be torture otherwise. Then I see all the cool stuff everyone gets in their blogs and vow to put the cash aside starting today for next year.

    The closest I’ve come to a knitting gathering was one lesson I attempted to teach on knitting for a sustainablity class (teaches you basic skills like canning/sewing/knitting/building fires/planting etc) Everyone was great and I think perhaps 3 of the 8 who were there still knit now. I can’t imagine life without knitting. It’s become my zen. The place I go for respite. An addiction fed by my non knitting friends in the hopes they will get the next pair of socks/scarf/hat/mittens I’m knitting at the moment.

  27. In the Pacific Northwest our Rhinebeck equivalent is OFFF – Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. Three days of heaven in Canby, Oregon.

  28. Wow what a beautiful yarn.

    The only gathering I usually get to attend is the Kitchener/Waterloo knitters Fair. Although it is more than enough fiber for my senses.

  29. Sadly, I’ve never been to one of those wonderful fiber-y, yarn wonderlands 😦 but when I’m off this student’s budget I plan on attending many.

  30. Barbara S · ·

    I’m within driving distance of Rhinebeck but didn’t go this year. I have way more yarn than I’ll ever use and knew I would still buy more. I’m sure I’ll get there again, however; it’s a lovely festival to just wander around and the food is good. I don’t know if they had it this year, but there used to be a gem & mineral show on the grounds at the same time. I love buying crystals as well.
    The purple yarn is lovely; purple seems to be a big color this year in clothes. I look forward to seeing what you make out of the cranberry red yarn; it’s a good color for you.

  31. Wow, that is so nice of you! The last big gathering I went to was the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2 1/2 years ago. The Ravelry get-together was overwhelming! But so much fibery goodness.

    The last small gathering was the opening of my new LYS, the wonderful Looped Yarn Works here in Washington DC.

  32. I’ve not been to any of the larger fiber gatherings, but like another commenter above, my weekly “knit night” is my weekly just-for-me time. Love it & have been known to plan my trips in order not to miss it!

  33. My favorite gathering is the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival. Love to watch the sheep dog trials and see what the smaller local vendors have to offer. Usually end up taking a class as well just for fun and to justify going more than one day.

  34. You did a good job of combining restraint with indulgence in your purchases.

    I have never been a knitting gathering of any type, but I love quiet evenings at home knitting with my daughter while we watch a movie. None of my local friends have been willing to take up knitting, but I enjoy the “virtual gatherings” of Ravelry and knitting blogs.

  35. I have never been so fortunate as to be able to attend a knitting gathering before…..but I would love to be able to go to Rhinebeck some day. It sounds like a marvelous time, and I absolutely LOVE the spinning fiber you chose. Some day I hope to be able to learn to do that also!

  36. As with so many others, my knit-night is my fibre “salvation”. Haven’t been for a while… this is a good reminder!

  37. Oh sounds like such a wonderful time. And what beautiful treasurers. I haven’t been able to attend any knitting gatherings lately. I’m hoping to attend the Southwest Fibre Festival coming up next weekend.

  38. I made it to Rhinebeck this year too! I was only there on Sunday, but it was perfect. There was great weather, lamb burgers, sheep shearing and while I wasn’t really looking for anything specific, some pretty roving and a large skein of mohair made its way home with me.

  39. In September I went to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival and bought one skein of Briar Rose Abundance! What a coincidence! The one I got has more blue in it than yours. I am thinking of making the Shalom cardi out of it.

  40. When we bought a house to gut and renovate in my new neighbourhood just over a year ago, I was immediately told I had to attend the neighbourhood girls’ Stich & Bitch, even though I didn’t knit. I attended the first meeting before we’d even moved in. Now I knit like crazy and am planning for Rhinebeck next year!

  41. Tossing my hat in the ring for that gorgeous purple sock yarn, since my ability to resist spending money at Rhinebeck was sadly strengthened by losing my job an hour in. I actually managed to have a lovely time anyway, but oh for my intended sock yarn budget…

  42. A very recent and lovely knitty-gathering happened early this month when a knitting and literature group toured through the UK, and it stopped by here in Cardiff, Wales! Amy Singer (Knitty.com) and Heather Ordover (CraftLit) were among the knitterati. That was a very fun evening at a local pub that was otherwise very deserted that night. We sure sparked things up a bit!

  43. What lovely yarn! Especially love the purple Grape. My favourite knitting gatherings aren’t very big, they usually involve any of my family that knit- my grandmother, my sister and I, all of us drinking tea. I help my sister with hers and my grandmother helps me with mine!

  44. What a lovely surprise – a Rhinebeck treasure giveaway! Someday I WILL go to Rhinebeck, you know, after I put my husband through school – maybe as a reward to myself for years of hard work…

    Great acquisitions!
    Happy Thursday!

  45. Haven’t gotten to any actual festivals (they are either a little thin on the ground in the Minnesota area or I’m just not hooked into the right grapevine) as the one I’m aware of happened to fall on a weekend I was otherwise committed. Does visiting the knitting group at the local Scandinavian shop once or twice count? *Lovely* ladies, awesome to hang out with, and someone brought homemade cardamom bread. But festivals? Sadly, not yet. 😦

    But that is a lovely, lovely skein of purple yarn and I’d hug it and squeeze it were it to end up here. πŸ™‚

  46. Graple! What a great name for a beautiful color wool. I was at Rhinebeck for my first visit and was only able to buy one skein of a pretty yarn.

    I belong to a knitting club that meets once a week at my local library. There is a mother/daughter team who are expert knitters who are always available to offer advice and/or assistance. Usually there are anywhere from 5 to 10 ladies who belong. It is a great group who like to knit and just chit chat the night away.

    Thanks for the chance!

  47. Lovely stuff!!! My first wool gathering was this year in London. What a feast for the eyes and so many people there too. I swooped up some lovely cashmere and grabbed a couple of skeins of pretty worsted, found cotton in a great green too. Now, I know what such events are like, I have to get to another soon πŸ™‚

  48. That Briar Rose yarn is beautiful! I’m glad you found great stuff. I’ve only been to one fiber festival. It was in Greencastle, Indiana, and it made me feel… not alone. Does that make sense? There were people there who loved knitting as much as I do.

  49. I was hoping to attend Rheinbeck this year but I could not. I was however blessed to attend Maryland Sheep and Wool for the first time and it was fantastic. But the Stitches events beats them all. I have been to Stitches East and South and I love seeing all the vendors in one space. It’s completely overwhelming but oh, so lovely.

  50. barefootrooster · ·

    i went to the taos wool festival in the fall of 2007, and it was magical. i am finally knitting with the sweater’s worth of elsa wool i purchased there, and it is divine. love that purple!

  51. Monthly book chat meetings where everyone has a yarn-based project to work on and share are my favorite gatherings.

  52. I am just getting into knitting and the big show here is already over, but I hope to be able to go next year. I have made several scarfs and want to branch out into socks and eventually make a sweater coat. How much yarn would you recommend buying for a hip length coat? (Just in case I come across something beautiful and on sale….)

  53. I haven’t actually been to a knitting gathering, alas! I think the closest thing I get is the rare occasion I go to a movie showing on campus and am not the only to pull a fibre project of some sort out of my purse. I don’t know that if I did go to a hardcore knitting gathering, I would be able to restrain myself!

  54. “…a knitting gathering that you’ve been to and enjoyed…” mmmm….
    Stitches West and Stitches East?
    Knitting Camp?
    Stitch N’ Pitch?
    Creative Festival?
    Kitchener-Waterloo’s Knitter’s Fair? (Saw you—hi!!)
    Knitter’s Frolic?
    Knitter’s Scavenger Hunt and book signing?
    Yarn Harlot’s birthday celebration?
    World Wide Knitting In Public Day?
    Yarn Crawls?
    Yarn’s On Stage?

    I’m going to have to go with:
    Every Thursday evening for the past eleven years with the Cast Offs, and every celebration we could come up with to spend time together! (Murder Mysteries and Christmas come to mind) I love my knitters.

  55. I’m too scared to go to Rhinebeck. I don’t know how I would show any financial restraint. But this spring I made it to the local Sheep Shearing festival in Watertown, MA. Loved it!!! I really need an alpaca. And I could always use more sock yarn. Maybe that purple could be a nice pair of Revival???

  56. Looks like you’ve picked up quite the stash there! I’ve never been to a knitterly gathering. However, I would love to go when I have more free time (nursing students rarely get a weekend off!).

  57. Oooo just last night at the DKC there was a presentation by Elise Duvekot on her book “Knit One Below” – fabulous presentation surrounded by dozens of knitters knitting away – ‘Great knitterly time!

  58. Hey Glenna,

    Nice haul from Rhinebeck!! Well I have a twice a month meet-up with knitters here in Ottawa which has been great to meet some new people in my new town, but also to know more about the city.

    The best (to date) meet-up over those twice monthly ones was seeing one of our knitters at her place while she was recovering from surgery. We had lots of great food, lots of great conversation, watched Bride and Prejudice and had a smashing time!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your yarns!

  59. Rachel Norton · ·

    Rhinebeck does seem to be a huge temptation! Last spring, I took my niece and daughter (knitters too) to Stitches East in Atlanta. My girl-child wore a tank that she’d knit and had all kinds of folks stop her to ask about it. Just watching her bask in the appreciation of other knitters was so wonderful for me! Knitters are truly amazing folks!

  60. I’ve never had the opportunity to go to ANY fiber gatherings, since I live so far away from anything. Although I have decided to attend Sock Summit next summer, so I’m really looking forward to that!

  61. My favorite knitting gathering is really just Saturday mornings at my LYS. I usually laugh until I cry, and go home with a tummy ache and having learned something (not necessarily about knitting) from those fabulous women. The purple is scrumptious.

  62. Wow great yarn. I love the giant skeins!

  63. Sock Summit 2009 – where I met YOU, in your wonderful knee-hi’s! and bought a small fortune in fab-ru-lous handdyed stuff, and had wonderful experiences listening to knitting legends…what a terrific time.

  64. Just attended the Shenandoah Fiber Festival in Berryville, Virginia in September. This was my first festival, which is a good thing — since I managed to walk away with enough yarn for 3 sweaters and a couple of scarves/shawls! Guess I should stay away from the Big R. Your haul is lovely.

  65. Im new knitter so unfortunatly I have never been to a knitting gathering. Right now Im teaching myself to knit socks. Next will be cabling (thanks to your demo!). I would love to go to Rhinbeck being that its very close to my home, but as for now im in grad school too far away 😦 But I would love some great purple yarn to knit some new socks!! πŸ™‚

  66. I went on a Ravelry meetup that involved a train ride, a yarn store tour, tons of knitting, and lots of fun people. It was a really nice day!

  67. Most recently? OFFF. Great fun, low-key atmosphere. But the most fun? Sock Summit 2009. That. Was. Awesome! Met you at the Rav party, too.

    It’s good to be restrained, and not stash over-much. But it’s also good to support our vendors! So we should all buy a little something at these events. Souvenir yarn!

  68. We have a local weaving place here (called Crazy as a Loom, which I find funny every time:) ) that has a weekly knitting night. Between life and kids, I’ve only made it about twice but it was so so very lovely and relaxing!

  69. Judi Hendricks · ·

    my first trip to rhinebeck…way more than i anticipated. now i am on the countdown to next year.

  70. Rhinebeck empty handed seems like a lost cause.

    My best (and only) knitterly gathering was a stop at a LYS a few hours away when I had to kill 2 hours. I met and chatted with knitters I didn’t know and had a blast!

    Lovely yarn you’re offering. Soooooo pretty!!

  71. Great contest! Purple yarn too! My fave!

    I’ve loved all knitting “fairs” I’ve been too. I’ve equally enjoyed Rhinebeck as I have the Toronto Frolic I attended last year. I hope to make it back to Frolic again next year, hopefully it won’t be on Mother’s Day Weeekend!

    Have a great day!

  72. I couldn’t possibly join in with the draw for the yarn as the only knitting gathering I’ve ever been to is going to my mum’s house and knitting with her whilst we have a cup of tea!! Wanted to say what lovely stash you’ve gained there though, Rhinebeck does look like a lot of fun.

  73. cksknitter · ·

    I enjoyed a knitting gathering at my local LYS where everyone came for the evening to knit a hat from chunky wool yarn from start to finish for a homeless shelter. I hope my hat made someone very warm.

  74. I love the Briar Rose yarn… and I’d love to win the sock yarn… the most recent yarn event I attended was Wonderwool Wales… a while back!

  75. Charlotte · ·

    I hope that I can visit Rhinebeck at least once — I’m sure I would be overwhelmed by all the goodies! My favourite knitting gathering is at our small spinner’s guild. I’m helping several members learn to knit and it’s great to see them make progress in their projects. This fall we are thrilled to be doing a KAL with your sock pattern in Canadian Living. The article came out just as we were looking for something appropriate — and one person wanted to try socks. I thought that was true serendipity.
    Keep all your great blog posts coming!

  76. Heather Armagost · ·

    I am a new(ish) knitter and so my first gathering was Oregon Flock and Fiber, it was so much fun and easy because it was local. I hope to do Rhinebeck someday, maybe I can talk my husband into a trip next year….

  77. That sock yarn is lovely! I wish I could go to Rhinebeck….I’m way out in Minnesota, so I’ll have to content myself with wine and knitting parties with friends!

  78. Oh so pretty and how I wish I could have done Rinebeck. Alas not I. I have not even been able to attend stitches or knitting camp the last couple of years. So thank you for blogging about it and jogging my memories.

  79. Love the colours you purchased. The only knitting gathering is me knitting while my kids climb on my back and I cling to my needles to try and stay sane. Just found you blog while looking for a pattern for convertible mitts for my blackberry carrying husband, looks like the podster’s will do the trick, now to see if I can get them done before Christmas!

  80. I learned to spin at Oregon Flock and Fiber this year, loved it! Thanks for the chance to win the pretty purple yarn!

  81. This spring I went to the Minnesota Knitter’s Guild’s Yarnover. Fun shopping, a great class with Cat Bordhi, and yarn from the farm where my friends got married which I used to make a baby gift for their son Frank!

  82. I’m not fortunate enough to live near a knitting group of any kind, but my first foray into a real live LYS was both wonderful and disastrous (for my checkbook :). I simply don’t know how one could be surround by fibers of the beauty and quantity found at Rhinebeck, et al, and not succomb mightily.

  83. Lesley L. · ·

    I have not yet been to Rhinebeck, and so I must live it vicariously through others. In the meantime, I blow my yarn budget at the Kitchener-Waterloo knitters fair and the Frolic in Toronto.

    ‘Graple’. I love it. πŸ™‚

  84. Lisa (42MainSt) · ·

    You have such excellent taste in yarn! I’ve been to the KW Knitters’ Fair for 2 or 3 years now, and I go to my Guild monthly, and a yarn tasting at the Purple Purl, and I first met you at the Harlot’s “Represent!” talk in Toronto a few years back!

  85. Oooo…. I’m just drooling over your Rhinebeck haul! The Briar Rose Abundance is especially gorgeous, I may have to stalk the website in hopes that she’ll post some more of that. In any case…. My favorite knitty gathering was Sock Summit! Can’t wait for SS11. πŸ˜€

  86. What a delicious color! Here in Minnesota, a wonderful group of “knitting goddesses” meet every Tuesday morning over coffee & tea we indulge in fiber & fellowship! Restores my spirit every time!

  87. I have been to MDSW twice and it is wonderful! I hope to make it to Rhinebeck sometime soon… Lovely selections that you came home with!

  88. Nancy Kaytis-Slocum · ·

    Someday I have to go to a wool fair – but I’m very afraid that I would come back loaded with wool I wouldn’t know what to do with. I suppose I could have worse habits – finding room for my stash is always fun and I love looking at and stroking the yarn! Thanks for the chance to win your lovely gift of yarn!
    Nancy FP in Ferndale

  89. I missed the Fiber Festival in Wooster OH this year but our monthly knitting group provides lots of ideas and laughter.

  90. Looks like you got a nice haul there!
    I haven’t been to a real Fiber Festival yet, the closest I’ve ever been was the Fiber Center at the Fryeburg Fair here in Maine, which I held myself back just to buy one skein of sock yarn.
    Hopefully next year I’ll be able to get to some Fiber Festivals.

  91. i just discovered your blog. what a beauty. the last knitting affair i attended was actually one that i hosted a few months ago. i love knitting and gabbing with friends!

  92. I would looovvveee to go to Rhinebeck…one day…For now, I’m happy, energized and inspired each time I get together with the ladies at my LYS every other Wednesday.

  93. I live in France, in the country. There are some knitting groups in Paris, but knitting on the whole has not become popular yet the way it has in the States.

    So… my “knitting gathering” consisted of me and my 20-year old daughter, who I taught to cast on, knit, and purl. She just made a cable stitch pouch for her digital dictaphone– I’m so proud!

  94. Lovely, all around! I am not allowed (by myself) to buy anything until I’ve used up some of what I already own. So I will enjoy your stashing vicariously! Can’t wait to see the red sweater!

  95. Unfortunately I’ve never been to a knitting gathering before 😦
    I live too far away from anything major, and in my town, there aren’t any people in my age group who knit. I’m going to try to make it to Rhinebeck next year, but I need to meet other woolly-minded people first.
    I get by on looking at other people’s yarn swag πŸ™‚

  96. My favourite woolly gathering was the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. There were shearing contests, barnyard animals to play with, yummy food and winemand , of course, lots of lovely yarn.

  97. Love the Graple color of sock yarn. Any time I can stop and knit is a good time, especially if I can get together with other knitters at the LYS. I hope to make some larger gatherings next year!! Thanks for the opportunity to post and win!!

  98. My post-Rhinebeck knitting? I’ve started another pair of Revivals. In some Wollmeise that looks shockingly similar in color to that Graple. I love love LOVE how well the Wollmeise and the stitch pattern work together. Great definition!

  99. Such pretty yarns!!! I must go to when I graduate!
    Knitting gathering: myself and one of the other girls in my engineering program try to get together once a week and knit together. she’s knitting her first lace shawl and doing wonderfully! πŸ˜€

  100. I loved attending my first Rhinebeck and brought some yarn home! How could I not? Got lovely Elderberry Mountain Mohair at Green Mtn booth. So many lovely choices!

    I’m looking forward to The Slater Mill Knitting Guild’s annual Knitting Weekend in January. Last year I learned great finishing tips from Cirillia Rose and this year we have Gudrun Johnston coming! Great group of knitters! Lots of laughs!

  101. I went to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival a year and a half ago, all by myself except for my (then) 2 month old daughter (I left the other three kids at home!). She wore a dress I knit for her, and LOVE. She slept most of the day, which allowed me to leisurely shop and contemplate purchases. A whole day, immersed in fibers, not having to worry about anything else was such an amazing treat!

  102. Lovely acquisitions! And the Graple is mighty tempting (oh please, pick me!).

    I’ve never been to any fibre festival, but just last night, I attended my first ever Knitting Club meeting (I knew there had to be knitters in town ‘cuz the yarn kept flying off the shelves at the local V&S department store). There were only four of us, but it was soooo nice to connect with other crafters. πŸ˜€

  103. Since retiring and moving to a little town north of Toronto, I have joined one knitting group at a local antique and yarn store. We meet weekly with up to 10 ladies attending and have done so for over two years.
    Encouraged by the friendships that came from our common interests, I started another group in my home weekly, which includes some of these ladies and 3 or 4 others that do not drive and couldn’t attend the other one.
    One of the ladies camps seasonally at a beautiful park overlooking Georgian Bay and a few of us decided to start another group during the summer only on the patio overlooking the beach. This group has grown to about 14 or l5 ladies this year.
    Knitting groups, small of large, provide an excellent opportunity to meet really fine people, to exchange ideas and to show off all of our much loved projects with like minded ladies.
    Thanks for the sharing the opportunity to share the knitting of this beautiful yarn into socks for the lucky winner.

  104. Sock Summit, of course. We danced together at the Sock Hop.

    And I did buy some Holiday Yarns there too. I wish I had gone to Rhinebeck, too.

  105. Oh, lovely! What a woman! The only knitting-related gathering I’ve been to is my Monday night knitting group. We live on an island and range in age from our 20s to 80 years old! I hope that counts.

  106. While you were enjoying Rhinebeck, I was at the Southern Indiana Fiber Festival. I bought three raw fleeces and some dye. Hopefully by spring, I’ll have made……..something nice.

  107. Well, I spent last weekend with some really cool knitters and there was beer and wine and fibre and air mattresses that didn’t actually hold air….

  108. mariajhmom · ·

    I got to go to Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock camp last April. There are no words to tell you how crazy it was.

  109. Michele K. · ·

    A friend and I get together once a week to knit and chat. In the summer we head for our local coffee shop deck and knit there. She has just been asked to teach knitting to a group of high school age girls from our church who want to learn to knit – sounds like it will be fun!

  110. I went to Rhinebeck for the first time last year and while it was wonderful, I live for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I even have a ticker on my blog counting down the days. I would have loved to have gone to Rhinebeck again this year but gallbladder surgery (ugh) kept me home reading all the tweets and dying with envy.

  111. Aww, how sweet of you to share.

    Sadly, my knitting gatherings are very limited with 2 kids, so the only gathering I get to do is by 1’s and 2’s with friends. the only one I can really remember is a few years ago when i was a fairly new knitter. I went to visit a friend and we sat on the couch and knitted while our 2 hubbies played video games.

  112. Two of my friends and I try to get together as often as possible and meet Friday evenings at a local Thai restaurant to de-stress after the work week. We eat well and then pull out our knitting, show off our stash, etc. We laugh much and giggle at the thought of the next time we get together, someone will probably pull out a light and ask for an outlet so we can have better lighting for our knitting.

  113. I really enjoyed the Kitchener Knitters Fair in September, where I attended your seminar on design which I found very interesting, and so subsequently started reading your blog.
    I always buy a “souvenir” of the trip and often that means large stash additions. This time it meant more accessories.
    I now have more shawl pins than I have shawls. And more buttons than I can likely use in this lifetime.
    I also enjoyed the Knitting Guild of Windsor/Essex County
    meeting tonight at my house. A much smaller group, but
    fun and supportive and great knitting experiences shared.
    Marlyce in Windsor.

  114. This year has been an exciting one for knitting events – I went to the Knitter’s Frolic in the spring, and just yesterday I went to Lettuce Knit for my first knit night! I’m so happy I actually made it out – it was so much fun, and there was even a designer/blogger visiting from afar whose design I was wearing!

  115. I went to Rhinebeck a few years ago, and that was quite the experience! I haven’t been able to go back for quite some time, but maybe I will get to go soon to it again. It was so much fun!

    Great contest you’re having – thanks for hosting it!

  116. Beautiful yarns & fiber to add to your stash! Someday I hope to make it to Rhinebeck. I’ve gone to Stitches West every year for the past ten or so. I’m going to miss it this coming year because (hopefully) we’ll have a new baby at home. We’re adopting a baby boy who’s due in Dec., which is the best reason in the world to miss Stitches (there aren’t many good reasons to do so)!;)

  117. Rhineback sounds wonderful ,it would be inspiring to be around so much talent . I have just got back into knitting after joining a craft groupI just love it next on my list is socks summer is about here in Australia so socks will not be to heavy and hot to work with Love your blog

  118. Love your blog! I’ve only been to one knitting get together called Yarnover 2010 in Minnesota.

  119. That’s all so gorgeous! I’ve never made it to some big convention-ish deal, but I did walk in on some sort of event at my local knitting store. My boyfriend got scared and made us leave… maybe next time I’ll leave him at home.


    (I am not entering, I walked away with three skeins of my own because Jennifer is a temptress so I do not need any more. But I wanted to inform you that I approve of this sort of thing.)

    Also, your acquisitions are all excellent. I was very glad to see you, even if it was for brief snatches of conversation. Someday we are going to have to try to be in the same place long enough to have a cup of tea together.

    And now, to start counting down to next year.

  121. I went to a sheep and wool festival in Wooster, Ohio last summer that was small but full of awesome. My mom came out from Seattle to visit and help me move into my new apartment, and as a reward we drove down and petted yarn for a couple of hours. We came away with some gorgeous stuff (mostly sock yarn, hahah), but it left me wanting to go to Rhinebeck even more!

  122. Purple my favourite colour! – Congratulations for being so restrained with your stash enhancement. I live on the other side of the world in Australia and when I venture over that way, I will make sure its at Rhinebeck time. Love your blog – read it all the time.

  123. I live in Australia , a land of many sheep . Yet we only have the Bendigo Sheep and Fiber Show . It is a fabulous showcase of our indie dyers every July . I came away this year with anew Majacraft wheel and armloads of spinning fiber and many new friends πŸ™‚

  124. Hi there – for the last 2 years I have gone to SAFF in Asheville, NC. And this year is no exception – I’m meeting three of my friends at 8am and off we go! Can’t wait. I’m especially fond of the Brooks Farm Booth too.

  125. My LYS celebrated their 5 year anniversary a few months back. There was wine, cupcakes, and knitting at the store until the wee hours. A friend of mine drove in (3.5 hours in rush hour traffic) to join us. She was learning to crochet amigurimi, and I started a purple frilly sweater vest for my cousins’ 6th birthday. Fun was had by all, but I was afraid of the red wine around all of that beautiful yarn! Luckily, my fears were unwarranted. The yarn was still its original color when I left.

  126. Such lovely purchases.
    I’m anxious to see what you create with the lovely Briar Rose and Green Mountain Spinnery yarns.
    I’ve just recently retunred to knitting and I haven’t been to that many knitting gatherings, but I had a blast at the Frolic this past May and at The Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair this September.
    I think that next year I’ll attempt Rhinebeck – it looks like so much fun.
    Thank you very much for holding the draw!

  127. Oh, look at all the pretty! You’re making me wish I could go back to Rhinebeck and BUY ALL THE THINGS that I missed somehow.

  128. I was able to go to the Maryland sheep and wool festival this year and it was wonderful! Between the beautiful yarns and the sheep I was estatic. Glad to see you got yourself some good loot!

  129. I look forward to Shepherd’s Choice festival on Mother’s Day weekend in MN. My girls never have to worry about what they plan to get me for Mother’s day, I tell them anything they find here will make me happy!

  130. Christine · ·

    Lovely stuff! I’ve never yet been to any of the large gatherings, but I do love my weekly knitting group. Last month, I went with one of the other girls to a “mini-retreat”–one full day of knitting/crocheting, dyeing with natural dyes and (for me, anyway) learning how to spin! It was great and I can’t wait for another one!

  131. I went to an auction for a closed yarn store on International Women’s Day about 7 years ago – held not at the store but at a rural Orange hall. The auction staff obviously divided the wool up as it followed no logical project requirements. Very strange but tons of fun

  132. I went to the Estes Park wool festival a few years back. I knew that if I didn’t save and then set a limit on how much I could spend that I would end up with a whole MESS of things I wasn’t quite so sure about at home. It was my first wool festival and I most definitely ended up with a bunch of stuff that I haven’t looked at twice since I bought it… I have a feeling that Rhinebeck would be very dangerous for me!

  133. lovely yarns! i have not had the pleasure of making it to rhinebeck, but i recently went to a special showcase by artyarns, set up my local knitting group. it was intimate and beautiful – they had small samples and needles out to try all the yarn and i walked away from the experience knowing more about yarn:)

  134. I had such a WONDERFUL time at Rhinebeck! My first time and it will surely be an annual event. I’m still on a Rhinebeck High! Had fun at the Ravelry Party too!

  135. This year was the very first time I went to Rhinebeck. It was so awesome! Though I love my bi-weekly knitting group, I’m pretty sure Rhinebeck is my new favorite thing πŸ™‚

  136. My favorite knitting gathering is when my aunt and I get together and knit. She is the one who originally taught me to knit. We get together and geek out about our knitting and seem to be able to talk for hours about what we are making and what we want to make. It’s the best.

  137. Tuesday night knitting group. I look forward to it all week. Its so fun to see what everyone is working on and finishing and share hints and tips.

  138. Mary Ellen · ·

    We have “Knit Night” every Wednesday which I always look forward to seeing what’s on everyone else’s needles! Last May my husband and I took a Sunday ride out to the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair In Cummington, MA – what a beautiful setting with many talented artisans!

  139. I grew up going to Maryland Sheep and Wool. We never missed one from the time I was 8 until I turned 22. It’s still my favorite festival, because of the memories it inspires.

  140. Wow – seriously generous of you to share in the Rhinebeck-y goodness! I’ve never been but hope to someday. Knitterly gatherings I have enjoyed… I guess I’d have to say the sometimes regular knit nights with my friend Catharine – she is my go to knitter – she got me into knitting after having learned as a teenager and she is the one who can always answer my questions when I have them!

  141. I’ve been to Stitches West. I find it so satisfying to be amongst my peeps who are as yarn crazy as I am!
    You sure came home with some beautiful stash . . .Rhinebeck is on my bucket list!

  142. My favorite is split between the TTC KAL and the Kitchener show….good friends and yarn/fibre fumes….the best combo EVER!

    Rhineback is next year!

  143. While not as big as Rhinebeck, the Yellow Springs Wool Festival is a lot of fun and not far from home. I was thrilled with my purchases — enough llama and alpaca for shaws, and some beautiful pottery. And the dream that I will be going to Rhinebeck soon.

  144. Northmoon · ·

    The last knitting gathering I went to was at Purple Purl – the Anne Hanson class on Lace. This size is way more in my comfort level – Rhinebeck sounds way too crowded for me (but I’d gladly accept a skein of wool from the event!)

  145. I had hoped to make this my first Rhinebeck, but a bad cold intervened. I hope it doesn’t happen for Stitches East this year.

    I’ve enjoyed a knitting circle at work, a knitting circle with friends (tho’ my significant other claims it’s just an excuse to drink wine ;), a traveling knitting circle before a folksinger’s concert (perhaps the most unexpected venue), workshops with Maureen Mason Jamison, but the most humorous knitting gathering was the first time I heard the Yarn Harlot at Webs.

  146. Marie-Louise · ·

    I found your blog last year just before Christmas and read it nearly every day. I hadn’t done any knitting for about 25 years but your fingerless mitts in Canadian Living got me started again and I have nearly knitted 2 socks per month and some gloves.
    I used to knit with my late mom. I visited her in March and she really enjoyed watching the progress of the socks. This was 3 months before she passed away at 92. I am glad I was able to share knitting with her.

  147. What I love is that we can all have been at apparently the same festival but found completely different booths. Never saw Into the Whorled, though I did buy quite a large quantity of fibre from a few other vendors.

    I also decided to take a class this year and am I ever glad I did. My spinning wheel was VERY dusty it had been unused for so long. I dusted it off and took it with me for a spinning class. That and the copious quantities of fibre might just help me spin more.

    I did not buy much yarn. That purple sock yarn looks great.

  148. I recently attended Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, it was amazing. It was actually the first festival I have attended, although I was at the first Sock Summit! I loved the fiber festival mostly for the people although….ok, some yarn and a new spindle followed me home

  149. I have unfortunately never been to any type of knitting gathering. It’s noth that I don’t want to, I feel that going out and interacting with other knitters could and definitely would broaden my knitting horizons as only actually interacting with other humans can. The things that are hindering me from doing so are lack of transportation and location, (which in itself is also a transportation issue because noone I know around me knits.)

    Thank you for your blog. I very much enjoy reading it and seeing the photos that go along with it.

    πŸ˜€ Btw, did I happen to mention that purple is my all-time ab-so-lute favorite color?

  150. Hoping a wooly gathering will come to North Florida soon but for now we are without! Rhinebeck is just a dream!

  151. i’d love to win!

    my favourite event was a big sale day at my lys. i went and spent the entire day just hanging out and watching what people bought and chatting…and of course, knitting! i love my lys. i love spending days there. πŸ™‚


  152. Yummy purple yarn…some day I’ll attend too.

  153. Thanks for the chance to enter! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Maybe one year I’ll make it to Rhinebeck too.

    The only knitterly gatherings I’ve had the opportunity to attend are my local knitting group. We meet at the Rooms – that big art gallery museum complex in the middle of the downtown St. John’s landscape. I’m willing to bet we have the best panoramic view of any knitting group in the world!

  154. I love the cranberry colored yarn you bought! It definitely says “cables.”

    Our local yarn shop, Twist of Fate, here in Kamloops has an event called a yarn tasting where you get a bag full of samples of yarn the store sells. That way you can try them out to see if you like them, then you can purchase them at a discount. Lots of fun!

  155. My favorite knitting gatherings are the ones among my fellow students at school, where we can talk about our studies and our yarn.
    Those are some great picks! I hope to make it to this festival someday!

  156. I’ve never been to a big knitting event like Rhinebeck but I love reading about it! I do go to a weekly knitting/quilting group though and we ooh and ahh over each other’s yarn goodies! Love the purple yarn.

  157. On the west coast we do yarn crawls. Almost all the yarn store in about a 250 mile radius have a free pattern to offer you and a stamp for your yarn crawl passport. It lasts for 4 days. In the end if you make it to every store and your passport is completely filled in you are entered in to a drawing to win some wonderful prizes. But the best part seeing all the yarn in all the stores you hardly ever get to.

  158. I was not able to make it to Rhinebeck this year, but I went last year and it was awesome. I bought lots of yarn, but my favorite part seeing all the different colors of yarn from all the different vendors. I have never seen that much yarn (let alone that much beautiful yarn) in the same place in my entire life. There was much petting of yarn πŸ™‚

  159. Bladerunner · ·

    There was a local yarn social I’d been meaning to start attending for a couple of years – between transportation and such, I just couldn’t ever make it. Then I moved house and was finally able to attend! A whole twice! before the coffee shop closed down and the regulars decided to move the social across town. Far enough away that I had the same problem all over again. Phooey.

    But the twice I was able to go was lovely πŸ™‚

  160. I was watching football and knitting this weekend (two of my favorite past times), my 13 year old came in and asked, “whatcha doin?”. I told her I was sitting and knitting, she asked to join me. My 20 year old dropped by and said we were both too young to be doing somehthing so old. After a while, she wondered back in and said that she was going to stay and visit a while bringing me up to date on all the stuff I miss while I’m just “sitting and knitting”. She spent the whole afternoon and stayed for dinner, and requested a cute little hat she saw me making for a Christmas gift. It was a great day!

  161. I went to Rhinebeck for the first time and completely Enstashinated myself. (Or was that obliterated my wallet? I am unsure.) I mostly gorged on lovely sock yarns, but also bought some fiber. (You can see the stash at my blog, for which I’ve provided a link.)

    Glad you enjoyed yourself! Like you, I have no idea how people walk away from that fest without having bought SOMETHING. Anything! πŸ™‚

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