I’ve got a design to tell you about, and I’m super thrilled over it. It’s my pattern contribution for the Indigodragonfly ‘Smart-Ass Knitters’ single skein yarn club, and I’ve had it in the works for a while. Because this is a pattern currently exclusive to the club and because not everyone in the club may have received their packages yet, I’ll put up this handy club-approved photo of Otis, the Indigodragonfly Yarns resident dog, to allow for a bit of spoiler space. You can scroll down for the good stuff.


Back at the end of last winter Kim messaged me (on Twitter, not via email, so instantaneous was the need for this discussion apparently) to ask me if I wanted to be involved in the club, and naturally I needed no time to make THAT decision. Then she asked me (I still have this saved) “How would you like to design for a colourway called ‘And then Buffy staked Edward. The end?'” And I believe I said “I think I would feel really really really good about that.”

The colourway name was pretty much all I needed to go on. The “Staked” pattern is the lovely result:


I do love me some twisty cables, and I thought they were especially appropriate with the vampire-slayer-themed colourway. I went looking for some nice stabby motifs, including one more than a little reminiscent of a stake-through-the-heart. I really love the way it turns out in the dark colourway, it has a subtle but dramatic appearance.


The cables continue onto the foot but eventually diminish, decreasing symmetrically on each foot until only stockinette (and possibly dust and darkness?) are left behind.


I love them. I think this is one of my favourite patterns I’ve done so far. Kim’s Merino Sock 2-ply is a wonderful yarn to work with and is also becoming one of my favourite sock yarns.

The only bummer (for you), is that the pattern isn’t yet available outside of the club – but it will be in the spring, and I’ll be sure to let you know about that when it happens. (If you’re interested, signups are still open for the 2nd half of the club, here.) But I just couldn’t resist showing it off!

More to come from me this week – some book reviews on the go, and almost-never-ending Pi Shawl progress.


  1. Beautiful socks Glenna! I love those stake through the heart twisted stitch motifs, so perfect!

  2. Hahaha I love it. The socks are gorgeous, as is the yarn, but I keep giggling about the colourway name.

  3. Oh, yes! My daughter has the Buffy Staked Edward tee-shirt and I am seeing a pair of socks in her future. Love them!!!

  4. I had never heard of the “Buffy staked Edward” concept and I am still laughing. And, gorgeous socks!!

  5. Love. Them. 😀

    I have SOOOOO got to get my butt….er, HANDS started on knitting socks! Too many cool patterns out there, and my dear Glenna, this is at least the second and possibly third of yours that I must possess some day. You — are an enabler! And I mean that in the best way possible.

    There’s a T-shirt for “Buffy Staked Edward”? ! ? I think I must track that down…. In the meantime, that colorway is beautiful, and I hope Indigodragonfly reads your blog so she hears all the praise that is going to land here. You guys have a great partnership going. 🙂

  6. seriously stunning pattern…….when it’s available for the rest of us…I am there!!!

  7. Wow. Those are gorgeous. I love the pattern and the colourway. Nice job!

  8. Ooo–beautiful! And that yarn (and name!) is awesome!

  9. Cool! I especially like the symmetrically decreasing cables

  10. These. are. AWESOME!!

    Can’t wait to try and knit these! But first, I should probably learn to cable…

  11. great pattern and the socks themselves look lovely. Great work. You are certainly getting around!

  12. I love the socks, and as a Buffy-lover and Twilight-hater I definitely love the sentiment behind them! I look forward to the pattern being publically available.

  13. I love your socks! The yarn is lovely and the pattern is just fab!

  14. I looooove them.

  15. these are really beautiful. I look forward to knitting them in the spring when I can get the pattern. Brava, Glenna

  16. Love the pattern & the colorway. They are perfect for each other. I had never heard of Buffy Staked Edward either, but am going online to find the T-shirt.

  17. I’m pretty sure that when this pattern becomes available in the spring it will be part of my pattern stash! I love them! I so love how the cableing comes across the top of your foot. Thanks for sharing pictures and whetting our appetites!

  18. Those are seriously cool!

  19. Those socks are gorgeous & the yarn is a beautiful color. You designed a great sock.

  20. OK, now we need a werewolfian pattern, too.
    I live under the same gloomy sky as Forks and la Push…
    Equal time is not just for politicians any more.

  21. Stunning!! I love the twisted cables, and the bias pattern on the top of the foot. Gorgeous design!!

  22. Really beautiful design and colour. looking forward to seeing it get released in the spring.

  23. Buffy Stakes Edward is a fantastic Youtube video that I just heard of last week. Be sure to let us know when it gets released to the general public!

  24. Oooh those are so pretty! Love the pattern and the way it biases across the foot. Very cool.

  25. I’m luckily in the club, and this is my favorite yarn and pattern yet! I can’t wait to finish [one or more of] the other {mumble mumble #} of projects I’m currently working on so I can devote some time to these 🙂

  26. I LOVE this pattern! 🙂 Gorgeous!

  27. Gorgeous socks!

  28. Wow! This pattern is totally awetastic!

    Roll on spring when I can buy the pattern and knit these 😀

  29. Ooh, pretty! Love the inspiration, too.

  30. beautiful pattern and the blue color is just very vivid and out there, love it, fabulous really 🙂

  31. Beautiful socks! I enjoy your blog and works. I found these multicoloured socks from the Himalayas and she’s amazing at making winter socks.
    You might enjoy it 🙂

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  33. […] because I know people might ask – I’m demonstrating all of this on a pair of Staked socks, and the pattern will be available from Indigodragonfly Yarns as a kit in mid-April, and as a wide […]

  34. […] mean, why else would I not only design a pattern with stabby twisty tiny cables for Kim’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer yarn, but then go on to knit the pattern not once, not twice, but three times? That’s definitely […]

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