Monthly Archives: December 2010

Closing out the knits

As 2010 winds down I’m happy to be finishing up a couple (if not all) of the projects currently on the needles. I got my Elizabeth Zimmerman fair isle yoke sweater finished a few days ago (will happily do a finished object post about that next time), and now that my bit of gift knitting […]

From the other side of Christmas

This year was my first Christmas not spent in southern Ontario – my sister and I headed west instead, to Edmonton where our aunt and grandfather are, while our parents celebrated in Australia during their year abroad there. It was an enjoyable holiday – low key, mostly family, lots of food, and very little internet. […]

Gradual but steady

I have reached that stage of the holidays where, despite the fact that my load is relatively light compared to many others with enormous families, I have come to terms with the fact that not everything I wanted to get done is going to happen before Christmas, and I’ll just let finished things happen where […]

I think the acoustics are best over by New York Fries

So, having been in Toronto for the weekend, I went over to the Purple Purl yesterday for their pre-Boxing-Day Boxing Day sale. There were $5 bins, 50% off bins, 20% off everything ELSE. I bought some yarn, my sister hugged the piles of yarn and then bought two sweaters’ worth, I saw all the fun […]

Book Review: Vampire Knits

So, I’m finally done my grading and am now moving onto frenetic packing, tidying, and collecting up ALL the knitting to take with me (I can finish 5 projects before 2011, right?), before leaving on a bus tomorrow for a series of 2-or-3-days-at-a-time-in-one-place also known as the Christmas holidays. Which is going to be great, […]

No time for unfinished objects

I am trying as much as possible this week to alternate busy-ness with knitting work, in an effort to end the month of December with fewer unfinished projects (or at the very least, a different set of them) than what I have now. Thus, I am just about ready to start on the yoke of […]

For people with cats. Or Christmas trees.

Knitting friends, I’m just about down for the count at the moment. Grading is sucking the life out of me, daylight is almost non-existent, I’ve barely started Christmas shopping let alone any gift knitting, I can’t go out running until the spiky anti-ice implements I purchased for my shoes arrive in the mail, I’m getting […]

Hold that thought

Back in September at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair, I stopped by the Purple Purl booth and had a small falling down in front of the Twinkle Soft Chunky that they had on sale to clear. I had always looked at it longingly in the shop, thinking that “one day” I would just buy a mess […]

Quickly but enjoyably

This past weekend I had the good fortune to make a quick trip to Montreal, with a good friend who knows the city well enough that he might as well be a tour guide. Thanks to some snap sales-catching we got ourselves first-class train tickets there and back, and spent the weekend enjoying food and […]