No time for unfinished objects

I am trying as much as possible this week to alternate busy-ness with knitting work, in an effort to end the month of December with fewer unfinished projects (or at the very least, a different set of them) than what I have now. Thus, I am just about ready to start on the yoke of my Elizabeth Zimmerman yoked fair isle sweater that I had meant to complete in November (though Lisa reports she has also chosen to “observe Novecember” in completing a project or two belatedly, so, cool. Novecember is my new favourite knitting holiday).

So I was happy to get a quick hat and cowl done last week. I don’t usually knit with super chunky anything, but dang, getting a slouchy cowl and beret out of 3 skeins of yarn in 2 days is pretty darned awesome. And since i had to walk out this afternoon to deal with the post office and other annoyances, I took the opportunity to at least get a quick photo-shoot out of the deal. [And as an aside, this almost-Solstice winter light is trippy. It’s like there are three settings: late-afternoon bright (but at any time of day), cloudy, or full darkness.]


The beret is the Speedy Cabled Beret, modified to add an extra cable repeat so that it is genuinely more beret-like than cap-like. I blocked it out over a dinner plate for good measure, and I’m happy with the final result.


The cowl is simply 76 sts of mistake rib (Mutiples 4, work Row 1: *k2, p2. Row 2: *p1, k2, p1.), worked on 10mm needles until I felt like it was a cosy enough height. It’s pretty nice all crumpled up around my neck under my coat at the moment, but I suspect when the temperature decides to be something warmer than -15C, I’ll be comfy wearing it more loose and drapey. All in all, not bad for a quick pair of winter accessories. If I can manage to make myself a pair of lined mittens I’ll be extra pleased.


And, because there’s a lot of snow on the ground around here and I just can’t help myself, here. Another Simon’s Cat video, just for the occasion.

Happy winter knitting!


  1. Val Champ · ·

    Love the hat and the cowl…but especially loved the cat…I laughed till I cried…Thankyou

  2. Yay! Beret pics! 😀 I was wondering if you modified that one. I was a little disappointed when I saw the pattern picture — definitely more cap-like. I like your version better. 🙂

    Sun is good, even if it’s OMGCOLD! outside. Hang in there — Solstice is next week.

  3. Goregeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  4. Ann in the UP · ·

    Very nice result for a quick knit. Love the color, too!

  5. Just wondered – for the cowl, did you use a 16″ circular? Your cowl looks MUCH looser and drapier (is that even a word?), so wasn’t sure it fit on a 16″. Both items are really lovely!!

  6. Nope, I used a 24-inch one for the cowl. Definitely too many/too bulky stitches for a 16″ one! But for the hat it might work.

  7. that hat and cowl are so stunning, I love the stitch you used for the cowl. And cozy chunky yarn for the win!!

  8. Looks WARM, yeah… :}

  9. Simon’s video…Oh, my goodness – what absolute talent!!! That was so funny that I have to link your site to my friends…

    Your beret and cowl are lovely….I am more of a crocheter, but I do find that knitting is very relaxing (though my speed is more scarves and pot holders – but that’s fine with me).

    What a great idea ~ blocking over a dinner plate!
    You have a wonderful blog.

    Stay warm,

  10. Just beautiful! I am going to try that cowl – just as soon as I finish my UFOs!

  11. Did you make this cowl as two seperate pieces? Or circular needles?

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