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I have reached that stage of the holidays where, despite the fact that my load is relatively light compared to many others with enormous families, I have come to terms with the fact that not everything I wanted to get done is going to happen before Christmas, and I’ll just let finished things happen where they may. Some of the cookies will be post-Christmas cookies. I’ll finish up the Lord of the Rings re-viewing maybe on Boxing Day. I’ll be getting on a plane tomorrow and that’ll be some nice key knitting time right there.


My grandfather’s socks, the only knitted gift that is a real must on my list, are on the go and are likely going to be the only thing I’ll work on for the next few days. I started them yesterday (ahahaha yeah, I’m a bit behind) in between stirring the pot of caramel I had going while attempting to make caramel marshmallows. (You know, because I somehow burned half of the simple sugar cookie recipe, but managed to make caramel marshmallows just fine? Yeah, I don’t know either.) Needless to say, those took basically all afternoon yesterday, but they are delicious. And a few little bags of them will be gifted, which is extra awesome.

I’ve also been so close to finishing up my Elizabeth Zimmerman yoked sweater that have been letting myself spend time on it this week in the scant couple of days that I’m at the homestead in Hamilton, because there is a sewing machine and I’ve been mostly by myself (my parents are living abroad this year, in Australia, and my sister and I carry on to relatives in Edmonton for Christmas festivities), which means I get to do things like make caramels and cut steeks whenever I darned well please. And I’m really looking forward to a) having a new winter sweater to wear, as well as b) finally finishing one of the ongoing projects I’ve had lingering for a couple of months and being able to move on to a new sweater or something else according to my whims.


I picked this back up again a week or two ago after neglecting it for a bit, and it’s only just gotten interesting in the last few days with the addition of the fair isle patterns on the yoke. It’s been the sort of project that I haven’t displayed much of on the blog because it would have amounted, essentially, to a sequence of photos of more brown stockinette knitting. But then, suddenly, poof, the colour-work portion came up and I was buoyed to get it done. The buttonband and neckband are just going to be basic ribbing, which means the steek edge is going to be visible on the wrong side of the work (as compared to a folded-over facing), so I elected to do just a simple sewn reinforcement. I sewed a line of stitches down each side of the middle of the steek…



…and then cut right down the middle.



And that was that. Done and done. I tell you, steeking never gets old. And because this sweater is worked all at once in the round, all I have now is the ribbing for the buttonband, a few ends to sew in, and I’ll be done. Of course, there is the small matter that I forgot that I will need buttons, to sew onto the buttonband. But I’m sure that’s just a small matter, right? Buttons will magically materialize somehow? Um…maybe? I’ll be on the lookout. And will be sure to report back when it’s all done for good.

Whatever stage of holiday or non-holiday knitting, craziness, or both, you may be at right now, I wish you the best this week. And I’ll toast you all when I have a drink with my knitting later on tonight. And tomorrow. And probably Christmas Day and the day after that.

Happy knitting!


  1. Buttons can wait. It is quite common to wear a cardigan unbuttoned. Just sayin’. It looks good.

    Have a great trip west and a great holiday.

  2. Oh, I love that sweater! Beautiful work, as always, Glenna. The colors are stunning. Merry Christmas, and don’t stress the gift knitting. It’ll happen when it happens 🙂

  3. Steeking!!!!! You are much braver than I am!!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  4. Very lovely sweater, I really like how the collar and cuffs stand out.

    I never knew how much I talked knitting at work until your mum went on sabbatical.

  5. As always Glenna you’ve created something magical

  6. As a relatively new knitter I can’t wait until I can make beautiful things like this…AND can understand half of the terminology you use! Happy holidays and travel safe.

  7. Wow! Beautiful colors! Thanks for including pictures of your steeking process. Can’t wait to see the final results. Enjoy the Holidays! Susan

  8. Ooooooh, beautiful sweater! That turned out really well. 🙂 And homemade caramel anything — YUM! I managed to scorch the toffee I was making, so I feel your pain with the sugar cookies. (First time using a candy thermometer and all.) Tomorrow is Final Baking Day, and I have that and a couple of batches of shortbread and a (shhhhhh, don’t tell my husband) batch of peanut butter balls to coat in chocolate, and I might be done. Until I have to start cooking on Friday. :/

    Have a fantastic holiday, wherever you roam. Looking forward to totally finished pics of the sweater!

  9. Duuuuuuude. Steeking.

    Did I tell you about how Lucy Neatby has a video where she chops a HOLE in a fair isle sweater and FIXES IT? It’s mind-blowing.

    How are you going to attach the ribbing, if you don’t mind me asking? Also, if one were going to fold-over the edge, how would you do it. (Obviously this looks so cool I want to try it out now.)

  10. That sweater turned out beautifully! I love the fair isle pattern that you chose! Good job!

    I did my button band in garter stitch like EZ recommends and it turned out great. It was quick and easy.

  11. Beautiful! Steeking is on my list of things I want to try but of which I am terribly frightened. What do you do with the cut edge now that it’s sewn and cut?

  12. Wow, I love that sweater so much, it’s gorgeous! I’m always amazed by steeking and in awe of those who do it. I am determined to have a go though at some point and I have a pattern for a caffetiere warmer as a small, first steek kind of project. Perhaps something for my 2011 knitting goals list!

  13. I just love the colors you chose for your sweater!
    Happy knitting to you too!

  14. Aah, steeks. Some day I’ll try them.

    Beautiful sweater and I’m sure you’ll finish your grandfather’s socks in time!

  15. That is going to be a gorgeous sweater! Nice work!

  16. Okay, fiiiinally getting around to reading all my knitblogs: THAT’S what caramel marshmallows are! My grandpa used to have those around his condo all the time, I love them!

  17. Gorgouse knitting and beautiful colours. As an avid knitter always nice to see other peoples work

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