Knitters’ time

So. It’s cold around here. Cold enough that today it is only at the freezing mark and that means that it has “warmed up” a lot and that people are commenting on how nice the weather is. Yesterday was the new low mark for the season, cold enough that your handbag instantly stiffens when you go outside, cold enough to layer two hats together because one is not enough, cold enough that it is negative double digit temperatures no matter if you are reading it in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Cold enough that your breath freezes to your hair while walking to the bus stop.


Cold enough that I am wondering what the hell I was doing back in the fall when I flipped through Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ‘Knitter’s Almanac’ and decided to cast on for the Pi Shawl when instead, I should really have been focussed on the knitted leggings. Cold enough that for a while I was starting to consider sitting in a bubble bath as a valid and semi-permanent lifestyle choice.

And the thing that makes Canada great, of course, is that no matter how cold it is where you are, there is always some other part of the country that has it worse. So you layer up all your knitted garments and go outside anyway because that’s what we do. And thank goodness for knitted garments.

I’m about to wrap up a set of designs that have been in the works for a few months and am looking ahead to starting new ones, but for the moment I just want to put all of that on pause and knit socks. Plain, comfortable, wool, colourful socks, all for me.


I sorted through the stash on the weekend and pulled out a skein of Socks That Rock (mediumweight, in a mill end and therefore unknown colourway) and cast on for a pair of 3×1 ribbed socks (my favourite), and am loving it. Warmth and colour, that’s what I want. I have been stopping occasionally to return to a neglected Work In Progress, a poor pair of Jaywalkers that I started last summer and then set down in September, never to return to them until now. It’s only the foot of the 2nd sock that needs finishing, so I can surely get those suckers done soon and add another new pair to my sock drawer to start the year.


They are also warm and colourful and therefore just what this knitter ordered. Sometimes socks are what you need.

Stay warm and knitterly!


  1. For the record, that looks just like STR Deck the Halls, which I knitted up a couple of years back after my first Rhinebeck trip. It’s a gorgeous, Christmas-y colour.

    Keep warm!

  2. Beautiful socks! And I hear you, I’m knitting lace instead of the socks I was working on the other day. Don’t know what I was thinking, either, but it sure is fun!

  3. That last sock yarn would have been perfect for the Zombie swap I was in a few months ago!

    I moved up to Pennsylvania from Mexico six winters ago, and I am constantly in shock and awe of myself when I find that I am thankful for 32˚F. Whatever happened to 50˚being a crime against nature?

  4. Love the socks. There is just something comforting about knitting up a pair of warm wooly socks – especially a pair that uses a simple pattern. It’s a nice diversion from the knitting which requires brain work.

  5. Those jaywalkers are pooling in a very cool way!

  6. I agree with Crystal — those Jaywalkers are going to be *awesome*. Totally wish I could find a yarn that would pool that way on a larger scale. I want to make the peace sign sweater that was on Knitty a while ago.

    As for cold… Here in MN we feel your pain. And just pull on the winter longjohns and continue on. It might be why most of us think you guys rock as neighbors. 🙂

  7. Hi Glenna,
    Do you remember when I knit your 3 X 1 ribbed socks and forgot the top ribbing? My Father in Law loved them. They stay up and don’t cut off the circulation. He has blood sugar issues so he really liked them and they are lovely and warm.

    They were in a STR med mill end also..wonderful colour.

    Its was cold here yesterday up near Pembroke..I have a wicked racking cough and a fever…so sock knitting is on the agenda tonight.


  8. That is some seriously crazy pooling on that Jaywalker. It’s kind of neat 🙂

  9. I really need to get back to my socks – thanks for reminding me. Yours look lovely.

  10. bigmonkeypie · ·

    Gorgeous yarn on both projects! I’m working with my first STR now and I am in so much lurve.

    I hear ya on the “what was I thinking” projects, too. Last night I put my superwash mittens in the wash, but not the dryer, so this morning I only had fingerless mitts for brushing the snow off the car. Made me wonder why I thought one mitten tip & 2 afterthought thumbs were way too much work the other night when I passed over my mittens in progress for more work on my neverending sock blankie.

  11. Now that’s cold! Reminds me of growing up in snowy Minnesota… Cozy, warm handknit socks sound like just the ticket.

  12. Even in NM I’m knitting socks! And what wonder pooling of colors in your Jaywalkers.
    An open fire is nice, too.

  13. The hair looks like a preview of how you’ll appear when yer old ‘n’ gray!

  14. Your colourways are absolutely gorgeous!

    I cannot imagine that sort of cold! (I’m in Australia, it’s summer at the moment and it never gets even close to that cold where I am.) Stay warm!

  15. The pooling is way cool! Or not, depending on how you feel about these things. But verrrry interesting!

  16. Living in Wisconsin with the mercury below 0 on both scales, I feel your pain.

    There is something about this kind of cold that makes one want to knit some basic, warm socks!

  17. Cynthia K-R in Canada · ·

    I do wish I could knit socks–I’m new at knitting – only 6 months. I am into hats and cowls right now. I’ve finished many challenging patterns and we sure need to wear them here in Soo, Ontario with -25C temps this whole week.
    It may even get COLDER–yipes. With my first ever sweater on my needles, now I better hurry, right???

  18. I am thinking I will be knitting myself a pair of leggings too. I live in a remote Inuit community in the Arctic and it was -72F with the windchill here last night. I started out walking to work but ran the last half because the cold was stinging my legs! Love the colour of your socks by the way.

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