Knitting tourists have more fun

I’m spending this weekend at the Vogue Knit Live event in New York City, the first event of it’s kind from VK (but as we already know, not the last – they are planning more), and it’s been a lovely getaway so far. Fellow Toronto area knitter Lisa is my partner in crime, who emailed me up last August and said “hey, I’m pretty much thinking about going to this,” and I could see no logical reason not to join in. Knitting workshops AND a weekend in New York? Sign me up.

It’s a fun time in all the exact same ways that going to a weekend of knitting workshops is fun (learned a bunch of increase methods from Meg Swansen, check. Bought some sock yarn, check. Exchanged Ravelry usernames and met some new friends, check. Compared Eddie Izzard jokes with Fiona Ellis, check check), except that there is the bonus of being able to run off to the MoMA or walk through Central Park on your lunch break, because all of New York City is right there too.



Every time I attend a knitting event, I feel as though my general foundation of knitting knowledge is elevated, but more than that I always come away with a better appreciation for the depth and breadth of knowledge there exists within the world of knitting, and the capacity of knitters to explore it to the degree that fascinates them. Geek on, knitters, geek on.



There’s one more day of adventures for me today, so I’m going to get back out there and make the most of it. Catch you on the flip side, knitter friends!



  1. Ooh, I’m green with envy! Hope you share lots of photos of “celebrity” knitters!! One of these days I’m going to see the YarnHarlot, so sorry I missed this chance! BTW, are those paintings from MoMA?

  2. If you feel a little heavy it’s just me piggy-backing vicariously… !

  3. westerlywhimsies · ·

    Glad you’re having fun! I was hoping to take a day trip up to NYC from DC this weekend, but some work committments got in the way, yuck!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend to spend in NYC and to knit.

  5. Can I assume you’ll be sharing those new increase techniques? Two weeks of class left and then I can knit ALL the things while planning kindergarten math lessons 🙂

  6. Oooh, sounds like pretty much the best weekend ever! Wish I was there!

  7. Meg Swansen, Fiona Ellis – I. AM. SO. JEALOUS!

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  9. Those “Yarntini” glasses are right up your (and my) alley. Glad you’re having fun.

  10. Fun! As I was driving from DC to NH today for some family stuff, I was thinking of all the knitters as I waved at the NY skyline… have fun!!!

  11. So great to see you and meet Lisa yesterday!

  12. It sounds like an absolute blast. I’m so jealous!

  13. Did you see my friend, Pattie? She was there! Learned some new sock techniques, and bought a kit to knit ear muffs. LUCKY girls!!

  14. Wow, the pic of your knitting group with yarn coming out of martini glasses gives a night of knitting a very glamorous glow! Even though most knitters I know (including myself) are self-proclaimed nerds or geeks, you prove that knitting has an artsy-fartsy edge to it as well. And I mean that in the best way possible!

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