Monthly Archives: February 2011

Getting there

This is the story of how a knitter fixed a really annoying mistake and didn’t die. Here we see intrepid, mild-mannered local (or occasionally local) knitter Sasha, at the local yarn shop, working away on a colour-work sock project. (This is incidentally my Neptune High sock pattern, but that’s actually less material to the rest […]


Vancouver, you’re all right. But I mean, we knew that, right? We got the memo on the west coast awesomeness. But I’m glad to have verified that for myself. The air is just different out here. The west coast is paradoxical in many ways – prosperous but socially polarized, expensive but sustainably-minded, and yet I […]

Greetings from the west

This week I have the annual middle of term winter break week, and when I can I like to take a couple of days to escape town and see a change of scenery. This year I thought “hey, I’d like to check out Vancouver,” and happily enough Erin agreed with this plan and generously offered […]

Socks are great

It dawned on my this morning as I was shoving clean laundry back into its various resting places (inside closets and drawers instead of a big pile in front of the closets and drawers, as often happens, so go me), that I couldn’t remember the last time I purchased a pair of store-bought socks. I […]

I think you need to look at a cute picture of a baby with some yarn

This weekend marked the 2nd (annual?) knitter’s retreat weekend for a bunch of us folk connected through the Toronto area knitting circles, and it was once again a great idea. It was like a big giant pause button. My sister came along for the first time and described it on the drive back as “knit, […]

A pause for colour

There are a lot of knitters out there who are capable designers and figure-out-ers who I have heard testify that they never knit anyone else’s patterns, only their own. I admire this, yet also never quite understand how they are able to do that. It’s not just the wealth of delicious knitting patterns that are […]

She who hangs out in graveyards

I’m not sure where the last week has gone – somewhere in a haze of knitting, fatigue, real-world job and catching up on movies, I blinked and it was suddenly February 1st. February already? Really? We’re a month into the New Year already? Well, if you say so. But also, if it’s only just February […]