Socks are great

It dawned on my this morning as I was shoving clean laundry back into its various resting places (inside closets and drawers instead of a big pile in front of the closets and drawers, as often happens, so go me), that I couldn’t remember the last time I purchased a pair of store-bought socks. I had to really think about it. I think I bought some thin dress-sock sort of pairs back last…March? maybe? And some tights around the same time, but I don’t think those count. (While I could knit myself tights, I don’t think I’m going to. Even I have some limits.) I have well over two weeks’ worth of pairs of hand-knit socks, and I love them all. I have knitted more than the ones that are in my sock drawer, of course, but the ones that live in my own wardrobe have served me well and are in happy colours that make me glad to knit and wear them.

I know that a lot of knitters don’t take to socks and probably have shelves full of scarves and hats instead, and that’s entirely cool. For me, I can’t imagine a time when I didn’t have a fistful of my own hand-knit socks to choose from, and that is awesome to me.


Many of them have also now been with me for a few years, and are starting to look it. So this January I finally got myself on that, and added two new pairs to the drawer. One was this plain ribbed pair, (a 3×1 ribbed sock, as I so often enjoy) adjusted to 60 sts from my usual 64, because this is Socks That Rock Mediumweight (in an unknown mill end colourway) and is a bit weightier than what I might normally use. And damn if these didn’t come together quickly. I knitted a large portion of them while sitting in movie theatres (caught up on The King’s Speech and The Black Swan after renting The Social Network and Toy Story 3, and am still working myself up for 127 Hours and True Grit…and realizing I have possibly been watching the Oscar nominees in descending order of cheerfulness and maybe I should have thought this through better but I digress), which isn’t as easy to do with ribbing as with stockinette but still do-able.

I love them. They are bright and red and cheerful and anti-winter while still being warm and comfortable, and I’m wearing them right now. Before I finished these, though, I actually went back and finished up a pair of Jaywalkers that had gotten started way back last summer, then neglected when new fall knitting took up its siren song. I only had about 2/3 of the second sock left, so once I picked them up again and got a bit of momentum they were done like dinner.


The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, which is my go-to yarn for Jaywalkers, knitted on the larger size over 72 sts and 2.25mm needles. They fit me just right. Given the wicked and violent pooling action going on here, I’m sure it’s not surprising to you that the colourway name is ‘Zombie BBQ’. Ahhh, zombie sock goodness.


And now I’ve got more sock knitting on the go, which is fantastic since I’m off this weekend for a short jaunt to Vancouver for a change of scenery. I hear they have grass there, that isn’t covered in snow. But I’m going to go down in person just to check it out for verification purposes.

Catch you next time from the west coast! Happy knitting this Thursday evening.


  1. Those zombie socks are the coolest socks EVER.

  2. I hope to have my own drawer of socks and get rid of all the store bought ones. I have the yarn just need to get to all the socks. My family expects socks too, that has become a problem.

  3. I love your red 3×1 ribbed socks! Thanks for the free pattern. I’ve knitted every family a pair of socks and now it’s time I knitted a pair for myself!

  4. YowSA! Love the Zombie BBQ!

  5. I live in Vancouver, and definitely no snow here!

  6. Give Mrs. Quimby a big hug for me!

  7. The Zombie socks are great! I made a hat and cowl from Zombie BBQ….

  8. I totally love the zombie and the beautiful cheerful other socks, equally much. I am one of those people who’s never taken to socks (mostly because of the “I really need to knit TWO of these?!” boredom factor) and I hope one day to change that.

    Also, I think you will be surprised at how cheerful True Grit is. I absolutely loved it and hope it wins big at the Oscars… it’s true that I would happily watch Jeff Bridges read the phone book, but it’s equally true that True Grit is a fun and funny send-up to westerns, with a plucky proto-feminist heroine and heartwarming stuff and romping chase scenes.

    (I personally have not been able to work myself up to 127 Hours yet either, and I pride myself on liking dark movies… the whole arm-sawing thing just freaks me right out.)

  9. Mmmmmmmm….pretty socks. 🙂

  10. I’m a sock person. Hat/mitten/scarf season is too short here in NM. But socks I wear with Birks year round. Love the 3×1 socks. I’m ready to start something mindless. (No snow here in NM either. Have a great time.)

  11. tinebeest · ·

    Cool pooling!

  12. GeniaKnitz · ·

    It’s high time I told you how much I love your 3 x 1 ribbed sock. I made my first pair from that pattern, and loved them so much I have made pair after pair since then. They are fun to knit and they fit like a dream.

    But I don’t have any in red. Hmmm

  13. Pooling is so fascinating. One would think that, as your two socks are more or less the same size, the pooling would not match exactly, of course, but occur in a similar way on both socks. So it’s utterly bizarre and intriguing to me that one of them pooled, as you said, violently, and the other got a bit of that, and then kind of settled into stripes. So weird…

  14. I love the first pair – the colour is spectacular.

    Plus they make me feel better about knitting a 3X1 ribbed sock (which I was afraid would look sorta boring) in a beautiful colourway (IndigoDragonfly’s Squid Vicious) – which will make them decidedly UN-boring once they are done 😀

    That being said….at the rate I am knitting, I am beginning to think it would take me 14 years to have two weeks worth of socks in my drawer…you do the math 😉

  15. I love them all and hopefully one of these days I will successfully knit a pair of socks!!!

  16. Yes, I need to do this for myself – my hand knit socks are awesome and sadly starting to show their age.

    I’ve always wondered who would want that zombie BBQ colorway – but seeing it knit up it looks very different (although no less zombie-ish)

  17. I have just discovered the joys of socks, thanks to a sock class at our local library! Just…not enough time and toooo many projects…..

  18. your zombie socks are amazing! I love them 🙂

  19. My hand-knitted sock collection has exceeded the maximum capacity of my dresser’s sock drawer. I have resorted to a lovely basket next to the dresser. This is prime real estate reserved for my special socks.

    Other than a few pairs of gym socks, I do not own a single pair of store-bought socks anymore.

  20. I love making socks! I just need to learn how to make 2 at a time because I always get second sock syndrome. *sigh*

  21. I love the red socks – delicious looking!

    And the zombie socks made me laugh. Really cool. 🙂

  22. Socks are my new passion or mid life crisis depending on who you ask. I was a former “scarf only” knitter with the occasional dabble in baby sweaters and hats. Know that I have started knitting socks I cannot stop!

  23. Ahahaha! A while ago I ordered some Zombie BBQ to make an eventual pair of socks for a friend of mine who loves zombies. I was afraid it would go away and I would be without. Whee!

  24. Julie M. · ·

    Have made tons of socks in my lifetime. Where is the copy of the sock patten? Need a new pattern to give me the spark!

  25. Amazing! Your post from today (11/16/2011) inspired me to download the Jaywalker pattern and knit my skein of Zombie BBW. Wanted to find a pic, and, Voila!, I found you-again. I love it! Thank you for being inspiring!!!

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