Monthly Archives: March 2011

Geeking out

Knitters are such resourceful people. I mean really, have you ever thought of the number of ways we ‘make do’ with things and carry on with substitutions and other ways of working and measuring and counting? Take a poll, I bet everybody’s doing something different from the next. Case in point, last night at knit […]

Time and place

You know how, sometimes, when you have to figure out some plain sock knitting to take with you to the movie theatre, and you only get 2/3 of the way through the leg during one movie, and then realize that in order to make the most out of the sock knitting during the next movie, […]

On the subject of things that are challenging

  In the mean time, I’ve been spending a bit of thought and energy going back to the whole technique of cabling without a cable needle. It’s a favourite technique of mine, knitting-wise, and one that I use and encourage a great deal through my designs. (Hint: I am probably not stopping with the cables […]

Like Interests

I have been thinking a lot lately about running. This is partly because it’s spring now (officially, at least, even if the weather is still catching up one step at a time), and also because I go through periods (like now-ish) of latching onto new challenges and projects for goal-setting. This is also one of […]

Screw the Ides

My current circumstances are, by some measures, less than ideal. I’m coming to the end of an employment contract which may well be my last gasp of teaching in academia, I have no idea where my next paycheque will be coming from after it’s done, I live beneath a landlady who walks as though she’s […]

Thank goodness for yarn

You know, the more I knit the more I am grateful to be a knitter in the spring. It has nothing to do with needing to produce a bunch of warm garments (although given weather reports for the near future around southern Ontario I don’t think we’ll be giving up the sweaters or gloves any […]


I’m long overdue for some blogging time, and it’s been a scattered last week or two. Since we last met over here, I’ve been keeping my fair share of busy, no worries there! 1. I ran a 5k race last Sunday, my first race of 2011 and a good kick in the pants to get […]