Geeking out

Knitters are such resourceful people. I mean really, have you ever thought of the number of ways we ‘make do’ with things and carry on with substitutions and other ways of working and measuring and counting? Take a poll, I bet everybody’s doing something different from the next.

Case in point, last night at knit night, Naomi was using a particularly fun row counter.


It only works up to about 8 or 9, but still. Respect for the cross-hobby geeking, yo.

Then later this afternoon I went by the shop and a few of us just sat there knitting and sharing fun YouTube links. (Note: I highly recommend this as a cure for what ails you. It does not disappoint.) How could I not share a sampling with you? Perhaps some autotune-meets-Carl-Sagan-and-philosophical-science? (Also Naomi’s offering, props. And I have astrophysicist parents, sometimes I gotta toss something out there for them.)

And if nothing else, I hope your own knitting geekery gets some time this evening. I know I’m ready to reel in one finished object, and hopefully another soon afterwards. Which means, of course, getting to start something new, and what’s more exciting than that?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. We all get a bit geeky with the craft stuff I think. I was very taken with Claire’s (at No knitted knickers) recent giveaway…a little yarn cutter that you wear as a pendant! Geek chic!! Great link 🙂 x

  2. Zomg! I’m famous!
    Would you mind terribly editing the link to direct to my slightly-more-related knitting blog at ? thanks.

  3. I love this. I was a huge fan of “Cosmos” when it came out. And the clip from “The Powers of Ten”! I still vividly remember watching that in high school science. That was beautifully done, thank you!

    (you realize, now I’m going to have to put it on my own blog for my geeky friends and family)

  4. Speaking of, I watched this week’s Bones tonight and wondered whether you were reverse engineering Bones’ hat or Sweets’ scarf. I know I was working on the scarf in my head the entire episode. 😉

  5. They make 20 sided dice – d20s. 😀 Many gaming stores sell them separately from a set of rpg dice.
    Pulling mine out now from my dice bag . . . that I knit. Great tip!

  6. Was going to suggest a d20, but someone beat me to it. Geek girls for the win!

  7. If you like the random dice thing you should try Dicey Knitting. They are dice set up with loads of stitches to create random patterns. I have them and they are loads of fun when my brain runs out of ideas. Here is the link to the site if your interested.

  8. My own personal version of knit geekery: I’ve made knitted trilobites 🙂

  9. Hi five, Laurie!

    I’ll go full geek and say my paragon level star pact warlock could use a tiny scarf . . .

  10. My D&D playing hubby would get a kick out of me using his dice as a stitch counter.

  11. I love the makeshift knitting tools. I often find myself without a row counter when I need one, and even without a pen and paper sometimes — when that’s come up I’ve used one of my rings as a counter, moving it from finger to finger as I progress. Obviously only works up to 10, and it’s kind of awkward when you get to the thumb, but hey — anything to keep track of the rows, right?!

  12. *high fives Martha back*

    @ Kelly: Oooh, trilobites! I think I need to see those, ’cause….COOL! Prehistoric critters in knitted form — it can get geekier, but here’s a nice place to stop and take a look around, yeah? 😉

  13. Thanks! Very cool, even days after you posted… I enjoy your process and product discussions. There should be a sliding scale (talk about geeky) with 1 being process and 10 being project. Then we could all rate ourselves and our neighbor knitters!

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