Monthly Archives: April 2011

Just a bit of sock knitting

It’s been a busy and scattered week, and no kidding, one that I’m happy to see the end of. My next few days continue in the realm of busy-ness, but at least in a slightly different vein. (Tomorrow is the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto, which means piles of yarn, wall-to-wall knitters, and the euphoria that […]

Change in Pace

I’ve somehow managed to let a week go by without checking in here, and that’s not something I love letting happen. It’s been one of those weeks with lots of to-and-fro-ing, lots of running around (both literal and figurative – I’m hitting the half-marathon training in earnest now), plenty of Real Work in my day […]

It’s both, damnit

Last Saturday during my Toronto day, I met up with Austen for lunch and knitting time, and among other things the conversation drifted towards that ubiquitous question of being a process knitter or a product knitter. She came down firmly on the side of product knitting, for herself – she wants the finished thing, to […]


1. A few days after working up all the finishing on the Dusseldorf Aran, I finally gave it a bath and laid it out for drying/blocking. But it is still a wool/alpaca sweater drying in a basement apartment, and is thusly taking approximately twelve thousand years to do this. (Or, possibly, 2 days instead of […]

Things are picking up (yuk yuk)

Inevitably, when I teach a knitting class, a few miscellaneous things crop up that fit into that category of Things Everyone Does But They Are Not Shiny Enough To Normally Get Huge Technical Explanations About them All The Time category. Those things that, once you know how to do them, you often take them for […]

Piecing together

On Saturday I had a blissful escape day into Toronto, to do some big city shopping and knitterly mingling. It was so great I’m planning a repeat this coming weekend, and made even more appealing by the fact that outside temperatures are showing actual warmth. (That whole plan to knit mittens and dare spring to […]

It’s a start

The crazy continues around here. Mix normal end-of-term crazy in with life crazy and imminent moving crazy, and you’ve got yourself one twitchy knitter. I am starting to get the spring cleaning and furniture-rearranging and possessions-sorting impulse (making order out of chaos? go figure), except I can’t actually get on most of that until I’m […]

My evil plan is working

All winter I’ve had a mental to-do list of knitting accessories far longer than what I’ve actually managed to get to. Try as I might, the fantasy knitter in my head is still a faster knitter than the knitter-me in reality. But spring has been slow in arriving so far this year, and reports have […]