1. A few days after working up all the finishing on the Dusseldorf Aran, I finally gave it a bath and laid it out for drying/blocking. But it is still a wool/alpaca sweater drying in a basement apartment, and is thusly taking approximately twelve thousand years to do this. (Or, possibly, 2 days instead of just 1.)

2. Now that the club members have had a couple of weeks head start in getting their packages in the mail, it’s safe to blog about the sock design I did for the Tanis Fiber Arts ‘year in colour’ yarn club. And in fact, Tanis lovingly beat me to the punch!


It’s her Purple Label cashmere sock, in a club colourway called ‘Clover’. At the time that she handed the skein off to me, though, it was simply labelled as ‘March’, as that was its calendar designation. It’s funny how the yarn name works in combination with the colour, though, because as I pondered the colour during the winter months I just kept thinking March March March March, green Marchy goodness… And I knew the idea I wanted to bring to it, it was just a matter of fine-tuning in execution until I got what I wanted. Bright, leafy, viney, knotty socks were just the ticket – and a reminder that spring does return, and winter does in fact, recede. I called them ‘Marching On’.


3. Not that I’m enabling you or anything, but you can sign up for Tanis’ yarn club at any time in 2011, and you’ll get all the past subscription installments of the year when you sign up. (In 2012, all the patterns revert to designers and you can still have a crack at them even if you weren’t in the club).

4. At the very moment that Tanis was blogging about the socks on Saturday, I was in fact, going 2-for-2 on Saturday knitter encounters in Toronto. As I breezed through the Eaton Centre, Natalie was doing the same thing and we chatted and laughed for a bit. She was even in the presence of cute hand-knits, though believe me it was actually warm enough (finally) that we could genuinely consider ditching them. Hard to believe that time of year is on the horizon!


5. Speaking of yarn clubs, if you’re looking for snarky smart-ass yarn clubs, there’s still time to sign up for Kim’s over at Indigodragonfly Yarns. I can personally verify the quality of said snark content is 100%.

Happy Thursday! And happy knitting.


  1. Love the socks! The little bobble details are gorgeous. Too pretty to put shoes on…

  2. I love the details on the socks. Sometimes I get really bored with sock patterns, but these socks look like they would be fun to knit!

  3. Those socks are beautiful! There is so much going on, it’s fun to really examine them!

  4. I love these socks and the color!

  5. Now there are some socks I would like to knit. Beautiful

  6. As always, I love your designs. I kind’ve want to closer to the city so maybe you can rub off onto me a little 😉

  7. Thank you so much for the compliment! I’m sure you’ve got plenty of mad skills yourself though, 😉


  8. Omgosh I love the green sock yarn and the pattern is divine!!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow, these socks are so great — such intricate detail in the cables and vines!

  10. Those are some gorgeous socks!

  11. Really thank you .I think ,The details on the socks are very great.I want to knit sock.thank you for everything.
    have a wonderful day..

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