Just a bit of sock knitting

It’s been a busy and scattered week, and no kidding, one that I’m happy to see the end of. My next few days continue in the realm of busy-ness, but at least in a slightly different vein. (Tomorrow is the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto, which means piles of yarn, wall-to-wall knitters, and the euphoria that comes from combining both of those in the same place; Then Sunday is my 10k race, which though anxiety-making in its own right still includes the crossing of a cheering finish line, which is always unassailably awesome.)

The last couple of weeks have been a series of days of multiple and discrete tasks, and ticking off each day is thus satisfying but also a lead-in to the next day of multiple and discrete tasks, and it’s left me chomping at the bit for the days (soon) when I’ll be able to return my brain to the bigger, more brainstormy, designy, mathy sorts of knitting thoughts I’ve been plotting all month. Instead, I’ve been working away on a couple of simple projects, including this new pair of Jaywalker socks. (Pair #2 of A Second Week’s Worth, since I already have the First Week’s Worth all done. But of course. In Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Montrose colourway).


It’s also been my last week living where I’ve been for the last almost-year. And though I am terribly pleased to ditch my cruddy apartment (my advice on living in basement apartments is: don’t), I would be quite happy continuing all of the rest of it. The job has been exhausting but rewarding, and the town has fun knitters in it. But so it is with contracts, and I am moved back home west of Toronto. My last evening two nights ago featured beer and food with knitters, and most of us brought some knitting along, too. That was pretty great.

I thought that was it, and then, as it happens, the universe decided to gift me with a day-long power outage on my last day in town. No electricity = no work, few errands, but the ability to still knit. I drifted over to the yarn shop (happily observing that traffic actually still functions pretty well without traffic lights – score one for humanity), and discovered I was not the only one there with the same idea. That was pretty great too.


The to-do list continues, or at the very least now gets to morph into a slightly different kind of list, and my knitting gets to continue now in heavier swing. Looking forward to it. The sock knitting will keep me company too.

Happy Friday!


  1. have fun at the Knitter’s Frolic Glenna, our power is out here also and has been since 11 am yesterday. It may be off till Monday…oh well neither my spinning nor knitting take hydro.

  2. Sounds like a fun time, We have a fiber frolic here in June I can’t wait!!!!!

  3. Have a great weekend! Sorry that you have to change jobs, but really glad you get to move out of the basement.

  4. Have fun at the Fiber Frolic…IndigoDragonfly had pictures of all the yarn packed and ready to go on her blog…

    Tomorrow is our state Sheep and wool…a much smaller version of Rhinebeck, with only 4 barns, but was my first sheep and wool and I’m meeting a friend there this year…

    Good luck on the move…

  5. Nicole T · ·

    Sounds fun! Good luck at your marathon. I always have the strangest mix of emotions when everything big like that is happening to me. It always makes me nauseous!

    Say… whatever happened to that Dusseldorf Aran? 🙂

  6. May Bingham · ·

    What is that knitting in the front of the pictures of you knitting by the window?
    Interesting… the stitch, the texture, the colors… do let me know.
    Thanks, May

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