Worlds colliding

I am thinking now with fond thoughts on the weekend – it was a pretty great one, as weekends go. Despite being a bit weary post-move, I got to dash off to the big city again and spend the weekend with various friends – all knitterly, and friendly in many ways. Lisa put me up for the weekend and she had decided we needed kick things off with a visit to the local tea shop that was doing an afternoon tea in celebration of the Royal Wedding. (Was that just Friday? It feels like years ago now. Also: still grappling with the fact that Camilla is one day going to be Queen Camilla. Just seems somehow odd. Thanks Wikipedia reading on the Royals! The more you know…)



Saturday, though, was the Knitter’s Frolic marketplace day hosted annually by the Downtown Toronto Knit Collective. I made out moderately bandit-like, though only partly via purchases. I spent a bit, as might be expected. A japanese stitch dictionary came home with me, along with these lovely skeins from Van Der Rock Yarns (the bright green ‘gypsum’ sock) and Indigodragonfly Yarns (the other 3 – mix of sparkly, merino/cashmere, and merino). It was a pretty leisurely few hours, and had some down-time waiting for Lisa to finish her class before driving back downtown, so I ended up chatting with a few people for a while. That was a nice change of pace from the rush and crush that often happens at these events. And lucky me, I also came back with a few skeins for designing with, as well as a lovely gift. Knitter and runner friend Kathy (who is also going to be running the Wellington Women’s Half Marathon in June, in Ontario), generously sewed me up a sparkly fun running skirt (mine was purple, hers pink – we will do the girly event in frivolous and possibly sarcastic style). And when I went to hand her back the bag that she’d put it in, she refused and said “no no, all that’s for you, too.” Lo and behold, I now own a lovely new sock project bag and a skein of fun chunky handspun. Thanks, Kathy!


And speaking of knitters who are also runners, I got to round out the weekend with the Toronto Sportinglife 10k race on Sunday morning. It was pretty darned huge, and a bit jostly-crowded at times, but I’m happy with my time and it was a good run. Fellow knitter-runner (and new racer, despite being several minutes faster than me, darn her) Dr. Steph was there too, and we met up at the beginning and end and then later for post-race burgers and beer. I think that’s the best part, is the finishing and cheering afterwards. Here we are about 15 minutes after finishing, doing our best not to shiver in the cool-down chills under the Toronto grey skies.


I am now working on Steph to do a half-marathon with me. I will win her over, I am sure of it, especially now that she has felt the glee of race-finishing.

Right now my possessions are in a transitional state, as I rearrange and organize, and my knitting is in a similar phase. I need to get some Finished Object photos in there for my Dusseldorf Aran (thank you for asking about it, friendly readers!) and start some new things. I’m thinking about a pair of sparkly Viper Pilots, since so many other folks have done it sounds like a good plan. And how can sparkly distracting things be bad, I ask you?

Until next time, dear knitters! Keep the yarn close by.


  1. Moving is always brutal. You seem remarkably chipper — especially since you did a 10k.

    Mmm… afternoon tea, beautiful yarn, good times with friends. Fantastic!

  2. Just FYI: According to Wikipedia Camilla will be called HRH the Princess Consort when/if Prince Charles takes the throne. Now you can rest easy. 🙂

  3. Well that is one weight off my mind! Thanks, Robin 😉

  4. I’ve said this before but if you and Steph want to try the half in Ottawa next spring, you can come hang with me later (and I’ll come in and cheer). I will own Shetland Sheep by then, if you need further inducement 🙂

    BTW, I am in the camp that hopes that Camilla and Charles don’t become anything at all. Wouldn’t ERII’s death be the perfect time for the end of the monarchy?

  5. That would be a great plan! Judging by this year, we’ll probably have to sign up by Christmastime. 😉

  6. My friends and family often laugh at my love of both knitting and running — “How do those things go together?” — so it was great to read your post and see how you managed to effortlessly combine the two. Can’t wait to see your FOs and also what you plan to make with your new stash.

  7. Congrats on finishing the marathon, way to go!! And nice score on the yarn and project bag. 🙂

  8. Nicole T · ·

    Congrats on finishing your 10k! 😀

    I’m in the process of moving right now, too — most of my stuff is in boxes, and somehow my living space doesn’t look different at all. Funny how that is.

  9. Hey! I’m a knitter and runner too! I just started the serious running bit last year and the knitting bit about 2 years before that. Why wouldn’t they go together?! 🙂

  10. @Robin — I was JUST going to say that about camilla being the King’s Consort. I truly do not believe that the British would be okay with her being Queen. I lived there for several years and just the thought of that woman being queen gives me the shivers

  11. Vanessa · ·

    You have probably been asked a million times but I am new to knitting and I was wondering what the difference is in length and material of knitting needles? Is it Just personal preference or something more? Any help out there?

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