The lace knitting version of crazy

So, you know how, when you’re knitting a lace-weight shawl, and you’re so close to being done that it feels like you’re really close, but then you realize you actually still have at least another two hours of knitting to go on the border? And it feels like it’s never going to end? And you’re not really sure you were thinking very rightly when you decided to start this project on a whim?


But then, eventually it does end, and you wash it and pin it all out for blocking (because even though it’s a circular shawl you don’t actually have circular blocking wires and are just making do with a million T-pins instead), and it looks sort of nice, like maybe it really did turn out OK after all, and that maybe it was actually a really great idea to start the shawl, because if you only ended up with exactly 5g leftover on the second skein then that’s a pretty great place to have stopped at?


And so you know how then you think, well, this lace knitting business isn’t so bad, now you have to immediately decide to start another one, even though you have a zillion other things to work on and you know eventually this new one will still have that agonizing almost-done-but-not-yet phase waiting for you?


Yeah. Me too.

(And if the sunshine ever returns from under these rain clouds that seem to have glued themselves to Southern Ontario, I will totally get on some proper Finished Object photos of the Pi Shawl. But it’s done, and I like it, and it was all worth it.)


  1. Malini · ·

    It is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see your peacock feather one.

  2. wow that’s beautiful!!!! I’ve just started trying simple lace( lace scares the tar out of me because I tried something too hard too soon).

  3. How exciting to finish a project of that size! I can’t wait to see modeled shots 🙂

  4. Sorry about the rain. We apparently sent that on to you guys. But the weather that has followed it is quite nice, and should make for some lovely FO shots. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the Pi Shawl in all its glory — such a beautiful color, and very delicate looking on its blocking board.

  5. It already looks beautiful, even on the blocking board! I can’t wait to see more pictures!

  6. Peacock Feathers is awesome. I knit it in the summer and I remember staying up late into the night working on it because I just wanted to see how the next bit looked.

  7. Very pretty! It feels so good to finish a *lace shawl* and block it out!

  8. So. Jealous.
    Peacock Feathers is my white whale. I cannot wait to see yours.

  9. I have that same pattern sitting here waiting for me to start it; going to be in Naturally Stella in a beautiful deep peacock shade. Only downside with this choice will be all the ends; however it’s a silk/merino 50/50 blend and will be delicious!

  10. pbiljana · ·

    It’s so beautiful that made me think about making a Pi Shawl (witch I never ever did before), but I am afraid to start because what if it won’t turn out well. My nightmare is that a Pi Shawl won’t be plain and the center would pop out, even if I follow the chart. Is that possible? Maybe it’s just me being a silly knitter, I design and knit lace, sweaters, blouses, hats, etc but I never tried to cast on a sock or a glove because I am afraid it’s too complicated and I would screw it up.

  11. Kate/Massachusetts · ·

    Oh my, it’s stunning! I love that shawl!

    Did you know that Schoolhouse Press has just released a new Elizabeth Zimmerman book? It’s her collection of garter stitch patterns, and none have ever been published before! There are some beauties in the book.

  12. You have my undying admiration! What a beautiful shawl!

  13. Just gorgeous! So pretty. The new yarn on deck looks delightful, too.

  14. What a beautiful shawl! I am intrigued by the new one you are starting too! Great post. Lace seems to make us crazy in all different ways. I just finished my first real lace. It made me a little crazy and very proud. 🙂

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