Because summer said so

So, I’m through Charts 1 and 1a of the Peacock Feathers shawl. That’s…almost like being halfway done, right?

Well okay, possibly not. I’m not going to lie – I want this shawl. I’ve had the materials all ready to go since last year’s Knitter’s Frolic (Tanis Fiber Arts mulberry silk, in Velvet), but now the mental push finally came to shove when I realized I wanted to be able to wear this at Sock Summit at the end of July. That’s still a pretty flipping insane deadline to give myself, I realize, considering this is far from the only thing on my needles, but I’m going to give it a shot. A girl needs something to wear out on the town with her fellow knitters, doesn’t she?


At least, that’s the vision I’ll keep in my head to keep me going. Like any other lacy enterprise, until I get to the final moment of binding off and blocking, it’s still going to look like a lump of tangled purple weeds. But it’s a silky smooth lump of weeds at least, and the yarn is lovely to work with. I’m planning on designing something with this yarn in the near future, so in a way this project is sort of like one giant test swatch. Who’s to say a girl can’t multi-task a little with her finished-object dreams? A little reminder to appreciate the process as well as product.

And because summer does appear to mean business already, I’ve quickly dispatched the Silk Garden Hourglass and it’s having its own blocking session at the moment. Time to rotate in some lace.

I hope you have a cold beverage of choice to keep you and your knitting company this weekend! Keep the yarn close by.


  1. Love this! This is going to be a show-stopper for sure. This will be the prettiest test swatch ever.

  2. Oof, it’s 93F here today! It feels like we skipped right over spring and started summer already. I’m all for iced tea (or beer) and knitting!

  3. Oh my goodness – I can’t wait to see the final product on this one.. especially since I can’t do the process (charts and I don’t get along). The yarn you chose is just gorgeous too. That is one family heirloom in the making, I’m telling you.

  4. Boy, that color is GORGEOUS

  5. I love the color! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  6. pbiljana · ·

    It’s beautiful! The color, the lace, like like like. I’m so happy that my next project is a lace, because seeing all these lacy beauties on your site made me itchy to start one myself. Can’t wait too see it blocked! And judging by your speed I am absolutely sure you will finish it in time.

  7. Lovely color!

    I’ve made this shawl and it is SO worth it! I used Handmaiden Seasilk in the Sangria colorway–and it is lacy and light but fiery red.

    But seeing yours makes me want to knit another lace shawl lin that color….oooohhhh.

    Can not wait to see the finished product!

  8. I have to remember, when I use lace that blocking is a must…I can’t just let it go, like I did with my sumptuous yarn scarf.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  9. And we already know what a great pattern it is for meeting people!

    The colour looks fabulous.

  10. pbiljana · ·

    It has occurred to me that since you are doing a lace and you will have to block it, is it possible to share with us your preferred method, or just give some advises related to blocking? I tried to find previous post about it, but I didn’t succeed. If there is allredy a post with this subject, then I am sorry for bringing it up, but if there isn’t then I (and probably other knitters too) would appreciate it very very very much.
    If you find my question offensive than please accept my apology, I don’t know how interactive you like your blog to be.

  11. I love the silky yarn and that smoky purple colour. I hope you post a picture when it is finished

  12. So lovely! Of course you can do it by Sock Summit. It’s your birthday party!

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