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It’s a good thing that today’s Canada Day, because I’ve got plenty of knitting to keep me busy with Canadian-dyed yarns. Not the least of which is my ongoing Peacock Feathers shawl, which I’m working up in Tanis Fiber Arts Mulberry Silk. It’s lovely, and I’m hoping in my heart of hearts that I”ll be able to keep plugging and get it done by the end of July – because that’s when my birthday is, and when I’ll be at Sock Summit, and I’d like to be able to wear it for both of those occasions.


I’m at that point now in the shawl when I can finally step back and see not just something that resembles a tangled mess of purple weeds, but an actual bonafide pattern starting to emerge. It’s very reassuring to get to that point, because you start to feel a bit of relief that it’s actually all going to turn out just fine, despite all those little tiny mistakes you made in the first couple of chart repeats. This is also about the point when it’s easy to feel some confidence, like, “Psh, me and this shawl, I GOT THIS. I’ll be done in a snap.”

So then, if you should happen to take a closer look at the fact that you the last remaining chart of the main pattern is in fact the largest one of the bunch and bigger than the previous 3 put together, and that you have at least one full skein more of yarn to go before finishing (possibly two more, if the nervous glances of the ladies who sold you the pattern when you wondered if just 1000 yards would be enough to get by, are at all accurate), and that you’ve now got less than a month to go before you supposedly finish this, then you might sort of feel a little bit less confident.


But it’s Canada Day, so at least that means I can have a beer while I knit with it.

Happy knitting today, Canadians and all!


  1. Happy Canada Day!
    The shawl progress beautifully, it will be finished by the end of the month, trust yourself. I can’t wait to see it blocked, in full beauty.

  2. I love the color! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. Happy Canada day — nice to see you celebrating with Canadian yarn!

  4. May Bingham · ·

    I love the color… and the fact that it is being made of Canadian yarn!!
    Thank you for posting the pictures and for telling us about your progress…

  5. SusanS · ·

    Re your Twitter feed and cardigan design: Please, please do the Royale as a cardigan. You tweeted some time ago that you were considering it. I would love to knit the Royale as a cardigan!

  6. Happy belated Canada Day! The shawl looks amazing so far! I love the colorway. Don’t lose confidence! 🙂

  7. You will so finish that shawl by the end of the month, you got this! I’m not worried. 😉

  8. Yarn – gorgeous. Pattern – gorgeous. Finishing by end of July – priceless!! You will make it!

  9. a beer while you knit…what can be better!!! My birthday is also at the end of July….3Oth,,

    that shawl is something to be really proud of …..

  10. Ooooo… It’s lovely already!

  11. Beautiful shawl!

  12. Hi there!! I am senior in college and I just got back to knitting (last time I did knit something was when I was junior in high school :/ ) It is very exciting! I love your shawl and the yarn and I can’t wait to see it’s picture when you finish it. Good luck 🙂

  13. I am in love with this color and lace pattern!

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