Back in action

I’ve returned from my week away at the Haliburton School of Arts summer program, and it’s been a jam-packed week! I could have done without a couple of the very hot days (if you’re a few hours north of Toronto and the humidex is still in the 40C+ range, that is HOT, YO), and especially without whatever bug chomped on my foot and led me to spend my final evening of the week waiting to see an ER doc (and, as it turns out, get some antibiotics, erk), but the knitting parts of the week were all good.

My class was all about sweater knitting, particularly about knitting sweaters that fit, and assorted other things that came up over the course of the week. Our little group got on very well, in fact so nicely that we all met for breakfast on Friday morning and they surprised me with a nice card and thank-you wine. (I have no doubt that it will taste better than regular wine). By mid-week they were even dreaming up other knitting classes I should come back and do next summer, so with any luck we’ll get to do it again.


Over the course of the week we chattered on about measuring, swatching, (and then more about measuring and swatching), pattern reading and modification, finishing, yarn behaviour, and lots more that I’m probably forgetting.


We made duct tape dress forms, as one does.



And we also ate chocolate, chatted, knitted, and enjoyed our luck at having an air-conditioned classroom. We commented at how convenient it is to have chosen a craft (or art?) that allows us to be able to sit and talk in a group at the same time as actually doing the execution. It really is a nice bonus.

And now I’m back in the big city again for a few days and readying myself to exchange one whirlwind for another as I prepare to leave for Sock Summit next Wednesday. There’s more knitting to be done, and I suspect some laundry and list-making.

Catch you again in a couple of days! And stay cool, knitter friends.


  1. So looking forward to seeing you next weekend! Portland awaits…

  2. I can see from your pics that you had amazing time. I wish I could be there (or anywhere with a group of knitters) and knitting, learning, chatting…
    Sorry for the bug bite 😦

  3. Donna Southern · ·

    I loved your summary of the week in Haliburton…. and the photos! I compared the knitting I did in the Haliburton course to the knitting I had done prior to working in your group…..could NOT believe how much better my work looked for having been a student with you! By the way, this week we are “knitting at the movies” at the Kniterary night at our local library.

  4. A very productive week it seems and loved the photo of then duct tape dress LOL. Sounds like it was very hot to be knitting. Down here in the southern hemisphere we’ve got snow down to sea level.

  5. Love the great pictures of everyone laughing while they learn! Thanks for a peek into the class. It looks like a blast.

  6. Duct tape dress form? How does one do that and does it actually work or were you being facetious? I would love a dress form that actually fit MY body so if this is real, please share!!

  7. Diana Colt · ·

    I so enjoy your blog so much, I wish I could be in one of your classes,I was wondering how you get to find out about all these wonderful classes?

  8. Thanks for asking! I try to keep my “Teaching” page on my blog (check the little tabs up there at the top) updated as often as I can, so that is the best place at a glance. I also mention new classes on my Twitter feed, which is posted on the right side there on my blog.

    In fact, I just updated my Teaching page with my upcoming fall classes at the Purple Purl, and more will likely be listed for Needles in the Hay in Peterborough!

    And if you’re at all curious at any time, feel free to just ask me what’s coming up next 😉


  9. Looks like a lovely time!

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