Pretty cunning, don’t you think?

I’ve been getting steadily busier the last couple of months here at Knitting to Stay Sane, with designs and designs-still-being-dreamed up. I have a list of sweater plans the length of my arm. At least two shawls. And no fewer than two Harry Potter inspired knits, now that the final film has been released and reminded me of how fun that sort of knitting is. (Neville’s cardigan, man am I ever ON IT when Sock Summit is over. Plotting has begun.)

Speaking of Sock Summit, I have the great fortune to have three designs that will be winging their way to Portland along with me. These are the Firefly-inspired knits I alluded to a week or two earlier, and I am well pleased with them. They’ll be making their debut in the Indigodragonfly booth (#1001), and then in full release online via Ravelry and Patternfish some time in early August. (In other words, when I’ve had a few days to recover from Sock Summit, and let the SS shoppers have a few days of exclusivity and glee. 😉 ) So if you’re headed to Sock Summit, these can all be yours this week! If not, I’ll be sure to give the heads-up on this blog when they are available for all.

So dear readers, I am pleased to give you a sneak peek of the Firefly-inspired sock patterns that will soon be making their way out into knitting world, each showcasing a different yarn and different set of techniques.

‘O Captain My Captain’ is for Mal, and features not just noble, upright cables…but broken ones, too. Broken cables for a broken guy. These ones are intended for either men or women, and are shown in the ‘Captain Tightpants’ colourway of Indigodragonfly Merino Sock.


‘Kaywinnit’ is for Kaylee, and uses simple stitches and texture for a combination of practicality and frill. Our shiny gal deserves a bit of both in her life, don’t you think?


And finally, ‘Companion’ is for Inara, to whom I gave not just my precious twisted cables – no no, she deserves just a little bit more – but the application of a few beads. The beads are optional, but so darned gorgeous. And her yarn is the merino/nylon/cashmere, no less. Doesn’t a space geisha deserve that extra luxury?


I’m very happy to show you these socks, as they’ve been waiting patiently for a while.
And now, I’d better get back to the grind – there’s not just knitting but packing to be done!
Happy Monday!


  1. Very pretty socks! Can’t wait to see what you make of the sweater.

  2. Those designs are GORGEOUS! Have a great time at SS. I’m looking forward to hearing reports here and a few other places. Enjoy every minute. Your new patterns should sell well.

  3. Beautiful sock designs … can’t wait to see what you’ve been dreaming up for sweaters!

  4. Gorgeous! and they fit the characters well…I love the Kaylee socks and the Inara ones are just breathtaking…

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    Captain Tightpants?!

  6. peacefulknitter · ·

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them in person at SS.

  7. Oooh those are lovely! (and just so you know, my friend JessaLu will have a precious few Firefly box bags in the Periwinkle Sheep booth, #516. But don’t tell ANYONE)

  8. Lovely designs… I think Companion are my favourite. Amazing cabling!

  9. danadoodle · ·

    Oh wow, these are gorgeous! And really make me want to watch Firefly yet again!

  10. Envious of your trip to sock summit! Knitting always keeps me sane too. Lovely socks.

  11. Oh, another Firefly fan!! Yeah!! Can’t wait to see socks inspired by the rest of the crew of Serenity!

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