Let’s go

Yesterday I arrived in Portland just in time for the sun to go down, after a looooooong afternoon spanning all the time zones between Toronto and Portland. I was lucky enough to be on a direct flight which I was halfway convinced was actually just an illusion and that partway through the Captain would come out and tell us we were actually going to be making stops in Denver and Honolulu and would arrive in Portland sometime next Tuesday, but no. It turned out that there were other knitters on the plane as well, which was even better. I chatted a bit with Sandi Wiseheart and we waited for our bags while comparing Designer Angst Stories, and shared a taxi. So that surely bodes well for the trip, I think?


Then when I met up with my Vancouver roommates, they told their tales of the train, it turns out Meg shared a seat with Anna Zilboorg for a large portion of her journey. As one does.

I think this must be just how Sock Summit IS, though. So many knitters are converging from so many places that we may be flooding the channels a bit. The US customs agent who saw me couldn’t have looked less interested when I told him my reason for travel was to take a weekend of knitting workshops. I think a few earlier SS fliers may have broken in the Customs agents before me. I thank them. (And I really do think it’s a shame that all the Americans coming to Sock Summit will not have that experience – I think every knitter should have the rite of passage of having to explain to a US border guard that their reason for travel is knitting.)

And now Day 1 is about to start, and I’m going to have another rite of passage – pretending to have had a full night’s sleep when about to start a full day class with Cat Bordhi. It’s going to be awesome.

Catch you with more tales next time!


  1. I have never tweeted but I look forward to the running monologue at SS!

  2. I once got to explain to a Canadian border agent that I was coming north to go to a Blue Rodeo concert on my birthday. He was *extremely* suspicious that an American would have even heard of Blue Rodeo, much less attend one of their concerts. Telling him I’d seen them two years prior at Molson didn’t help matters. I had to give the address where I was staying before he stopped looking at me like I was plotting to steal all of Canada’s music.

  3. Yay!! Have an incredible time at the Summit!!

  4. How exciting. I look forward to your tales of SS. I’m hoping to save up to go next time. The iPad is definitely a worthwhile object.

  5. Sounds like a fun time!

  6. Sounds like an awesome flight! I just got in my car and drove a mile to the convention center. It wasn’t nearly as fun. Hope you stayed awake for your class!

  7. Jennifer · ·

    I just finished my very first sock last night using Cat’s personal footprints book. Am working on my second sock now! Wish I was there.

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