The spoils

As challenging as it is to fly west and suddenly find yourself awake and alert at 4am and later prying your eyes open with toothpicks so as to stay up long enough to take advantage of the nice company with your fellow knitter roommates who travelled only within their time zone to get to Sock Summit (lucky Vancouver people), I always find heading east to be a lot harder. The last few days I’ve spent the mornings and evenings in a sort of zombie like state, thus leaving the precious afternoon hours for anything involving actual brain work. (Other than regular knitting I’ve found other playing-with-yarn-on-little-brain-power activities to do, though, more on that later.)

For the first time in a while, though, I didn’t actually have all that much yarn to unpack and put away. My happy little bit of Sock Summit yarn looks like this, minus one skein of Socks That Rock lightweight and some very generous birthday skeins my friends gifted me with.


I went looking for slightly heavier skeins this time, opting mostly for Socks That Rock mediumweight and a couple of sport-weight skeins. My STR mediumweight socks I did last winter turned out to be one of my favourites on the cold nights, and I want more sport-weight ribbed socks. Cozy comforts shall be mine!

I also saved back a bit of cash for non-yarn purchases, including my first actual mug from the Jennie the Potter booth. I missed her special Sock Summit ones, but I rather like the sheep on this one. And the mug works and everything, I tested it this morning with a latte, once I remembered how to work the machine and, you know, operate my neural cortex.


But there’s another reason I didn’t bring home as much yarn. And that reason looks like this.


I don’t know what happened. I spent all weekend saying that I didn’t need Signature needles, that my Addis and Knit Picks ones, and my old standby plastic-coated metal DPNs work just FINE, thank you. I didn’t need no stinking fancy Signature needles.

Then my roommates all chipped in together and bought me a set as a birthday present. And I tried them out. Then I went to the Signature booth and bought two more pairs. I regret nothing.

What’s the most fun knitting purchase you’ve made this summer? Even if it’s not at Sock Summit, there’s nothing like having new toys to play with!


  1. First one’s free! ;o)

    Signatures are like meth, I swear. I only have the one, but it’s my best Sock Summit purchase. There will be more…eventually. :o)

  2. Oooh, I need to have a birthday in the middle of a knit-gathering so that I can end up with Signature needles, too! And WHAT is the label-less yarn on the right in your photo? I’m loving the colorway.

  3. Without a doubt, a beautiful quilted silk yarn box from Lantern Moon – you can see pictures on my yarn tour album on facebook. Soooooo prettttttyyyyyyy….

  4. Some nice spoils there…

  5. I just bought a new yarn winder to replace one that broke–and this time I spent the big bucks. Turns out that the more expensive ones work like magic! The gears are so smooth! It’s like you’ve bought the Cadillac of yarn winders. Why didn’t I do this before?

  6. Lovely lovely acquisitions! And one day Signature needles shall be mine! Happy belated birthday. :o)

  7. Wow, nice spoils. Jealous of the needles. Love all the colors you picked of yarn. What’s the skein of yarn on the far right?

  8. That’s a skein of Miss Babs sport, in ‘Violets in the Garden’ – I very nearly bought a sweater’s worth, then held myself back. 😉

  9. Nothing so far, believe it or not, though it’s because we spent big bucks finishing our basement and I now finally have a nice closet (or part of it anyway) for yarn storage.
    I might treat myself to some signatures for my birthday this year. You’ve just about got me convinced!

  10. This summer I splurged on enough yarn to get a head start on no less than three sweaters. I’m hoping to have one or two done in time to actually wear them this fall. Haven’t tried the signatures… they look pretty snazzy, though.

  11. I had yarn cards made up from minted… they are so cute… I send them to all my knitting friends:

  12. Um, as someone who headed into the Sock Summit Marketplace proclaiming that she wasn’t going to buy much yarn … I’m still trying to figure out just how it is that numerous skeins of sock yarn followed me home. So I’d say the yarn purchases are tied with my anticipated arrival of an Oregon Woodworker yarn swift. I had to order that as it was too large to pack back in my suitcase.

  13. Oh the temptations… Signature color is FIII-INE! Love those sock colors, and you truly showed restraint.

  14. Barbara M. · ·

    Nothing yet….. but I’m headed to Iceland and the Faeroe Islands at the end of August on the Knitting Iceland tour, so I expect to come home with some yarn and accoutrements then! Your signature needles look lovely!

  15. My most fun purchase hasn’t arrived yet. Jimmy Beans Wools did a sale on its Wool Watcher page where it offered Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition Grab Bags with different combinations in different weights – but you don’t know what you are going to receive. I got four different grab bag combinations and I am just so excited to see what is going to arrive. There really are no colors of Lorna’s Laces that I don’t like so it kinda feels like Christmas.

  16. I bought my first pair of Addi Lace needles. I have some Addi Turbos, but not any Lace. I like the tip A LOT. I haven’t tried Signature needles. I am afraid I would fall in love.

  17. The signatures are lovely. I haven’t tried them yet and I’m a bit afraid to because what if I discover I can’t knit with anything else?

    I’ve been trying to cut back on my spending this summer so my biggest splurge was signing up for my first yarn club. I ended up with two clubs, actually, Plucky Classics and Woolen Rabbit.

  18. Looks and sounds like you had a very good time! Can’t wait to see what you make with your new yarns. I’ll be buying a pair of circular wooden needles by the summer I hope.

  19. I’m on yarn-diet to get rid of my stash… So I only bought yarn for a top and for 2 shawls, but I already know what will I buy when finished knitting up my stash!
    Those STR skeins are really something special! And the mug is soooo cute (I’m a big collector of mugs).

  20. ooh, great haul!! you can’t skimp on great needles (says the total hypocrite who is still knitting with susan bates needles on occasion), think of how much knitting speed you’ll gain! the new yarns are super pretty.

  21. Oh, I think you NEEDED the Signature needles – one really does become addicted to them, and then you NEED more (uh huh, that’s right, voice of experience)…

  22. I discovered the Signature Needles a year ago and am slowly acquiring each size in the circulars. They are THE BEST needles to work with! Love them!!

  23. *sigh* Love the Signatures too! I only have one pair and if I could knit everything on size 6 needles, I would. It sounds like you had a great birthday. 🙂

  24. I WISH I could have gone to Sock Summit, however, I made my own yarn hop on a day trip to Milwaukee. I bought 4 skeins of sock yarn and a new 9″ circular needle from Hiya Hiya. Happy with the price and quality, but I would love to try the Signatures if they ever make a 9″ circular…

  25. Those skeins of yarn are so beautiful that I just can’t stand it. I can’t STAND it, I say! Of course, my favorite, the teal and blue one… I don’t recognize the label. Where’s it from?

  26. You could have been telling my story about the Signature needles. I tried one pair and over the next few months I had every size they make. It’s pretty much all I’ve used since.

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