Socks for big damn heroes

Ladies and gentlemen, I promised a full update when my new sock patterns were up for online consumption, and I’m pleased to finally do so!

Hi, I’m a geek. Have we met? I mean, sure I love artsy things, and inspiration can and does come from everywhere. But sometimes, my friends, that inspiration is television. I like television. I like other things, too, but you know, I like television. And I like talking about it. I never understand it when people watch a show every week and then don’t feel the urge to go blather about it (or via email, since, as established, I’m a geek) with a friend the next day. Working with said inspiration is also pretty easy when you are working with yarn dyed by friends who share said television geekery. Last winter I did some mitten patterns with Kim’s yarn, inspired by her Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer themed colourways, and this summer I’ve been at work on a few sock patterns which are all named for Firefly characters. (It took me a while to come around on Firefly, and why I should care to go watch a show that only lasted one season. Then I got the DVDs and discovered why. It’s awesome.)

The mittens and gloves came in a set of 3 (one for each weight of Merino/cashmere/nylon yarn), so somehow it seemed natural that the Firefly socks should also come in a set of 3. (one for each…kind of sock yarn? Sure!) So then I had to pick three characters to work with, and it turned out that was the easy part. I present to you, officially launched online, three Firefly-inspired sock patterns – all worked for 2 sizes, all designed with Indigodragonfly Yarns in mind. (If substituting, work with a yarn that will allow you to obtain the same gauge.) Each are available for individual sale on Patternfish and Ravelry, for $6. If you’re purchasing on Ravelry, you can get all 3 as a collection, for the price of 2. (Links below).


These are called “O Captain My Captain”, for Captain Malcolm Reynolds, and are worked in the most practical of sock yarns – superwash merino 2-ply. I love this yarn, it’s the same one I worked with for my “Staked” sock pattern last fall, and is very versatile. I envisioned these socks as being the ones as potentially for either men or women, so I wanted to keep the lines simple but still with a bit of excitement to them – much like Mal himself. But as noble as Mal is, he’s also a little bit broken and twisted, so that’s exactly what these cables do. There are instructions on how to “place” the cable breaks, and that placement is entirely up to you. You could break the same cable in the same place all the way down the foot, or alternate around the leg.


On Ravelry | On Patternfish

These are worked from the cuff down at a stockinette gauge of 8 sts/inch, on 2.5mm needles, and socks to fit up to a size 12 women’s or size 10 men’s foot should be fine with one 375 yds/100g skein of the Merino sock.


Next up is “Kaywinnit”, for Kaylee, who is most at home in the ship’s engine room but still longs for girlish frills and pink ruffles. So, I wanted a sock that would be relatively simple, but still with a bit of frills. I hope to have accomplished that with these, where there is a chevron/garter “ruffle” at the top of the cuff.


On Ravelry | On Patternfish

These are also cuff-down, and once you’re past the cuff it’s pretty smooth sailing with a knit-and-purl textured pattern down the rest of the foot, and if you’re lucky to snag some of the Shiny Sock (includes silver) while it’s still going, you can also look forward to a few sparkles! This sock yarn behaves a little more like sport-weight, so even on 2.5mm needles this pattern assumes a stockinette gauge of 7 sts/inch. If substituting yarns, look for something a little heavier than your usual sock yarn.

Finally, for the fanciest lady on the Firefly ship, these are called “Companion.” Plain socks wouldn’t do for Inara, I mean, have you seen the number of silk gowns she has to parade around in? No no, even just cables wouldn’t do. This gal needs some beads as well. So, after a few years of wanting to play with beads, I finally broke them out for Inara – this is my first beaded sock design.


If you’re not inclined towards beads, they are easily omitted from this sock – and you’ll still have a few twisted cables to keep your interest – as they are placed with a crochet hook and not pre-strung. You’ll also need to pay attention to your “stopping place” with the beads, i.e. don’t go right to the toe. Stop placing the beads once you reach the point when your shoe is going to come into the picture. I have to say, though, I really like the elegance and extra bit of sparkle they add.

On Ravelry | On Patternfish

These are also worked cuff-down, and are the most advanced of this little collection, involving twisted-stitch cables as well as the bead placement. But if you’ve got experience with that sort of thing, you’ll find yourself getting into a rhythm pretty easily. They also assume a stockinette gauge of 8 sts/inch, and are worked using Indigodragonfly Merino/cashmere/nylon sock.


My goal with this little set of socks was to come up with a set of patterns that was not only consistent with the Firefly character aesthetics, but which also used a variety of techniques for a variety of skill levels or interests. Each pattern does something a little bit differently than the other. I hope you’ll find one (or two?) in there that sparks your interest!

These days, my needles are full of projects and ideas, so with any luck this fall will have more designs coming your way. Socks are for all occasion, but sweaters and other accessories are just the ticket for cool weather, so those are in the plans for sure.

I’ve also got to find something new for a regular not-designed-by-me project, so that’s something I’ll put my mind to in the next few days. Until next time, happy knitting!


  1. Love them! All three of them 😀

  2. Those are amazing and look so comfy! I’d order a pair, too 🙂

  3. No Jayne Hat colored socks?

    (These are wonderful!)

  4. danadoodle · ·

    Yay! We just watched the episode where Kaylee gets her pink frilly dress! Love her (and the sock)!

  5. Caitlyn – HAH. Well, I guess that’ll have to go in Big Damn Socks, vol 2. 😉


  6. Oooh, shiny! Very nice.

  7. Brilliant! Love the Kaywinnit ones….and I eventually ope to produce a pair of Staked, but since I actually just finished my first’ll be awhile..

  8. Hi – I am a geek too and I absolutely love all of your new sock patterns! I need to start rearranging my patterns in my queue to work these in – how could you do this to me… lol.

  9. These are great, Glenna! They each seem perfect for their characters. I can’t decide whether I like the Malcolm or Kaylee ones better (even though I’m normally a sucker for twisted-stitch cables).

  10. *applauds*

    Very lovely. So glad you have discovered the awesome that is “Firefly”. 🙂 Now I really have to buckle down and work out sock knitting — I do have to tackle the BSG inspired ones at some point, too!

  11. oooh, spectacular socks!! I can’t get over those glam beaded ones. MY TV nerdiness tends to be more of the Mad Men variety, but I can still totally appreciate a knockout sock!

  12. I do believe I’m gonna have a go at beaded socks!! Haven’t beaded before, but this looks like the perfect project. And I can’t wait to hear what everyone says when I wear these beautiful, beaded works of art on my feet. I’m in love with the Captain socks too. Will definitely be knitting all 3 pair!!!

  13. Love those Firefly socks – already bought the pattern!

  14. Ahh, Firefly. A series I could watch over and over and over. To think, my sister watched it and said “meh”. BUT, she also looked at my knitting and said “you know…… you can buy socks at the store”. Some people just don’t get it!!

  15. Love love love. You always come up with such interesting patterns! I’ve been itching to knit the Revival socks, you know, and now I’m itching to knit the Captain socks, too! 😀

  16. Firefly inspired socks?! I think I’ve just found my next project. Thanks!

  17. […] classic style, these are a great addition to any wardrobe. Glenna’s been at it again.  A series of Firefly sock patterns, using our yarn.  Kaywinnit, for Kaylee.  Companion, for Inara.  And O Captain, My Captain, […]

  18. theherocomplex · ·

    I would like to knit all of these. Immediately.

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